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Sunday, 25 August 2013

Day 437 Menace to Society Part 3

Do You consider yourself a menace to society? 

What does a menace to society mean to You?

Do You have to commit a crime as breaking a law within the legal system to be considered a menace to society?

Is Everyone born as a menace to society, created  by menaces to society?

How is it possible to believe You are not a menace to society?

What kind of process is required to be walked to stop existing as a menace to society?

If Everyone here is not a menace to society, why is this so, and how is this possible?  Is it because these individuals have in fact become aware of the nature of themselves as menaces to society and have in fact committed themselves to stop and breathe and change themselves by investigating every part of themselves in all ways possible so as to correct the problem and stand as an example of self-responsibility in showing their peers/fellow menaces to society that change that is best for all Life is in fact possible?

Do You realise how hard it is to not be a menace to society when in fact You were conditioned and programmed to be a menace to society who doesn't even question or try to change the nature of the program?

To what extent would You go to create a World that is best for all Life?

Have You considered that creating a world that is best for all Life, starts with Yourself as the embodiment of the whole world as that which is best for Life?

Have You considered that the process of self correction is so difficult because the process of self correction is at an individual level, being by being and each being is walking their own timeline and therefore no 2 beings are walking the exact same timeline....yet we are all part of the end time as completing the process of self each part plays a role in the end of time as the process of self the time it will take to labor a world which is best for all Life here in all ways at all times...which therefore makes that which is best timeless, as like eternal greatness because we become the law that cannot be broken, as the law of our beingness here is Life sound creation equality and oneness?

Have You considered that laws are only made to be broken until that which is best cannot be broken?

Does a society where laws are constantly broken indicate a problem with law makers?

Is our society a reflection of a menace to society as a result of our own self reflection?

Is it ridiculous that we just create more and more laws that can be broken?

Why are we continuing to exist as menaces to society?


A branch of support and a breath of fresh air within the opportunity to take a free course that will assist and support You to see what has been missed.

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