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Friday, 16 August 2013

Day 428 Stupid

Lacking intelligence or common sense.
A stupid person (often used as a term of address): "you're not a coward, stupid!".
adjective.  foolish - dull - obtuse - dense - fatuous - idiotic
noun.  fool - goof - tomfool - booby - dolt - imbecile
(source: google stupid definition)

I'm looking at the point of stupid...well specifically how I was educated not to use the word stupid. 

When I was young I was informed that it's not nice to call people stupid and that I should avoid calling people stupid.

I'm questioning the rational in avoiding to call out stupidity. I mean, there is a serious stupid epidemic within humanity that seems to be related to the education around it stupid education if you will.

There's so many stupid situations existing on earth as a result of human relationships.

Poverty is really really stupid.

Poverty exists because humans are really really stupid.

Stupid is a big topic of exploration, so I am going to focus on the point of my stupid education with regards to being told not to call people stupid.

 I was informed and connected the word associations that stupid is  "not nice"and that because stupid is not is not nice to point out anyone's stupidity because anything that is not nice is negative/bad...and words that describe anything that is not good cause people to experience uncomfortably

What's interesting about the "stupid" education about conversation etiquette is that having rules about how to speak to someone based from the starting point of trying to protect emotions and feelings is quite bizarre/insane...and dare I say stupid!

With regards to the point of avoiding to call anyone stupid because they may be offended or experience discomfort is questionable behavior to me...because I see that rational as justification for the acceptance and allowance of stupid that it is ok for humans to be existing comfortably stupid...

How can humanity stop being so stupid if were educated to avoid confronting stupidity?

I mean human education is really're born and your lead to believe that your parents/adults are smart...and then you become an adult and you realise you were misinformed and everyone is actually pretty stupid...and the hardest pill to swallow is the fact that You are just like everyone else....stupid.

The only way for humanity to stop the stupid pandemic is to actually face our own stupidity and correct our behavior.

This blog was an introduction into Stupidity

Stayed tuned, more to follow

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