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Friday, 30 May 2014

Day 643 - Make It Happen

It's interesting to examine how it is in fact that I am able to make things happen.

Many times I am faced with the point where a feeling/emotion/thought is presented as an obstacle to in fact making something in particular happen.

What I find interesting here is when and as I decide to let go of the thought/feeling/emotion and actually move myself beyond the limitation of the thought/feeling/emotion, I am in fact in the drivers seat so to speak to make "It" this is the point where I enable my ability to "create" here.

It's interesting to see how little I have actually directed for myself here from within and as the starting point of moving beyond thoughts/feelings/emotions as the points of limitation within and and as my actual physical movement here.

What I find interesting about the nature of thoughts/feelings/emotions is that it's like a self-induced hypnotic state/trance....and the decision exist within each individual here how long we in fact remain under the influence of our mind conditioning.

What I see here is cool, is the potential here for self-correction in every moment where we are faced with a point of resistance to "creating" and "expressing" self here within and as a point of self-movement/self-direction.

What is cool, is the self-satisfaction within actually making things happen as a result of moving beyond our self imposed limitation as the thought/feeling/emotions that bounds/binds us to self-manipulation/suppression/limitation/stuckness.


A cool way to test and check this point for yourself is to, when you are faced with a task that you would in fact like to complete...but then a thought/feeling/emotion comes up as like a distraction as the "justification" to circumvent actual action within the for a moment or a few moments...just look at the thought/feeling/emotion..and your experience within it...and actually relate/reflect it upon the point you in fact would actually like to make happen. What will become obvious here is that there is like a self-induced restraint and heaviness to actually being able to move into making the specific point, as long as attention is given to the thought/feeling/emotion that is "justifying" non action within a particular point of's like by allowing the thought/feeling/emotion to remain's a point of actually acting and accepting and allowing a "reason" and "justification" to exist as the self-hypnotic spell that keeps one from being able to effectively and efficiently self-direct and self-move here within a capacity to actually "make happen" what it is in fact you would actually like to "make happen".


For an example, say you are going to do the dishes...and a thought comes up that says, "i'll just watch a show before I do the dishes"...try pausing for a moment...notice here this is a point where it's like you almost don't know what to do...because the fact that the thought came up...reflects a consideration in moving in a particular way...and the fact that you just like enabling you to see...that there is in fact still a pull/push towards the thought which is connected as a feeling/emotion.

Now, Commit yourself to moving on the point of actually just doing the dishes...and see what is there any more thoughts/feelings/emotions that come up...see here how we can move beyond our mind conditioning.


This basic example illustrates how you can actually exist and operate/function here beyond automated reactions/directions as how you are suppose to move based upon the energy of a thought/feeling/emotion that you have previously created a relationship about within your mind.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Day 642 Tree planting chapter 6 - physical enjoyment in the movement, beyond money...but is money...

Tree planting chapter 6 - physical enjoyment in the movement, beyond money...but is money...

Today I had a bit of a special mission type of day where I was required to move around from one area to another area...meaning I had to do a bunch of driving to go to various specific work site as a result I had less time available to plant than I have had on previous days and also nobody else was faced with these exact circumstance...the point of money came up in regards to my mood and attitude.

What is interesting that I have noticed in the past how I have allowed myself to become emotional at the prospected fear of losing money...losing out on making more money...and what is interesting that becoming emotional is a hindrance on self-movement here. I have noticed many times as I have allowed myself to get caught up in my mind while tree planting...that my effectiveness/concentration/focus./awareness/timing and coordination diminishes...and sometimes I stumble/trip...slow down...and overall become less effective  and efficient in the work I am doing...what is interesting about this that as I allow myself to commit to the actual physical movement of just moving myself without any emotion and or feeling connotations...but just move me as like a sport activity which I am "willing" myself to excel at my very best potential...I am in fact  operating in a state of flow..."Self-directed flow zone", where I am totally immersed within my physical body...and I am really enjoying the seemingly effortless movement of like a point of style/grace/elite-performance...and the funny thing here is that I am actually giving my full effort/force for the seemingly effortless look...which is interesting...because I am committing my actions all the way here...and what is interesting also about this point, "in and as the importance of self-movement beyond emotions" that,  It is in fact, "money" in and of itself...because...that is true self-expression here...and true self-expression will be rewarded as the fruits of our labor...and from my personal experience within tree planting and also my writing that as I allow myself to trust myself and I commit to directing the "will" within myself to actually move...that I am quite good at achieving fantastic results as a result of and as my self-commitment...self-dedication....and self-discipline..

I see here that this is a very important concept/point/understanding...that our self-movement here determines our reality...especially the state of our affairs/business/relations here.

I mean,

We can look at this at a personal, interpersonal and universal see how your personal life is a result of your movement and participations within yourself as like what you accept and allow yourself to participate within yourself/mind/body/world/words.

 The interpersonal reflects and indicates the extent of our relationships with others that are cultivated and developed through and as our labored participations within them...I say labor...because it is focused work/play...that is seemingly effortless....yet that is because there is a full commitment of focused effort here...and thus our relationships with we interact with a result of how we act with our self there is an interconnection and relation between our personal and interpersonal relationships...which therefore makes it easy to see and realize the extent to which our universal relationships exists our self here in and as the a point of existence like our sound...I mean who we are as the universe...big picture is a reflection of our personal and interpersonal...I mean it s interesting to see the state of world affairs through and as the eyes of self-realization and self-reflection...meaning that nothing can be separate from me here for real....because I am not really separate from anything here.

So, it is important to stop emotion and feeling as a source of self-movement...because the effectiveness of self-expression and fantastic results is therefore suppressed within and as the body energy output that is generated in feeding and maintaining a particular energetic vibration within the body as the activity is participated within...this is a result of the mindfulness in thought...meaning the  attention and deliberate participation within feeding the physical body there is a mental connection with the physical connection...and the more the mental condition and the thinking is indulged within while trying to excel to the best of one's abilities within a physical activity...the success within that physical activity will be strained and limited by one's own fear/mind/lack of focus and self-discipline.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the extent to which I am self-responsible for my physical body self movement here...and that it is me who determines my effectiveness..and the quality of my self-expression as a result of opening myself up to being able and capable of sharing myself as so much more than the limitations of thoughts feelings and emotions.

I see/realize and understand to access and get is in fact effortlessly easy as put in my effort/self-movement,  I allow myself to focus on getting specifically and exactly what I want...however I see and realize the important point that business...and self-expression is not about being emotional...that me as who I  really am...exists way beyond the energetic fear of thought feeling and emotion...and that the crucial ingredient in practical living the process here, is,  self-trust in the self movement here...and the dedication to keep moving..keep focusing...stop is all about self-expression here...

What is cool about self-expression that this is "you" sharing with all the "me's" here...and it's all "me"...and it's all "you" here...which means there is a togetherness agreement here....meaning that we share the same truth and trust like this is both of our estate's here...and so when and as one expresses oneself here from within and as a state of like in the the physical here zone...which is the place here where and as our sound transference ripples in such a way as like the most awesome assistance and support ever.

Day 641 Tree Planting Chapter 5 Moving Myself


Tree Planting Chapter 5 Moving Myself

So, In order to move myself effectively whether I am tree planting or not...I have noticed the self-commitment required as a point of determining   the focus concentration and self expression of the movement. I have noticed that when I would allow myself to move from a starting point of having judgement within myself about a particular point of participation....that my ability to function and move at my best ability within the moment is so suppressed as a result of holding onto the emotion and then not wanting to really move...because there is this emotion and judgement about the point...and so there is a hindrance within the ability to really express self in and as the moment.

So, I see/realize and understand the practical living support in creating goals/challenges
Like for instance within tree l allowed myself to motivate myself within the point of wanting to actually do the work...I was eager to actually be as efficient and effective within the work I was doing.

I see realize and understand the value of efficient effective and diligent work.

I see the practically in moving myself within specific applications despite my mind desires of wanting to do something else when I have a specific application that I would actually like to get done. 

I see/realize and understand the decision within the moment, as my "will" to make it happen...despite the momentary thought that comes up within my mind as resistance to getting'r done.

Day 640 Tree Planting Chapter 4 In Your Face Self-Reflection

Tree Planting Chapter 4 In Your Face Self-Reflection

So, I find it interesting to see and realize that deep down within our self we all desire the very same thing(s). That is what is Awesome.
Now,  the meticulous detailed specifics of what is awesome may vary slightly as there is so much that encompassed the awe of awesome.
I was working with 2 fellow planters today...doing a bit of extra work..."overtime" if you this was our "day off" from planting before our next shift of planting begins...this was a little special mission that we volunteered to take on. Points that stand out from this special mission is the fact that we all expressed the desire to have our own land...and the desire to work the land...and utilize what the land is able to this is interesting that we were talking about this as we were planting life into the land. Now, we also talked about the point of building our own homes on the land...and one of the guys has gotten himself some specific training in how to build log homes.  I had researched about straw bale houses...and he was familiar.

Now, point of my sharing here is on the topic of self reflection that deep down we are all the same and we all want the same things at a very basic for instance our own home and our own land to produce food for where things get a little individualized with wants is in the area of actual like a form of education and entertainment play and pursuits of development and expression as like how we choose to utilize our free time.
This leads me here to sharing about the brutal truth of my self reflection this afternoon and this evening with regards to acceptance of self here...and the desire to be validated by another self an equal.

This point comes up in specific relation to the nature of the relationship that exists with alcohol here within our human culture. Alcohol is like the social like the coming together acceptance and allowance...that as we share this drink together we can in turn socialize and validate one another within sharing this depressive I say depressive drink because scientifically it is fact that alcohol exists as a depressant....and the point of alcohol being regarded as something the majority of humans like to have and share with one another as a point of bonding is rather sad...and most unfortunate.

Now, I realized at quite a young age...that my use of alcohol was for these specific purposes...that it was a way for me to feel more comfortable interacting with like feeling like I belong more with others here...and that alcohol was a drink I referred to as liquid like I could use the alcohol to say whatever I felt like a way to feel like I am temporarily opening myself up....and also the fact that now I had a point in common with all these other people at a basic level of socializing from and as the perspective that they too are full of fear suppression and drink the alcohol as a point of wanting to have a good time and enjoy oneself.

Now, here in the tree planting culture in which I am immersed within ...alcohol is hugely popular. Drugs are also not uncommon. Pot is about as common as cigarette smoking...arguably less popular than it was some years ago...though...smoking in general is also quite popular among tree planters.
Now,  it is interesting to me...because I have had much resistance to wanting to put in much face time around others while engaging in socializing with alcohol. It's interesting because the socializing that occurs for the most part is in relationship to the drugs and the like the necessary fuel to unwind and have a good it is the good time medicine.

What is interesting to reflect upon is how I, in the past regarded marijuana as my medicine. Like, I needed my weed to be OK...I can recall saying that I would be OK with being any where in the world...specifically...i believe I stated that I could be anywhere as long as I had my weed...and look at the my stability...and comfort...and ability to be at one within myself...i believed to be totally dependent upon my ability to have my medicine...It's interesting because I regarded weed medicine as like quite powerful and strong stuff that was really helping me expand myself.

What's interesting about all this reflection that there was a hesitance within me about actually looking at my starting point for my indulgence within substances.

Also...the point of intimately seeing others as me too. Like seeing and realizing and understanding my Self responsibility in communicating and socializing with others as a point of support and assistance for myself/others here.

What's interesting to see, is how easy it has been for me to go into a self-righteous character and cast out blame projections towards others as like a self-hypothesized theorized justification as how the others are just too fucked and that there ability to really give a shit and change their outlook is just so limited and that it is really a waste of my time to socialize with these depressed/suppressed/hippy drug and alcohol users who believe it's all good man and that things are cool and there all about having a good time and experiencing the good feelings within the right now of consciousness like just focus on the positive man...and ya lets just hang out together and party...have our drink and just have a good time.

"See", what is interesting about all this, ...., is, this is me facing me here.
What do I mean when and as I say..."this is me facing me here?"

I mean, this is me, facing myself here.

See, everyone here is me and you.

You is me and me is you.

The tough pill to swallow if you will, is that once you actually "dare to investigate" the extent of our self here...and question what is best for all life here....there is no turning is a point of a certain strength of character required in honoring life here...and facing the challenges here, such as fellow humans within immense self-suppression...that there is a duty of care required speak to, and as the strength of each persons character...regardless of how suppressed and buried it may very well be....SEE, and as our ability to "Live" the words we Speak as a Visible example within our community as the Question, the Answer and the Solution.


See here how my particular situation within my tree planting community brings about many questions: like; why i do not drink or do drugs.

Questions are a cool vehicle to getting somewhere.

Solutions are the best way to answer like a showing the way how to do that another can have the point be explained and exemplified for that there mind is totally clear within and as how the point can in fact actually be the will and the way have already been shown...what now opens up within an individual...another as self that very point of having a tough pill to swallow with regards to and as the truth of and as our self reflection here....our Self "in" "to" "me" "I" "see".

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Day 639 Tree Planting Chapter 3 Over Time

So, Today was an interesting day Tree planting because there was a bunch of unexpected things that happened. For instance, the cut block that we were planting didn't have very good road access...and...this required a bit of a hike...well quite a bit of a the very back of the block...then...there was a problem with the quad....which is used to transport the trees...the key went required boxes of trees to be humped in over the shoulder/back...whatever way you look at it...this resulted in extra labor...for the crew I didn't have to do this labor so I well...I had to accommodate the inconvenience and make the best of the inconvenient meeting up at points within the cut block...or near the cut block to get more trees...which would not normally happen...when everything is going according to plan. What else happened...things were not exactly as they seemed on the map...meaning the layout of the area to plant was not exactly clear...this also resulted in some extra unpaid exploration of the area. What of my fellow coworkers got an eye infection the day before because she had her contact in backwards...and she planted all day with it like that...and didn't come to work today...and the area we were scheduled to plant and finish planting...was accomodate so many planters working a full day at this particular sight...So..we ended up staying late trying to finish up the planting...and well we didn't quite finish...despite working for an extra hour and a half...making the work day today eleven and a half hours of planting time...not to mention the 45 minute drive each way in the truck. What else...well...I agreed to work on my day off...going to work with another guy...and finishing the work that we couldn't finish today. So...technically we usually work a 4 and 1 shift rotation...with about 9-10 hours of planting each and another will be working a 9 day shift...

Point here is that things happen unexpectedly...meaning despite best efforts to meticulously plan perfection in every instance...there is a certain amount of adjustment and adaptation required to actually effectively implement...implant the practical living of self-perfection in and as the dealing with various situations/problems/tasks/challenges that are presented...what is interesting to see here about planning is that planning is only part of the process planning is like a nice theory if and as things go according to plan given the calculation and mathematics of everything here...though if you have a look its like we are all our own individual maestro's here as like to really thrive within and as your participations's stand at the epitome of self-responsibility and live gratitude as the great attitude as like the point of self-appreciation here in ever our time to shine so to speak as our every moment opportunity to live that which is best for all life...regardless...because...what is best for all the fucking best....and I mean isn't it all about the best fucking...I mean as the fucking what every little kids is focused on and being the fucking best...and yes...each of us is the fucking;s to see/realize and understand our potential and responsibility to our self as IT here...the fucking best...and to really question what is the fucking best in every moment of and as our participations here.

In the past...I I would like to get all worked up about the unexpected things I kind of liked to complain about them...and ya just basically have a temper tantrum...and ya...I see and realize this was absolutely absurdly ridiculous behaviour...and it's funny to look back at it now...and see how ridiculously absurd it is to go into an emotional state of anger and frustration about a particular even because you do not like the set of circumstances you are presented with.  It's interesting here that just yesterday evening I was talking about the point of learning to like what you don't like...that way you're always all you like it...and you know why you like it...because you can see and realize the assistance and support always. A co-worker said that someone told him that you should only become very good at things you like doing...and that you should never become very good at things you don't like doing...because...if you are not very good at doing the thing you don't like doing...there is perhaps a greater chance that people will not call upon you to do that particular task. Personally I see the self expansion potential within the point of expanding horizons and learn to like what you don't like...kind of like an anti hate type of thing...where you make a commitment to stand as an unconditional point of support here...I mean look...that is what the earth here is....isn't unconditional point of love?

So, working over time... I mean do you ever hear anyone using the expression working under time...I mean it's kind of funny to me...because the over time like the time is over this time thing is like the heaven working over yes in relationship to working a set amount of time and going over that particular duration...however...what I noticed is that to take the unexpected minutes personally as like a financial like a loss of free time occurring...there is a bit of dissonance occurring within and as our creative abilities to express ours self here as the starting point of responsibility...because if you have a look...does the sun have any free time...I mean it;s doing its thing...ok sure it was designed to do a particular thing...or was it...anyways...what I have come to really embody within my moments of participation here is enjoying my work and enjoying my that my work and play are one and equal...and so ya I am at play with my really playing with my work....and working on my play...that way I am always playing with my work and...therefore always improving myself because I am liking what I am doing...and I am always learning new ways to play with myself...haha i said play with myself...not to say life is like jerking off...but I mean it kind of is...OK maybe a bit of a stretch or a scratch here for

Self-movement within our points of practical living participation is key. The question to look at and regard within a point of"How can I best support myself within the practical living of and as my self-responsibility here?"...."How can I play with what is here to work with?"

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Day 638 Tree Planting Chapter 2

It's interesting to see how each of us is the starting point of integral importance in self-determining our effectiveness within and as the point.

Let me clarify here, what it is that I mean:

This morning I noticed many thoughts coming up within my mind as to why it is that i should take the day off of work today. I had many "valid" justifications come up within my mind that were "sound" arguments. I just looked at point after point come up within my like my mind was forming a case for in defense of me going to work...what is interesting about all of that I actually wanted to go to work.

So, I went to work despite having all these thoughts saying I should not go to work.

Interesting, how part way through the day at I was finishing my lunch...there was a return of the thoughts of "giving in to justification of mind"...which is interesting because, again, I could see/realize/understand what was happening here...and so, again, I decided to push the point and get myself moving into my tree planting.

What's also interesting that there was a point within my work day...where I became aware of the fact that someone I didn't expect to be yielding better results/performance than me, was in fact doing so...I mean I knew exactly what it was I was doing...and like how strong an output I was terms of the labored intensity I was putting into the tree planting. OK, so, I noticed a point of ridiculous absurdness...where I didn't ever expect this work colleague of mine to ever perform the tree planting task better than me...I mean to the point where it was like me regarding myself as always superior to this particular being...regardless of circumstances...and I mean this was a "what the fuck situation"...because I noticed...that I went into a "foul mood"...a form of "self-victimization" when I realized that I was apparently "losing in my mind" accordance with  my shaped reality outlook about my work colleague. This brought insight into the point that, I was quite enjoying the experience of myself within the work I was doing before I became aware of the statistics of the situation. So, I saw/realized/understood the absurd ridiculousness of the situation...realized that it is not cool to harbor self-limiting judgement and doubt about another...and that these particular views in which I was holding onto about my work colleague in fact reflect and presented to me points about my character personality here...where sometimes, I would doubt my potential and capability to challenge a particular frame of mind that I am emotion/thought/feeling...And I mean obviously this was a cool point of self-reflection for today because I continued to push that point for myself...and really show myself that I can move beyond the particular mind sets that come up within a moment as like temporary distractions that act as like road barriers...only if I choose to allow myself to be bothered by the obstacles/barriers...which is interesting...because in garnering insight into how the mind operates...what I have noticed is that my mind is like fishing for energy in particular moments like to hook my attention onto a point of the friction can produce an energetic pull on my body to cause strain/stress all in all just perpetuating a cognitive dissonance from really truly expressing myself in my moment to moment movement as the self-expression I am as the starting point of and as self-direction here.

Moving On,

Food is Awesome support. What I became really appreciative of today...was the taking of time to really enjoy a little a a point of reward/treat for yourself as a result of staying focused/working hard on a point...and taking the few moments as a treat/reward...but's a giving of yourself a necessary taking a few moments to that you can continue onward within and as a point of regimented discipline and focus...and to assist and support body stability within process participation here...I see that it is really important to express ourselves within and as the food that we enjoy eating. Like all the little nuances about how we go about taking those few minutes...or five minutes....or ten minutes...or 15 minutes even...for ourselves to stretch out...and enjoy some sort of food and or like the treat(s) we are choosing to treat ourselves with. It's interesting to see how we in fact treat ourselves here...and how we in fact sometimes neglect to really treat ourselves...I mean like what the fuck...I mean isn't life suppose to be like one big treat...a the present is our presents here...and the more were tune in to see what is here the more we can receive all that is here to receive...

I asked a buddy at work today how his day had been going today...half expecting to get a complaint or a positive response that was out of the ordinary...which is interesting because I got exactly an extraordinary response...which was quite simplistic...and the best answer I have every heard from someone responding to the question, "how is your day at work going"...

So, He said, something along the lines of, "All the days are the same to me...there all good...the only day that is maybe a little extra sweeter than the my last day of work..."

This is the Awesome practical living attitude. I was just looking at this outlook in regards to life and like living your day by day...and the death bed being even like no regrets...seeing/realizing/understanding self-here...welcoming a point coming to a close. As something ends...something else the end it begins...and ya...appreciation of the process unfolding here...enjoying the journey...and getting to the destination as like just a little bit sweeter as like that final yabadabdoo in the sense of steps accumulating towards mission accomplished.

A couple more points I would like to open up here:

Force of Competition...what is the motivating force behind Elite performance within competition?

Starting point of Competition...Self-Here..and the challenges/responsibilities we take on as who we are...which is winning/winning...because within and as our self-determination as our steadfast self-discipline we cannot really fail...because any perceived part of the process to becoming better and better...and is a point of recognition...where we enable our self to look at what it is we did and didn't do...and what another did or didn't do...and we can therefore self-reflect constructively within like a point of sharing and caring like how we play with one another like how we say friendly competition....and the point that seemingly opens up and wraps itself up here is that we are the staring point of and as friendly competition...meaning the level of self-intimacy we have with our self...will determine the level of competitiveness we will be willing to exercise within and as our self-movement and as our self-expression.

Competition in the truest sense of the meaning is the support and assistance of self-perfection...and challenging the acceptances and allowances of what is best to get even that what is best can be even better than it like the process of and as self-improvement...until there is no more achieving limitless the whole point always always here...all dimensions in almighty holy more no less than the like one and equal with all here. Self Here.

So, self-realization leads into self-perfection which leads into self got the point...god

So, self-perfection is like the competition going on here...where we are all in the process of supporting and assisting You's and Me's within and as the point of like all is in this friendly competition and journey together and the point is for us to see/realize/understand our self here so that we can actually come to agreement on the terms of our playing field it is important to remember...what is a friendly little competition within getting a bit better...the better bit is a win/ each bit contributes to the win. As above and so below. So within and So without. One and Equal.

Friday, 2 May 2014

Day 637 Tree Planting Introduction and Chapter 1

OK, So, I am here in Vanderhoof British Colombia at the moment in a motel apartment.  I am tree planting for the next three months. Staying in a motel apartment while tree planting is considered luxurious accommodations. Most people who go tree planting stay in a bush camp somewhere in the middle of nowhere...meaning when you get home from got to your tent...camping...camping sounds cool when you doing it in the middle of somewhere or when it is somewhat short lived as like a little vacation....but, when it is snowing off and on the first couple of weeks of the season...camping loses some of it's appeal...not to mention the shower setup in a bush camp...where maybe the first dozen...if that...get a warm shower...from the make shift shower trailer...and then everyone else is stuck with cold water...or just neglect the shower point all together because it's cold outside at night..and you just are soooooo tired that you cant be bothered. Oh ya, I mentioned I am in motel apartment...this is somewhat of a dream tree planting contract...the kind of contract...I heard rumors about in my earlier seasons...that just seemed almost too good to be true.

It's been said before that your body goes through a sort of metamorphosis in the beginning of a tree planting a result of the fact that you will be repetitively using all sorts of muscles that you would otherwise not ever really exert to the extent that you do while tree planting all day.

I believe it was in the late 1950's in Canada, There was a, I believe a Supreme Court ruling that stated tree planting was cruel and unusual punishment for prisoners...(I will verify the facts here if I decide to publish...a book deal about tree planting...)

This is my tenth year tree planting.

I tree plant for the money.

What's funny about after finishing a tree planting season is that you feel strong as ever...beaming with a sense of accomplishment as a result of persevering through the various weather elements and encountering everything nature has to offer...pushing and expanding your physical body limits...socializing with all sorts of people...sharing the tree planting experience....OK, so this isn't the funny part....what's funny about all these that..after having faced adversity so to am calling tree planting after you walk/move through tree planting/ kind of want to do it again...well I have...and I have seen many others experience this very same tendency...I have seen people absolutely commit to finishing the season and then being like that's it that's all, declaring that they will never do it again...only to come around...and and by the end of the season kind of wanting to do it again...

The interesting thing about tree planting is that it really illustrates lots of life lessons:

Some of the lessons include:








Master of Efficiency

Master of Emotions

How to Co-exist with others


Sharing Words of Support


Story telling

Being Silly

There are so many life lessons that I have garnered as a result of tree planting...I am making note here as a a way to stimulate/instigate my memory and also give you an idea of the kind of support I have garnered from the work that I have done and am doing...Also...and this is a big Also...because here, the main point of my sharing here is to illustrate the point and fact that it is within whatever you participate within on a daily basis for some consecutive time that you are able to garner such assistance and support and life lessons if you will...I mean class is in session everyday we are here within the lesson that is always referred to as "Today"

OK, let me tell you what's going on with me at the moment:

"I am sore as fuck"

"I am experiencing new muscle soreness that I have not previously experience before"

I just finished my second day of tree planting...I forced myself to make a note of writing a sharing here as what is going...I took a little cat nap before I began this sharing here because my hands and fingers were too sore/tired earlier to type...I gotta get going soon to bed here...well I am in bed...but I know my body needs as much time as possible to rest as I very strained/sore all over the place.

Oh ya, it snowed out today. I was working for about 10 hours outside today. The temperature was kind of warm for snowy weather...I was actually quite pleased that it was snowing and not raining because...the snow was melting pretty immediately...and it being cold enough for snow...seemed to me that I would get less wet from the snow...than I would have been getting had it been a few degrees warmer and a very cold rain...fascinating what a difference a few degrees makes...nature really exemplifies this point well...the minute difference make all the like it is an accumulation of all the minutes that make the day..its funny how I say "mi-nute"..and minute..yet I initially spell them the same way...

So, I did not want to go to work today at all...when I woke up this morning new body parts were sore that weren't sore when I went to bed. I had all the excuses/reasons/justifications lined up as to validate myself in not requiring to show up for day 2 of tree planting.

My girlfriend insisted on turning the lights on this morning before I was ready to get up. That kind of pissed me off.

I am sharing a place with my girlfriend and another quarters are a little tired.

My girlfriend is mildly annoyed with me at the moment as I type here in bed...understandably so,,its 1030 pm and we gotta be in the truck ready to go at 645am..and she is sore as fuck and tired as fuck...

Patience is key, especially in tree planting environment...not taking offense to any body;s emotions...because oh did they happen from time to;s know what it;s like when you or somebody you know gets all fired up about something.

So, while I was working today, I recalled how a good buddy of mine, his dad mentioned that we should write a book about our tree planting adventures/stories...something or other along those lines...and ya...that's a great my plan here is to write every day for the next 90 days or so as however long the tree planting season ends up going...

SO, i took some video footage in camp a few years ago...well maybe a few years a another one or so...anyways I wanted to put a tree planting reality show I had so much interviews done with people...also so much camp lifestyle and culture was a bush camp that I was in...pretty big camp...some wild parties...some time off in the city in between contracts...young and old people...all sorts of shenanigans...

Someone I was in contact with earlier this year was seemingly real close to aligning with a tv production company to make the reality show happen...don't know what happened...I was waiting to receive my contract in the mail actually...because apparently deals had been mad...and ya...I was picked to be one of the "characters profiled in the show" was joked about in all seriousness that doing this show...would get me my own action figurines in walmarts across north america...and that it would make it a lot easier for me to book stand up comedy gigs..

Anyways this was more of an opening of things up introduction than a chapter one...though I will stick with my title heading for now...

And stay tuned for more story development and insightful sharing/caring/laughter/intrigue...and so much more...

Oh, ya before I say good night...allow me to say "welcome" and "your welcome" as I bring you inside the world of tree planting without actually having to go through the experiences yourself...yet hopefully I will give you much support in the process here for you to employ in your own persona daily you know...well maybe you don't know yet...but everything in life is a lot like tree planting...there i said it...and I'm sure I'll say it again...anywho...tonight I bid you adieu.