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Monday, 26 August 2013

Day 438 Sound Play with How You Say Words

I'd like to make a point of playing more with sound as I speak words.  Sometimes I noticed my words seemed rushed within speaking like I am not present within myself enough...and am missing out on really expressing myself within and as how I sound out the words I speak/say within communication.

The other day I noticed how I was speaking so quick and so much that I became out of breath and my mouth was all dried I was a little charged up with excitement energy within speaking...and as a result I see how I missed out the opportunity of really taking the time to play with how I say what I say as the sound expressions I am within words.  I see that it is necessary for me to slow down within communication to really allow myself to be effective with playing with the sounds of words and to actually make the most out of each word I speak as a living expression of who and how I am as a physical being.

I realise and understand that if I am too much in my mind while communicating that there is virtually no physical sound play within myself....that the words I speaking are just a result of an energetic charge as a feeling/emotion outflow based up the reactions I am accepting within myself.

So, I'd like to move into more sound awareness as embodying the living of words as like a taking self responsibility for how I direct the saying of each word.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to neglect the awesomeness of playing with sound as I communicate/speak/say words as who and how I am expressing myself in the moment.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising that I must not rush myself in speaking/communicating/saying things, as I realise that I am not in a rush to get my words out as like I realise myself as the point of sound/music and that I require to be patient within like it is from within as as self-stability that I really enable myself to play and have fun with and as communicating words/sounds.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having limited the playing with what and how I say what I say within and as a result of existing within my my mind as thoughts/feelings/ like various forms of energetic possessions.  I realise and understand that being possessed within the mind as accepted and allowed thought/feelings/emotions, takes me out of self awareness as the ability to play with what I say as the physical sound play that I am....and therefore, when and as I see myself speaking without an inner enjoyment within my expressing myself through and as words....I stop and breathe...and I realise and understand that a lack of inner enjoyment/satisfaction within and as communication, reflects to me/is an indication that I am lost within my head and am accepting and allowing myself to be moved by energy friction within opposed to me directing me as sound physical movement as the play of me within and as what I like realising and understanding myself as the music/musician/orchestra/conductor/singer/speaker/professional orator, as self-responsibility as the living words here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding how a lack of total self fulfillment within and as the speaking of words is a result of accepting and allowing myself to be inhibited/ tied down within a result of allowing myself to choose to be focused on feelings/emotions as various forms of fear...because feelings/emotions are the reflection of fear the spectrum between the positive and the negative...and within accepting and allowing energetic possession within myself as feeling/'s like a strain on my physical opposed to playing/directing/moving sound within myself as how I make the sounds within and as the words I like this is in fact a point of self nourishment and is in fact no strain/stress as to play is like an effortless joy from the perspective and consideration that an effortless joy is without the conflict/friction-ed energy

I commit myself to stop holding myself back in communication sound play as how I say words from moment to moment.

I commit myself to realising myself as the conductor/self director of like realising myself/ my body as a musical instrument so to I have many organs of self expression as I am an organism...note that an organ is a musical instrument....and looking at the point of's like here as a an organism is a result of the accumulation of many organisms/organs working together as like the synchronization/complimentary sound relation agreements to play and make the best sounds my self stability as a physical body is and as the reflection to a unification within and as the parts that exist within me all working together as like a sound alignment.

I commit myself to enjoying myself as sound self expression.

I commit myself to the realisations of playing within and as sound.

I commit myself to stop...Like, capital STOP participating in mind energy possessions that suppress my ability to play with and as sound.

I commit myself to harmonizing all words within myself as Oneness and Equality.

I commit myself to expanding my effectiveness as communicating as the living like the sounds that I am within what and as I that what I say is clear and to the point and is so fucking obvious...because it easy to see what I mean because if you listen to what I say it will enable you to see clear because the way I say what I say is clear as like clear sound self expression as specific and to the point as like very precise and accurate as being on point/on key as like the key is me within and as the words/sounds I make and how I make and create the expressions that I am from moment to moment.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having worried so much about playing with and as what I say and how I say what I say as a result of accepting and allowing self-judgement within myself...and I see and realise and understand the absurd ridiculousness of such behaviour as like wow why the fuck hold on to fear as like a self imposed kicking my own ass from the inside like worrying about what others think of me sounds because of me thinking about me sounds as the various energetic possession states of consciousness as like the spectrum of feeling and emotion from the highest high energy to the lowest low energy....and I realise and understand that till here no further is this how I choose to I realise it is not real living to exist within and as an energetic spectrum of emotions and feelings...but more like a self induced prison sentence that is determined by the wrath of self-judgement.

When and as I see myself looking at another...and reacting within fear within myself....I stop and breathe...and I realise I'm not interested in fucking myself in a way that I would not like to fuck like I realise and understand the total fuckedness of fear as a vast spectrum or polarized energies as emotions from the lowest of the low to the highest of the high. I realise and understand that expressing myself as a low sound or a high sound within and as self awareness is not in fact energy induced/charged within and the result of friction within my body...because I am in fact playing within myself as the starting point of creation as sound manifest physicality.

I suggest taking this opportunity to play with and as sooooooooooooounnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd!

Also, I express gratitude for the gift I received from Eqafe...which is The Crucifixion of Jesus - Part 39

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