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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Day 416 Word Connection Formations

Day 416 Word Connection Formations

Connection….see on next I on…connect I on…C-O-N-N-E-C-T-I-O-N…see one tie on… as like a point of togetherness…as how we are bound together….see one section as like the point in the cross as like the intersection where multiple points come together…..see one of any intersections as the points of connection here as all is connected here as this is the web of interconnectedness…a nest woven together
Connection….cone…one…coon…tone….toon……too…tie…nice…noon…ocean, section, election, protection, con,

I am playing with the word connection with the sound and the spelling as a way to see the word as it is here.

There is so much inside word…as like each letter formation creates connection formations as like various information’s…like symbol structured connections…path ways, avenues, routes.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding words as like path ways, avenues and routes…as like the basis of connections…as like the symbolic structures for physical formations…as like the musical description of our interconnectedness here.

The word “connection” came up as a point of focus this evening as I was noticing the effectiveness of my daily practical living is within and as my word formations…and of importance was I connect and bring words together in unison…as like many points to a play…like a dramatic play…and Life is a word play…a dramatic play…as like always within an act of action…as interaction is always taking place…and my movement within and as constant physical interaction here is related and formulated and calculated according to my sequenced word connections as like how I make formations…as like the calculations within making my plans and directing my movements…as like the question and the answered solution to how come and why I am doing what I am doing.

I looked at the point of the word “alarm”…and specifically seeing how I had disconnected the importance of using the word alarm…as like having an alarm clock in the morning as a means of regulating my waking up…so as to make sure that I don’t sleep in past my timeline plan of calculated minutes and seconds to spend doing specific tasks as part of my everyday daily functioning…

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having created a negative energetic charge towards the word “alarm”…as like an alarm is something that I should avoid whenever possible.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding how the connection I created to the word “alarm” as like my opinions, feelings, thoughts about it…as like having created an energetic polarity charged definition about the word…Invalidated the practical functioning of the word…as like making a path that goes nowhere…from the perspective of seeing how words are like the maps of direction within and as Life…and how having faulty and limited direction based on creating a judgement about the map/word….and within this I see and understand how it is my self-responsibility to make sure all my words are in alignment…as like tuned to the sound of equality and oneness…as like not accepting and allowing my words to be out of tune…as like having allowed myself to compromise living words/life within accepting and allowing judgement as information impressions…as like imposing self-righteousness upon the simplicity of it is what it is…as like creating a point of opposition/competition when in fact that is myself imposed road blockade….as like creating my own dead ends…as the mental barriers within my mind that prevent me seeing all that is here with clarity…because my direction as the words in my vocabulary are the determining factors in how and why I am as like where and who I am…as the keys to my movement here….because I see and realise how I am the vehicle for words as like my navigation system

So Let me play with the word ALARM

ALL ARM….all is armed…the alarm…is having the arm to use as a point of support…as like the body has 2 arms…and the arms are very useful connection that assist and support the holding of other parts together…as like the hands and the shoulders….and also look at the furniture arms or legs….or the arm on the clock…as like the time ticker…as the counter…as counting each point of movement…as the time measurement instrument…that helps facilitate the insurance of time regulation measurement…as the means necessary to help facilitate stability within daily functioning

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having compromised daily functioning effectiveness within neglecting the word alarm within having accepted and allowed a negative polarity definition as an energetic polarity charged friction to the word…and within this I forgive myself for not realising and understanding how I created opposition conflict as the word alarm…and therefore was not able to receive the support and guidance from the word…because I was giving judgement to the word alarm…and within doing so I spited myself and decided not to use an alarm clock…as justifiying it as not necessary…and within doing so…I missed my time line multiple times…as like having not gotten the point of daily living effectiveness within and as all my words as points throughout my day in and as structural resonance alignment.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding how having just one single word misaligned can throw all physical participation's out of alignment as like enabling one faulty connection…has consequences…

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding the necessary practical relevance of assessing my relationship with every word in my vocabulary…and also for making a point to build my vocabulary as a means of giving my Life meaning…as like a way for me to have direction and clarity to sort out physical reality in a way where the living of what is always best as the best becomes an actuality…as the act we all our it…as like act you all it why…as like why you are all it…as like the act you all connected…so the point is recognizing ourselves as the starting point…and to see and correct our mis pointers…as like where and how I pointed the fingers in judgement and created structural resonant alignments…that are in need of sound tuning….as  like utilizing self-forgiveness as a tool to help open myself up to repairing words…back to original design as already connected…all connected…interconnected…as oneness and equality as what’s best….like bringing myself back into alignment as seeing always as the best…

When and as I see myself neglecting to investigate words and my relationship to words, I stop and breathe and I realise and understand my responsibility to investigate all things and keep what is good.

I commit myself to investigating all things and keep what is good.

I commit myself to purifying my vocabulary as word relations…as like returning myself to a point of oneness and equality with words…through and as the practical release of all energetic judgments attached to words as like opinions.

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