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Sunday, 18 August 2013

Day 430 Stupid Fear Manipulation

"What You Resist Will Persist"

I've come to understand the point of what you resist will persist with regards to fear within holding onto particular feelings/emotions will compound within yourself until self responsibility is taken by facing yourself within the point of the acceptances and allowances and releasing/removing the polarity energy charges...and all polarity energy charges are in fact forms of fear.

Let me take a moment here to share a little story about myself:

I'm interested in a world that is best for all Life. I see the Earth as Our Life Playground and Home. Some time ago, I was looking at how I could effectively participate with assisting and supporting the manifestation of Heaven as Earth...Like how can I contribute to Life Greatness...What role can I play in assisting and supporting the New World Order, Where all Life is regarded with the highest value.

I began looking at the point of comedy as practical platform avenue to plant a lots of seeds of support within lots of people as the words I like spreading the message of awesomeness, which is Oneness and Equality Here as What's Best for All Life.

I figured I can take on this role because I don't see anyone taking on this role, and I see it as a fun role I am capable and able of taking on as a personal responsibility.

I see the point of stand up comedy assisting and supporting with the necessary political process that is required in order to facilitate world changes that are best for All Life.

I see, realise and understand that comedy is a great way to educate people...because real funny, is a cross reference confirmation of understanding, as an aha...ahahahhahaha moment because, You and I get it...We Got the joke, the point that is being relayed as a sharing realisation...a connection is made...and what's interesting within that even when someone doesn't get the message being relayed...the seed is planted within the being...and eventually the seed/point will sprout.

It's kind of ironic that I've come to see comedy as a way to plant seed of support within others as a practical way to assist and support the facilitation of Heaven on Earth, because my primary source of income for the past 9 years has been tree planting...So I am very familiar with planting.

A little more than 4 years ago I got the idea of making a tree planting reality tv show...and 4 seasons ago I took a personal camcorder with me and documented a lot of footage...and within this time...I was just starting to consider myself as a stand up talking and joking with everyone I worked with and doing interviews and taking all sorts of video footage was a cool experience and process...unfortunately I lost most of the footage I had accumulated that year...I had the camcorder out every day...and ya I had so much interaction with everyone I worked with there was a lot of good footage.

The next season I went tree planting, I met a dude who had the same idea as me with regards to creating a tree planting reality show...and this dude had put some more planning/brainstorming into it than I had previously done...and he had gotten himself a really decent camera to accumulate footage with. Also this dude understood that he was going to have to create a like that which he could present and pitch to television companies/broadcasters...

A few days ago, I was informed that a television broadcaster has agreed to do the show...and now the fine details of the contract are being out and I should expect to receive a shit ton of paper work release papers...and contract terms of production.

The show is going to focus on a specific amount of people as the main characters/focus of the show...I've been selected as one of the people/characters to be profiled.

This is a great opportunity to plant lots of seeds of support and accelerate myself further into stand up comedy .

Now here's where I expose a point of stupidity:

Some time ago I figured it would be clever of me to make believe myself to fear being a famous stand up comedian...because I figured if I feared this...I would manifest what I like the basic principle of what you resist will persist...

This is not a recommended suggestion to create a fear about a point that you want to happen...because what has happened is that I created a huge mind like, fears about doing the tv show...and fears about doing stand up it's like...ridiculously absurd...and I realise and understand the ridiculous absurdity of this all...and so fortunately I am able to stop this mind fuck.

So now...I have to walk through all this bullshit fear I created within myself about something that I actually wanted to do....I mean how stupid is that...that I created fear within myself about something that I like and I think is cool...I mean talk about stupid...

To be continued...

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