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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Day 415 Why Accept Less than a Win-Win?

Day 415 Why Accept Less than a Win-Win?

I see and realise how I am able to be disciplined within responsibilities and not accept anything less than doing my best. 
I also see how when I have a responsibility that I don’t deem to be that important…as like accepting and allowing some room for error or fault from the perspective that I feel like I can slack on the discipline…as like accepting and allowing myself to push the point back…as like accepting and allowing myself to postpone action…as like just keeping it in my mind as a priority…but having justified a relationship definition that its ok to do other things that have no priority status whatsoever…as like preoccupying myself within things that is not a priority.  I see and realise the absurd ridiculousness within this accepted and allowed behaviour…because I’m postponing a responsibility and a priority for no good reason…in fact it’s a bad reason and idea to avoid getting things done just because I haven’t placed a high value on completing the tasks. I see and realise how I am more satisfied with myself when I get all tasks/responsibilities/priorities taken care of…and then I indulge myself within free time…as like I’ve come to realise the time isn’t really free when I seek for moments of free time indulgence when I have priorities and responsibilities on my mind that I am just avoiding because of how I have defined my feelings/emotions about them as not that important.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having slacked off on self-discipline with regards to priorities/tasks/responsibilities. I see and realise that I create win-win situations for myself by keeping disciplined within pririties/tasks/responsibilities….as I realise and understand how staying on point opens up new opportunities as an added benefit to being diligent about self-discipline…also self-satisfaction as doing my best is always self-fulfilling…as like a self-fulfilling prophecy that always comes to fruition…as like like reaping the rewards from my own doing/giving…like receiving greatness by giving myself greatness…by committing to greatness in my movements…as like sticking on track to walking responsibilities/tasks/chores/commitments/assignments into completion without compromise by giving into temptation as like fleeting emotion/thought/feeling as temporary distractions as like tests for my resolve as commitment to self-perfection.

I forgive myself for not realising and understanding the simplicity in creating the living of win-win situations for myself by not accepting and allowing myself to compromise self-discipline with regards to taking care of self-responsibilities as like chores/assignments/commitments/obligations/plans. I realise and understand the absurd ridiculousness of creating postponement on win win situations by in action as like avoiding taking action on points requiring to take action….because there is a feeling/thought/emotion within me that is providing me with an alternative that is not aligned with the physical living win-win situation.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having mind fucked myself out of doing physical tasks. I realise and understand the absurd ridiculousness within mind fucking myself out of doing a physical task…and I realise and understand how awesome it feels to move myself into action when and as my mind presents me with the temptation of mind fucking myself….and within this I see and realise the wow of like really…why the fuck would I accept and allow myself to deliberately mind fuck with myself as like distracting myself from physical living here…like I see and realise how I have accepted and allowed myself to go into like zombie mode…by being somewhere in my head and like choosing to give attention and priority to that as opposed to moving within and as a point of self-responsibility as like doing a task/chore/assignment/job/plan/commitment that is in need of being completed.

When and as I see myself creating mind fucks within my mind as like indulging within whatever comes to my attention as like a form of distraction and a stalling from physically moving through work/task/obligation/responsibility/plan/commitment that I am bound to….I stop and breathe and I realise the absurd ridiculousness of mind fucking myself into postponing a winning situation…as like putting myself at a loss…and therefore in need of trying to get back a win from the starting point of having accepted myself as a loser….I realise and understand the awesomeness of keeping a level play field for myself as within always win win situations where I can’t lose because I am operating and playing with the principle of the Law of Equality and Oneness as what’s best for Life is best for me…as like realising myself as a contributing part of life and that doing what is always best insures the practical living of win win situations…because the giving is equal to the receiving….as the awesome embodies awe so me.
I realise and understand the physical practical living point of awesoming my participations as the awe so me in action as like making a point of doing my best.

I commit myself to learning and understanding what it means to live as a constant win-win player/participant.

I commit myself to becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy as a win-win situation

I commit myself to stopping and preventing compromise to win-win situations.

I commit myself to enabling win-win situations.

I commit myself to creating a world where there is only win-win situations.

I commit myself to purifying the law of my being to win-win situations as like its all good.

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