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Thursday, 22 December 2011

Demand as our De-Man'd Demon Existence

Global economy has reached a 'perilous point'

Waking Up is No Chore! Wake Up with Excellence!

Public International Law is like Grandma with no teeth...

The Power of Exposure

To me, exposure means that which is in view/sight, can be seen and is known.  Exposure can also relate to influence as one can be subjected to an action.

I am in support of Full Exposure. What i mean by this statement is that Everyone/Everything is all-ways exposed.  Our shared reality has been limited as a result of suppressed exposure of many issues/happenings/beings/sharings/stories/governments/millitary/politicians/television/censorship/privatization/religion/war....

Our shared reality represents our inherent suppressed exposure which we've been influenced by and have been subjected to by particpating in and as our shared reality.  It is therefore our responsibility to remove our self exposed suppression and fully expose ourself within our shared reality so that we can be an Influence that stands as what is best for Life.  Every human being is exposed in all-ways, always.

What are we doing with our oppurtunity to influence exposure in our shared reality? It is everyone's responsibility to expose the fuckedness that exists in our shared reality so that we can bring about and deal with the fuckedness in ways that is best for Everyone as Life lived Equals.  This is obviously a process/transformation as there are many practical solutions that need to be implimented globally as a result of eradicating planetary fuckedness as that which is not in the best interest of everyone.

An Equal Money System has been exposed/revealed as a practical solution to put a stop to abuse and disregard for Life in all-ways.  visit for more details.

We are always in our own company so to speak as we are with ourself always....meaning that who we are in every moment determines our final outcome as we are the accumulation of all our breaths.  Therefore who we are right now is accumulation of all our past doings/actions.....and this is why Our shared Reality is the way it is...because We are the way We are......

Thus, We are the Custodians, Guardians of the Universe and it is Our responsibility to love thy neighbour as thy self as Treat each One like You would like to be Treated as We were All created in the same image and likeness.