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Friday, 2 August 2013

Day 418 Desteni Witness Statement

This is my testimony about Desteni.

I first became aware of Desteni in October of 2007.  I investigated the Desteni material extensively.

It was clear to me, that the Desteni Material being shared was and is a golden platter of assistance and support.

As a result of extensively investigating the Desteni material, there have been many changes in my Life.

1) I stopped smoking weed...which in itself is kind of crazy to me because I previously had the outlook that I would be a weed smoker as a daily toker till the day I die...I considered it to be my daily medicine and my most valued relationship. I also stopped experimenting with other drugs which included(ecstasy, mdma, magic mushrooms, cocaine, acid and salvia)

2) I stopped drinking alcohol.

3) I decided to commit myself to finishing a university degree that I had previously dropped out on.

4) I improved exponentially my relationship with my parents.

5) I improved my communication skills.

6) I became interested in manifesting Heaven on Earth.

7) I became interested and committed to self-perfection.

8) I expanded my learning potential.

9) I became interested in solutions that will bring forth an end to abuse in the world.

10) I learned the power of self-forgiveness.

11) I learned how to learn from every energetic reaction I have as thought/feeling/emotion...and within that, receive a gift from every energetic reaction I have as I see and realise the point of self-correction within it.

12) I transcended many fears.

13) Improved my relationships with women to such an extent that I consider myself qualified to do couple's therapy counselling...and also individual Life Coaching.

14) I've seen an exponential increase in my level of patience.

15) The potential I see and realise I have has increased.

16) I'm considering law school.

17) I've increased my level of self-discipline

18) I've become aware of how the mind works as like computer programming of memories/thoughts/feelings/emotions.

19) I've become aware of the importance of purifying my vocabulary and realise and understand vocabulary as the building blocks to living a Life of satisfaction and fulfillment.

20) I've come to realise that words are alive.

21) I've learned how to play with words.

22) I have better financial stability

23) I learned how to snowboard

24) Exponentially increased my understanding of Funny

25) I learned what it means to live by principles that are Best for All Life.

26) I'm a Doctor of the Science of Awesome

27) I became an everyday writer...I'm an investigative reporter/detective

28) I've become a stand up comedian

29) I've become a certified skiing and snowboarding instructor

30) I'm grateful to be here

31) I am a Destonian


  1. Nice and concise! Thanks for helping people to get an idea about how powerful the Desteni message can be when investigated and applied in our lives.