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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Day 432 Cheap

Cheap: low in price, worth more than it costs.

I have been noticing lately how much I've been using the word cheap...within looking for wanting to make sure I get whatever I'm looking to buy for cheap...

Cheap this, cheap that...everything looking for on the cheap deals...wanting to stretch the value of my money as far as possible.

Is there consequences of everything being cheap?


Life being disregarded is the consequence of everything being cheap.

Isn't it kind of bizarre that products can be sold for less than they actually cost?

I've been looking at my attitude about money and buying things and it's been quite ridiculous.

I see how I've bought in on the idea and attitudes of cheap living...and I'm saying what the fuck? As I see and realise how this attitude and perception about being "cheap" is totally fucked.

I see many problems with cheap goods and services:

This is a disgrace to all Life.

This attitude and perception perpetuates abuse creating like a win/loss scenario...where the abuser is the winner and the abused is the loser...which is totally fucked because a win/loss scenario is actually like a lose/lose scenario because the abuser is suffering from a form of mental retardation and is in fact just operating from a starting point of fear of like not wanting to be abused, so better make sure to be real nasty by not considering the total fuckedness of the situation...and actually realising that a better way of existing is possible...that a win/win situation is the only true situation as what's best for everyone because everyone wins...making the win legitimate and of integrity and high like yes, my life has value, as all life has value...because life is valuable and important.

The economy does not function very effectively with cheap goods and services because cheap goods and services means cheap labor...and if the reward for the work being done is cheap...that means major instability for everything suffers as a result of the cheap attitude/perception...because change than becomes apparently too were witnessing a total fuck up within our economic structure and monetary systems...and the price were paying is that we are destroying Earth as Our shared Ecosystem Life...and well I guess you could say it didn't cost us very much was actually quite cheap to live the way humanity has lived because Life has never been really been regarded within humanity...always under valued...and cheap

What the fuck?

Justifying that we can't have an economic system that is rich and expensive is just being cheap...and well...being cheap is to accept ourselves as less than Life

Supporting things being cheap is a crime against all Life.

Don't be Cheap!

Check out Equal Money and Join the Desteni Movement as the group of people from around the world who are interested in solutions that are best for all Life

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