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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Day 758 - Ass You Me Mix Up's

Maybe you have heard the saying:  "when you ASSUME, You make an Ass out of You and Me".

First of All, an Ass kind of looks like a Heart.....So is this Love...the symbol of know the heart...the thing that looks like an Ass that Cupid is shooting an arrow into?

When we look at a real heart as the picture of the human body, it doesn't look like the Ass of You and Me as the Love Butt

I bring up the point of like the cupid in the arrow shooting butts here, because I have recently encountered instances where I would assume yes and assume no...and within this I know I'm making a guess of sorts...and in both instances i was faced with shit from the other i was encountering about how I shouldn't assume....

I found this to be somewhat peculiar...because to a certain extent in being a detective/investigator have to do some guess know...see what works and what does not....and the only way to know for sure is to hypothesize and the test it out experimentation of trial and error. And i mean, obviously there is some cautionary considerations when conducting such research...I mean 'practicality' is a word worthy of much the cause be Here as ourselves and it is to be cautious within and as the investigation of ourselves here... so as to avoid/prevent unnecessary consequence...yet at the same time it's to not to tippy toe around when your walking about...because that's not necessarily the best use of your feet when and as your walking....

Though maybe if you don't know what you are walking on maybe a tippy toe is appropriate....or a firm push of the foot...both have their place...

A point I ironically enough assumed made sense...was the logic and rational about "assume" to never assume. I see some more context required here....because..

 To Be Continued...

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Day 757 - The Flick of the Con


I've learned some ironically funny things about Conflict.  Specifically, myself relationship within and as primarily so much so it is a decision of myself to accept and allow such relationship ridiculousness as the particular dynamics of various degrees of contextual relationship dynamics.

To place this simplistically,...the point is this....Being at war/odds with things is so much a choice within and as the accepted and allowed word relationships that exist within oneself as the particular feeling/emotional charges one holds onto as a debt bond.  Fascinating it is to see the word relationships as debt bonds...the specifics of particular relationship information contexts as carrying so called charges which are essentially a sort of zing I have been doing onto myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for resisting to slow down in such moments where it is in fact possible for myself to see and realize what I am in fact allowing....and to from here actually change the very nature of my word contractual relationships.

I realize the absurd ridiculousness of creating debt for myself within and as my word relations.

I realize how ridiculously absurd it is to bond myself to debt as like making myself dependent upon charges held against myself that I am so much so at the mercy of.

I realize the absurd ridiculousness of drafting such absurd contractual relationships within myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the extensive nature of each and every moment as an opportunity to so much so check myself within and as my word I see and realize my words are my bonds.  Within this, I see and realize my words as the best bonds are that which are based within and as the frame work of equality and oneness...that exist free from conflictual feeling/emotion charges against myself that create a trigger as a reoccurring and perpetuating reactionary debt bond.

I commit myself to absolving myself from debt/conflict within and as my word/world relationships Here.

I realize this is a word by word process.

I commit myself to living the self-correction of and from conflicting contractual terms of word/world relations to substantially beneficial terms of word/world agreements.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Day 756 - Blogging/Vlogging Consistency FuckUp


Consistency is so much so a constancy point as something that is always here as a result of certain regularity if you clock work kind of thing in the scheduling...the point re-occurrs...resurfaces and is here again and again and again...I mean hey, look at breathing that is a cool point and example of regularity of continuous constant happening...but even within the act of breathing in....there is the stop in the breathing like you are going one way before you go the other way...and there's the in between like the transitional pivot and pause like moment which can be described as a sort of hold in the moment where you catch yourself in the pivot/transition and sort of look before immersing fully in the movement...the pivot/transition/hold in the breath is the stop so to speak...kind of thing.

Where am I going with what I am saying?

I am talking about the point of regularity in action and specifically relating to the point of my blogging and vlogging. 

I have showed myself how to blog/vlog with great regularity....and i have also showed myself how to blog with great irregularity.

The irony of course is that both these points are so much so the same. The same difference if you will. The will to do...or The will to do something else...or perhaps...The will to do not...Either way there is a Doing'ness Will at Play here...and We either make the decision to Do or to Knot the Do....because, because, because...and the reasoning and justification is profoundly specific and unspecific at times as a result of the reluctance to really check and cross reference the questioning of oneself and the capability of self-response ability that is possible. 

Again the irony here.....where there is a Will there is a way....a way to do...and a way to do not....the donut of do knot...i mean do like the reason.  What's so interesting I am seeing here about the mind point interpretation here of time and willingness....from the perspective that i have participated within the various degrees of reasoning as 'to do' or 'not to do' either way a sort of do at play/work here within the specifity of my choice decisions...and it's this sort of choice that I have allowed to exist as a way for me to exercise a way out kind of a way to get out of a responsibility that i rather do very much enjoy...And within this I have shown myself that I do have the capability and ability to make a point of writting/blogging/vlogging as a daily point..even when the schedule is so very full....even when I was living in a bush camp working 14-15 hour days...I was able to manage the point of writing...granted within the bush camp scenario my uploading blogs was more labor intensive as i didnt have a direct line to the internet, which resulted in me requiring to post many blogs at one go when i went into town...or because i had written on paper and i moved the words from paper to online format.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for creating reasons as knots in my capacity to do something.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing the conflict that is so much so at the center of my reasoning within and as the choice this way or that a way.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to get into polarizing points of action within myself from the perspective of being at a sort of war within and as the rat race of winning/losing based on how I am feeling/experiencing myself within and as a moment of reaction/reasoning.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to utilize the word Reason for less than greatness in action.

I forgive myself for not realizing and understanding how I can utilize Reason as a complimentary aid/tool in and as the creation of greatness.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding the scope of creativity that is possible within and as words when I in fact remove the conflict from and as the words as the accepted and allowed dissonance that prevent the seeing the whole realm of possibilities as ways in which to move/live as the word here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for becoming slack within the point of responsibility in sharing myself in writing and vlogging as I walk my process journey to life.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for holding back my capacity to give myself  the best responsibilities.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for creating a sort of dissonance towards my blogging/vlogging.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for validating reasons as to why I cannot vlog/blog with great consistency/regularity.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding how I created the net of my knot in which i trapped myself wihtin and as my own intent as the reasoning of and as my course of actions.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for resisting to be creative in making the time and space to utilze a few moment here and few moment there throughout my day to capture a point of sharing as a sort of highlight in my blogging/vlogging to mark down in and as my process journey here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding how extensively so, I am capable of producing great results.

When and as I see myself faced the choice of to blog or not to blog....and I see myself going into an emotion/feeling about the matter as like whether i want to do or not do, from the perspective of the energetic experience within mye....I stop and breathe...I look and see if the opportunity and time is in fact here for me to practically move the point...and if it is, I do....and if it is not...I do not....and either way i continue within and as the momentum of my moment to moment management as the best participations of  myself here.

I commit myself to reestablishing great consistency and constancy in my blogging and vlogging.

I commit myself to to stand as an example of how to live the point of blogging and vlogging as a daily enjoyment that is in fact a profound assistance and support for myself and others as a sharing that is worth and is for giving :)

I commit myself to be creative in making space and time for blogging and vlogging and I realize I can do this with a sort of effortless ease as I have already shown myself to be capable and able.

I commit myself to living the best of myself here.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Day 755 - What's Your Deal?

Check out the video I made, "What's your Deal?"

The video was created as an expansion and outflow of the writing of the blog:  Day 754 - "Funny Thing about Deals"



Day 754 - Funny thing about "Deals"


If you look at the word "DEAL" and you move and play around with fact reverse the order exactly...You get "LEAD"

For the point of my writing here is the acknowledgement of "Deals" like the deals we make with ourselves and each other....but primarily ourselves.

See what is so interesting i am finding out in new ways everyday is that when all is said and done at the end of each and everyday....I am the deal maker or the deal breaker as to what is my Deal...or shall I say what is my Lead.  Meaning, the experience of myself throughout my each and every day is my Deal.  It is my Lead.  I am the leader of me. I am the dealer of me.

Yes, from time to time....well, actually, so much so throughout our time...Deals are given/presented to bits of info....and the particular relationship dynamics that make up the specifics of a certain arrangement.  So, Yes, this is all pretty obvious stuff...I mean, nothing ground breaking here.  Though, the acknowledgement and recognition of self-actualization....meaning the self-responsibility...self entitlement point...where, we realize and live ourselves as both the dealer and the leader....we become self-empowered to actually have fun and play as we work through our everyday dealings. I mean, sure sometimes there is much much much work to do....but the question is....who and how are you within the moment/movement of such work....I mean there is always all ways things to do...things happening....and so much so...I have taken myself into a state of dis-empowerment in particular moments.  You know those moments, where you experience a heaviness a sort of lethargy....or a "i don't feel like it" kind of experience....or maybe an apathy kind of thing.....and i am not saying these experiences are all the time or even most of the time....though maybe they are....the point is.....even in just one instance where there is this energetic experience within oneself towards actually taking initiative and managing a lead/deal within one's world and words....

Because, have a look:

We write the script....Meaning,

Here I am experiencing myself in a particular way and such and such opportunities and responsibilities are possible....BUT, I am having thoughts of..."I'm too tired"...."i don't feel like it right now"...."i rather do it later"..."i don't want to do anything now"...

And Guess what....

WIthin this situation, there is a Moment of Potential Movement.

What is this Moment of Potential Movement?

It is that split second where you see what you are accepting and allowing....and you have the freestyle ability to pivot yourstance and make a move a play if you will and give yourself an OUT....a WAY OUT of the FUNK...I mean the move can be subtle or intense...or even down right Funky....the thing is there is so many ways to re-position our stance here as in how we are Dealing and or Leading our Lives from moment to moment.

It's quite fascinating how we can recalibrate ourselves....our-cells with a few particular movements....a few particular words.

Some of the most self-empowering things one can Self-forgive...and then as the self-forgive is a live time thing...happening in real time....the pivot goes with the self-correction....and the commitment comes in and as the actualization of the realization ....where one see\s how much better it is to move within and as the solution to the previous problem one faced as the sort of stuckness one was in as like the "road block" from actually living the potential in the moment.

Food for thought:

The Vocabulary you have is like the cards you can play....and so...if you consider your life like a game of cards....whatever your card's like you got the reassurance...the self-trust if you will to actually walk and talk your way through anything...and i mean anything...and yes in some instances it may be as simple as a Breath....but hey what's a breath?....a word and as physical action...just like each and every word. Word.....You use them we use the words is the art of the freestyle...the movement and the momentum of playing and working together with ourselves and each other here....the harmony starts with like a sort of harm prevention if you will by actually buying into oneself as the investment into self-forgiveness and self-corrective application in real time application. our words are like Investments and our words are linked to actions...and this is the real money movement here if you will. So time to get real value out every moment here by living the greatness of gratitude as the get/got it done attitude as the deal maker and closer as the lead taker and the leader giving meaning to the movement and moment of self living real live words here.

Qucik funny little story:

I for a brief time defined myself as getting a bad deal from one of my roommates and i allowed this to effect me in a way where i would talk shit within my mind about like what a bad deal this was...what a bad roomate i got blame was the game i was playing....the responsibility was outside of myself....and what is ironic about this the potential existed for me to move in response abled manners....but i hesistated and often resisted because i didnt like the deal i was getting....and kind of allowed myself to be victimized within the treatment i was getting....instead of realizing how i can change the terms of the deal here...i can adjust my relationship here....i can start the lame within blame...and i can be the be...and be the change i want to see...and actually give as i would like to receive. 

In my particular example....i was getting pissed when some dishes would be left out and not put away...and so i could have put them away and spoke the point as like a bird chirp saying hey man put your fucking shit away....i picked it up...but next time it's a fine...or whatver....i mean i did pick up other dudes stuff sometime...but i didnt take any credit for it...or make a point of saying hey man im not your mom or whatever....anyways there is so many ways i could have played with the fact i could just pick up anothers stuff in the house because i am able and capable and it is easy for takes me like a brief moment and it's actually no big deal....and if i forgot i would think it was cool if somebody picked up my know...that's a cool team work mentality...and so ironically enough that's the attitude and expression i have taken in the house...i pick things up and put them away as i see really is no big deal it's actually quite enjoyable to move about and throughout one's day with specific purposeful direction from moment to moment....the more self-responsibility the better. Word. You Heard.