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Friday, 9 August 2013

Day 423 Minimum Wage

Some considerations about minimum wage:

1) If the minimum wage in a country isn't enough money to have a life of dignity and integrity, do You agree that this is unacceptable?

2) Is it cool for anyone to have a life without dignity and integrity?

3) Would You like to earn a minimum wage that is inadequate and does not support You in having a Life of satisfaction and fulfillment?

4) Should a minimum wage that supports a Life of satisfaction and fulfillment be a human right?

5) Is it possible that if minimum wage was designed in such a way to support and insure a Life of satisfaction and fulfillment that the world would be a better place?

6) Do You think if enough people cared about the importance of minimum wage being aligned and designed to support having a Life of integrity, dignity, satisfaction and fulfillment that this could become an actuality as our manifested living reality?

7) Would You vote in support for a minimum wage that provides a high standard of living? Why or why not?

8) Do You want what's best for everyone?

9) Would it be a win/win situation if all humanity existed within and as high standard of living?

10) Do you think it's impossible for all humanity to have a high standard of living?

11) Is it necessary for many humans to have a terrible Life so that some humans can have a good Life?

12) Is it possible that believing that, "this is just the way thing are" is in fact the reasoned consequence as to why and how things are exactly as they are?

13) Do You consider yourself responsible for minimum wage at the moment being a disgrace to humanity?

14) Is minimum wage an important issue with regards to establishing a global economy of prosperity, dignity and integrity?

15) Is it possible that the economy is flawed because humanity's relationship towards minimum wage is flawed?

16) At the moment, does our accepted and allowed global economy represent a slavery competition?

17) Are You cool with trading places with the any of the poorest humans on the planet?

18) Would it be easy to trade places with any human if all humans were living a life of satisfaction and fulfillment?

19) How long should humanity continue to accept and allow atrocious standards of living?

20) Perhaps all politicians should receive minimum wage as a point of honor, dedication, and commit to Life?

21) If all politicians received a minimum wage, do you think the standard of living on minimum wage would be better than it is now?

22) Do you want a Doctor and a Teacher that is doing the job for the money incentives or do You want a Doctor and Teacher who is doing the job because they are passionate about the work they do?

23) Does it matter if politicians, doctors and teachers are passionate about the work they do?

24) Do You think minimum wage is a topic worth discussing with others?

25) Do You think the highest paying jobs should be the worst jobs to like, the jobs most people would rather not have?

26) Does it make sense to reward people with the highest pay for doing the least desirable jobs?

27) Would less desirable jobs become more desirable if they were valued with the highest monetary payment?

28) Would it be cool to see politicians on television asking these questions?

29) Is minimum wage a news worthy story?

30) Do You think it would be a nice gesture for future generations of humans to come, to be born into a world where no matter what job they have, they will have a high standard of living?

31) Can You write a blog or make a YouTube video and/or send this blog link to friends to keep the minimum wage discussion a way of planting seeds You would like to see grow and develop?

Thank You

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