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Thursday, 1 August 2013

Day 411 Seeing the Nature of My Parents

Day 411 Seeing the Nature of My Parents

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding all the behaviour patterns that exist within me as like various forms of reactions as like seeing and understanding how I copied and imprinted particular behaviour pattern tendencies from my parents.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for taking my parents behaviour patterned tendencies personally…and within this I see and realise any point of reaction I have to my parents behaviour patterned reactions reflects a point in me as an area of self-correction.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding the extent to which I have copied and emulated my parent’s behaviour programming.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having been resistant and hesitant within facing my own self-reflection within and as I see my parents.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having limited my ability and capacity to learn from my parents within and as a point of self-reflection as like a way to assist and support myself with self-correction/perfection as like stopping all behaviour patterns that are not cool and like having the balls to face all behaviour patterns within myself that are not cool…and therefore create preventive measures to insure the stopping of behaviour patterns as like various forms of self-automated defense systems as like to prevent myself from learning as self-realisation and therefore self-correction/perfection.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding the immediate family dynamic as the most explosive and toxic from the perspective that it’s like intense mirror reflections each blasting/projecting self-automated defense systems as like constantly being triggered by each other’s mirror reflection as like to keep the illusions/delusions alive as like to hide the truth of the matters as the family matters here as like me is you and you is me and we share the same basic patterned coding/programming.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding the extent of conflict I have been within my immediate family as a result of hiding from facing all the truths of myself as acceptances and allowances and like not realising and understanding how extensively I had accepted and allowed self-righteousness within myself as like a baseline defense personality as like the way to insure I don’t realise and understand the way my mind operates and functions.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding the extent to which I have lied and manipulated myself here as like realising and understanding the extent to which I have deliberately lied and manipulated what I said to family members throughout time as like a way of thinking myself as being clever and fearing points of confrontation as like justifying the reasoning as a necessary way to keep the peace so to speak as like the double speaking politician as like speaking half-truths and  within subjective contexts that can be easily misconstrued.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having had many moments throughout time where I wanted to escape immediate family relations as like wanting to avoid conflict as like seeing and experiencing the most conflict within living with my immediate family.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having considered hiding all the conflict within myself by avoiding to face all points of conflict that exist in relation to each family member…and within this I realise and understand the assistance and support of each family member as being a mirror of support as like giving me the answers/solutions as like always being an example for me to see…and realising myself as the starting point within cross referencing what I see as like checking and assessing my reactions as like the movements that come up within myself as thoughts/feelings/emotions…and taking the time to go back within myself and connect to initial memory implantation's as like the impressions form as like physical implanted definitions as like the programming coding I accepted within myself as like how I created my perceptions/logic/acceptances and allowances as behavior programmed reaction based responses.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding the simplicity of monkey see and monkey do within realising and understanding learning potential at a most basic level.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding that I created limitations of my learning potential and capacity with age as like a result of all the memory implantation's as various energetically charged impressions I stored within my physical living flesh throughout the years as like forms of mental barriers due to the nature of having conflicting points of interest as polarity energies…as like the learning than becoming increasingly difficult with the more polarity frictioned conflict that exists within me as various energetically charged memory implants…as like the various memory implants acting as like resistors to being able to instantaneously understanding everything all the time without delay…as like I see and realise the time delay restraints within process points of learning comprehension as like sorting through the discrepancies within myself that are preventing myself from making a connection as my point as the self-realised interconnected being as the question, the answer and the solution and therefore getting stuck within and as the question…. And within this I forgive myself for not realising and understanding the extent of the quest within taking on myself as the question as like the first step within and as self-responsibility in directing the coming together of the answer as the practical living solution that I am here and able to bring all points within myself as like the starting point of self-reflection/realisation/creation

When and as I see myself projecting blame upon a family member and just moving away from them as like to hide myself from further investigating a point that has been triggered within myself as like my physical body indicating to me here that an answer and solution is being presented to me in the form of a question, I stop and breathe and I realise myself as the answer and solution to my questions within and as the common sense receiving as self-honesty and self-trust as like doing the math as a form of counting the practical living facts…physical points…as like realising and understanding the facts of Life within and as the common sense mathematics of basic addition as a sure way to see the connections of myself one point at a time as like realising and understanding that the accumulation of basic mathematics forms the intricacies of complex mathematics and that therefore complex mathematics is just like the marathon repetition of taking many strides/steps within and as realising that the understanding of interconnected relationships is the result of having comprehended lots of basic math and having the vocabulary and memory retention to recall and retrace the specific detail of all events as like each step along the way as the process of deductive reasoning/explanation of common sense fact as like the end result of very basic calculations…as like in a way always being at the end and going back to the beginning or vice versa…as like together and one…I mean learning comprehension is indicated/determined by the ability to remember exact facts as specific details…like without the error of judgement as like though shall not judge less ye be judged and within and as such a consequence…we can see and understand consequence to be like a quest as the reasoning to the question why and how come. 

I commit myself to asking “how come”?

LoL I see “how come” as “who home” and “welcome” and from “welcome” comes the answer and solution to “how come”? as like always “come well”….LoL…CUM WELL….welcome cumming always as like the gift of expression here in and as the explosion of implosion as like the result of inflation as hey it’s breathing baby! Start out small and grow big…like the basic structure of word formations and counting as like the accounting within learning comprehension as like piecing things together as forging/fusing together that which is already here to reinforce the strength in numbers as united relations operating on the basis of causality as like what is always the best be cause as the cause that be best is always that which be life as who and how come we be Life as who and how we be live as the living live as the forward motion perpetual movement of exisiting within and as united relations as the one tie as equality and oneness as Life together forever here always yesterday today and tomorrow as like the flip side of now and then as together all win as it is already won because were all one and equal here united as the same image and likeness….substance…sound…so-und…sew…sewing…so you know…it’s import to play with the words everyday because it’s within our play that we work out the way as to say how come as like how it is that we have sewd it so, so we know come and therefore can make the necessary corrections so that were always fucking well as like always kind in saying your welcome because were always thankful and appreciative of cumming along well…as like the making process as the progress necessary in self perfection as the perfect fucking together as united forces bound for all eternity as equality and oneness, male and female, ying and yang, alpha and omega…sound balance equation to understanding the problems and knowing all the answers and solutions to all the questions as realising the recipe pattern is simple as that which is best for all Life…self honesty and self trust are the insurance policy on our greatness and excellency as well being as our always being welcome as the cumming well as our welcoming ourselves into the kingdom of heaven as the he haven as like the giving ourselves all access to cumming into and as full potential as like be in becoming a real living fucker with integrity and dignity as the working player and playing worker as the united man as all Life united as the unified man…as the who and how I am as like knowing why as the image and likeness of how come…as like common…come on as practical living examples always as the best….as a best is a beast as a personal best cant be beat because all is a contributing factor to all is one and equal personal best as like to say to earth….our shared heart….sound energetic beat as united front/force/collective agreement as a result of all relationship grievances cumming to agreement as like the unification as like all differences/discrepancies being sorted out by fucking for freedom as like realising and understanding how be freedom fuckers as like practical living rock stars as like realising and understanding our image and likeness and the practicality of figuring out the best possible ways to fuck each other…as like giving ourselves the fuck of a life time…as like wow this is fucking great…what a great fucking time we are enabling for future generations to come…because that is key to be a rock star as a member of the band named Earth where every body being in sync with the beat as our most triumphant orgasmic flow as oneness and equality sound blaster synthesizers as like fuuuuck ya equality and oneness together as like we’re all here together to embark as the me barks of perfect fucking as the howls and shreeeks of joy as playing and working perfectly together as compliments are complimenting…..

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