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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Day 762- The Psychology of My Inhumanity in Regards to Christmas

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Christmas has some pretty cool points about it:

Time with family and friends.

Sharing in activities...from preparing more recreational and leisurely activities.

Getting and Giving cool material things. The present swapping.

A sense of jovial regard for those in your environment...the well wishing of Merry Christmas and Happy everyone you encounter.

Some considerations about the above points:

These are timeless sort of practical for having the best life here.  And let me be frank, it's not that the well wishing has to be of a merry Christmas....but the general regard of well wishing and being merry towards one another is cool.

The getting and giving of material things. This is cool. Lots of cool things exist. This is also a practical point of regular occurrence...meaning we regularly need things...and we also want things. so making a point of getting what we need and want is cool. Though i think the setup behind it with Christmas is kind of dumb,,,because to me the getting and giving is to be an all the time type like just one of the practical points within daily existence on planet earth. I mean it is not necessarily the most practical flow of movement on the planet for everyone to bee seeking/needing/wanting the same shit all the time. ( there's a lot of dimensions to consider within the seeking/needing/wanting of things point)  The attention i bring focus to about that it is a sort of manufactured holiday in which the majority populace of the western world has consented to...and it's rooted in capitalistic materialism.  The War of this World in many ways.  It's is the Have's vs the Have knots.  The best celebrations of the holidays are by those that Have Money...the Shittiest celebration of the Holidays are by those who do not have money.

There is a a lot of arguably shitty decorations that are created about the holidays....most of all the shit that is created for the holidays is made by people in 3rd world countries who don't really have holiday's.  The symbolism behind what such events represent is really tragic when you consider how exclusive the Giving and Getting of Christmas is.  It's like a blunt reminder of the realms of disgrace that exist here as human relationships throughout the world.

So, there is a lot of shit in regard to Christmas...there is cool shit too at the like the on the surface fun to be like the result of being a genetic lottery winner in this like being better off than others within this world....and the peer pressure to participate in the elitist celebration because there is much good cheer about it...lots of desires/addictions to be served as like ok and cool...because it is popular holiday time.
So it's like, ya i like getting stuff...sure i would like to receive all the things that can be given to me....sure i will eat all that delicious food....sure i will have some laughs with family and friends....sure i will go to that christmas party...sounds like it will be fun....sure i will play some christmas games with you guys....sure, i willl bring a xmas dish over to the party....sure i will participate in the gift giving exchange.....sure.....

It's like all this good shit on offer....why wouldnt i want to particpate within it? 

Why would I want to question the whole orchestration of just going allowing with the popular movements?

Why would I question a good thing?

Why would I want to not have this christmas holiday when there is all these things that benefit my self interest...and make me feel good....and are sort of nostalgic to my early child hood memories.

I mean, it's too bad that things suck for many other people....but it would really suck if i didnt have all the luxuries that i have...and so I mean it doesnt really feel good to think about such things...and it's easy to dismiss shit that i don't like, because it gets in the way of the things that i do like.

I mean, why should i have to be the one who really cares or gives a shit...or challenges the acceptances and allowances of things here....when seemingly like everyone around me doesn't really give a shit about doing the same....maybe i will just procrastinate on the points of regard just a little longer...because no one else seems to notice... I mean everyone else around me is wanting to play this game we are allowing here... I mean why not just a little longer go along with this bullshit...Wait? did i just say bullshit?...that must have been a mistake in my vocabulary....because i love Christmas!  It's one of my favorite time's of like the polarization of the year into monumental Christmas being the end of the year big orgasm and capitalistic orgy...the work I slaved away within all being a better paid slave than the many third world slaves...and even winning more money than many of the slaves within the 1st world....I am better than other people because I made more money....and at the same time, I can tell myself that money doesn't matter....that money is not really important here....but it really is in so many of ways...i mean the capacity for a quality life is so much so related to money....but hey...Christmas is a time of Giving/Celebrating...and so i even give a few bucks to know...because this is the time to be in the spirit of know, and it makes me feel righteously important like i am a good member of society that is helping to make the world a better place for those that are unfortunate.  Fortunately i am fortunate enough to not have to rely on the charity of the righteously fortunate. I mean it a result of my skill really....people who have things and fortune in this world are truly just more deserving and better than those without such things. I mean, these are the real survivors the winners who would come up winning even if there starting point situation was's unfortunate that there is so many losers in this world....but that's just the way things are...and Hey...Somebody has got to be the Best...or close to the ya...there is the winning team and the losing team....and the player in between that flip flopping between the winning team and the losing team...and so the rosters are not set in stone for most....because most are just not good enough and deserving of real greatness....But hey...that's just the way things are...and well...I am Lucky.

Note:  I have glossed in some strong statements of ridiculousness, that are in fact sarcastic in nature...yet at the same time...this sarcasm is a sort of tragic comedy because it reflects the dark nature of our collective humanity here.

I challenge you to check yourself to see if your found any of my words/statements to be offensive?  I question you to examine the scope of the offense?

Please do Share,  After all, this is the season of Giving!

Merry Christmas!