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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Day 440 Black Mirror

Investigative writing here as what comes up within me in regards to watching a couple episodes of Black Mirror.

I just watched the show Black Mirror where there was a situation where a princess was kidnapped and the one demand for her safe return was that the prime minister has sex with a pig on live television.....

this got me thinking about all sorts of things:

how many kidnapping deals are made all the time....

thought about poor people all over the world who are suffering...

thought about the point that a person's life is only valued if people with money value the person....or the person themselves has lots of money...

what real accountability is there for world leaders...

Should all the injustices of the world be in the face of a world leader...

do our world leaders reflect the general public's attitude about generally people aren't doing too much about social injustices and therefore world leaders are just a reflection of the general apathy existent within humanity

are world leaders a reflection of human like disregard for the well being of humanity

is it possible for news stories to really pressure social a transformation of social injustices

it would be cool for world leaders...national leaders to take accountability in addressing the major problems that exist in the world...and pointing out that everyone is responsible for remedying the situation

it would be cool if there was a news network that was constantly covering the story about what is being done to create a perfect world where life isn't disregarded.

I thought about how prime minister of canada doesnt speak with the he has censored himself from the there is no real press about him...unless it's some sort of sanctioned story by his people

it would be cool if being a president or prime minister meant that you had to have live discussions with members of the public without any form of censorship as a way of creating a connection between general public and leadership within a nation.

The fact that there is a total disconnect between prime minister Stephen Harper and Canadian public exposes the disconnect between there being any real leadership and/or accountability in Canada

everyone's movement is so scripted according to money.

what if all the movie scripts stopped and all the money from Hollywood and all the money from the entertainment industryy including professional sports was pooled together as like a start up fund as like the initial start up costs of establishing a new world order that is to the benefit of all life....what about getting all those who have profited from entertainment/sports/politics to do free labor volunteered work to assist and support the transformation of a world of injustice to a world of justice.

I'd like to see drastic change in accountability as like what happens in a day on planet earth...

Is it possible that there is an actual total of the money here on planet earth and some considerations could be done as like to consider all the functionality of seeing the money as electricity...and how the electricity is needed everywhere....and how a stable supportive flow that is mutual beneficial to everyone can be established.

I like radical change

what about changing the starting point of why things not about just making profits...but to about making changes for the betterment of humanity...

the situation is quite extensive and needs to be deeply penetrated through all media the holy shit what the fuck of like a total do over of changing the operating the ways in which commerce/business work....I mean the value of Life within this know what is the real value of life....where is life...acknowledging the dumb ass game we have created with all the rules and laws in place that set the parameters of our life experiences so to speak....realising the democracy of it is a collective group effort....

I just watched the show black mirror-episode 15  million merits

The premise of the episode was that the majority of the population slaves away riding a stationary bicycle for credit and while riding the bicycle you are existing as an avatar in a virtual world as like your avatar represents who you are in this world...and you are bombarded with various forms of entertainment...and everything is a consumer based society around entertainment...and the ultimate to earn yourself 15million credits/ go onto an American idol type show...where you showcase your talent in hopes that the judges will green light you for an opportunity to do something that is seen as better than riding the stationary bicycle day in and day out.

some points that came up within me while watching this episode:

What if fitness facilities throughout the world were set up as a point of harnessing energy to power the maybe you even get paid for your a percentage of the energy/work you created/did for the greater good functioning of the human grid....I mean maybe this is not really even necessary labor at I was reflecting upon Niklas Tesla and how he had developed ways to harness energy that is existent that energy is made available to all like energy is kind of abundant here...and it's more about aligning a way to tap into the energy so to speak....and then I thought about sound as like energy and that people speaking harnesses energy., the physical world is a sound environment...and the changing of sounds is like energy to speak...but energy/sound remains a to speak...

This type of thinking, lead me to consider that there is so much potential for humanity...and that human potential is being suppressed because of greed...and various forms of fear which are totally ridiculous....I mean have a look at how money functions as the energy that determines a beings life force value so to speak...and the money system is designed as a debt all of humanity is indebted to this debt trap...perpetuating the slave labor of like total energy whores...I mean this is the unfortunate case...because there is no real regard for Life...and therefore the cost is mining humanity for gold so to an energy based the money represents the energy...and things are done in a less than what's best way...and the situation has become so severe that there are excuses and justifications like change is to would cost too much to have a perfect world...everyone would be broke in a perfect its apparently just not feasible to fund human what the fuck....oh wait a second all life prospers in a perfect world system...anything less has costly consequences

Self-forgiveness and self corrective statements to follow, stay tuned, cheers.

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