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Tuesday, 19 February 2019


It's Easy to Get Caught in a "Hiccup" and Spiral into a Panic as a Sort of LackLuster Self-Indulgent form of Being Like "Stoned"..."Like a Stone" within Yourself in Terms of Being a "Control Freak" as Like on "Total Lock Down Suppression".  It's Fascinating Because to Hold onto Knowledge and Not Live Words as the Sollution and Applications Here is Riiiiiiiiiiiiiidiculous.  I mean how many Dicks do You NEED to Fuck Yourself With?

Seriously - The Vulgarity is a Bit Necessary.

It's Like We Live in a Collective Shit Storm and Everyone is Mostly Afraid of Getting Shit On.  And It's like Holding onto Bullshit is a Sort of Accepted Defense Mechanism of Coping with..and is a Lame Playing of the World's Smallest Violin as like Creating an Illusion that It is Cool to Moan and Groan about One's Suppressed Agony - Not Real Eyes To See the Narrative the Actual In Fact - Matter of Fact - Self-Creation Here as the Very Doctor who Doctored the Script - I mean Self-Reflection ...Self-Recognition 101.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not Realizing what it In fact Means to Live "FLOW as KEY to CREATING through Effective APPLICATION".

I Realize as the Real Eyes to See and Know as the very Living Experience that I flesh Me Out as Life Itself Here - Birthed from the Physical - In and As Every Here Moment of Movement.


I commit myself to The ReMarkAbility of SLOW FLOW.

I Know without a MotherFuckingDoubt My Speed and Agility in and as My Stellar Respons Ability Has Emerged as a Continuous Labored Effort of Birthing Myself as Life from the Physical - Literally, Physically - Fleshing Out - Every Single Day - One Sound Bite At a Time - One Breath at a Time.

AKA - Renaissance Man

I commit myself to Demonstrating What it In Fact Means to be a #worldclassplayer Here as the Answer and Solution to the Question:  "What does It Mean to Be a Responsible Human Being?"

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to Become Like this Stoner Who Doesn't Even Smoke Weed But Simply Becomes Stoned Within My Mind of Inferior Thinking Programs - Not Realizing How In Fact I Create Refractions as that Which I use to Bind Myself as Like my Body the Substance Being Bound to Inferior Word Regards as the Spewing and Parroting of Lame ASS Bullshit.

I Real Eyes To See My Personal Response Ability to Self-Accounting In and as My Every Word.

I Commit Myself to Educate and Support People Who Have No Standing Awareness as How to Utilize Marijuanna as a Process Point of Support in Substantiating Oneself as the Living Flesh Here Man - Deliberately Working With Every Supression and Investigating Every Ounce of Weakness and Self-Imposed Limitation to the Point where Fear No Longer Becomes this Conditioned Lame Ass Bullshit and the PAINS of Self-Accepted Inferiority Stoner Like Bullshit Can Be Forgiven and Forgotten Once and For All.

AKA - wordlclassplayer

AKA - Renaissance Man

AKA - Destonian Original Gangster

I Real Eyes to SEE that this In FACT - Practically Means My WORDS are MY STEPS - My VERY Embodiment of LIVING ACTION - as The WHO I AM HERE MAN - The Very Epitome of Me as the Living Flesh Word Man - Also Known as a WordSMITH - A Man, A Real Dude WHO Gives a Fuck about the World as a Whole and the Classification of Everyone Here in the One Class together as the Eventual Follow Through Realization that the Party Is Here - Heaven on Earth Man - and that Each is the GateKeeper and the Custodian to the Kindgom of Heaven as Earth Itself Here - Fleshed Out as Our Movement from the Pulse as the Grace of Living out BPM's as the Beats Per Minute Performance Vibing from Our MotherFucking HEART,

SEE HE ART as the Very wordclassplayer HERE

#Increible As The very In FACT AweSoMe Amazing as the I am Singing within and as my Sound as the very Expression and Example of what it Means to Live the Solution as the FLOW.

I commit myself to Sharing my Art as What it Means to In Fact Move as Life Itself Here - One and Equal as The Living Flesh - The Dude Who Adventures and Journey's Always All Ways Here Man - as The VeryBest Living of, "BEST REGARDS"

I mean,

Common Sense.


Bonus Shares:

Financial Scarcity Is Artifically Created - Times are a Changing

Natural Flow Is Sometimes Forgotten and or Neglected - Oooops



Monday, 18 February 2019

DAY 801 - FOLLOW THROUGH - The What It Means to Go Back to Basics and Flesh Out and Substantiate Living Change

The Living of Words is a Back and Forth Re: Our Action the Very Best Play Working Together as the Regard to Our Moment to Moment Best Response Ability - An OnGoing Flowing Work of Art as the Artist Here - The Within and Without as the Very Art Through the I Am Creator Here.

It's Easy and Hard - depending on the Narrative broadcast.

We are Always All ways Playing the Narrative Broadcaster - The Man/Woman of SPIN.  The Ball Spins and We Be Ballers whether We Like It or Not.  I was Once Gifted with a Suggestion.  That Suggestion Being to: "Learn to Like that Which I Don't Like".

Within the Investigations of, "Learn to Like that Which I Don't Like" - I learned Many New Things About Myself - Worked through the Design of 'Self-Defeat' as a Form of 'Self-Suppression'.  It's fascinating to SEE How We Compartmentalize Things/Words within Ourselves/OurCells.  It's a Vocab Vocation of Sorts in Making the Decision to be A Living Word Playing Participant Here. It's the Best Way to Live, "Self-Accountability"....which, is the Epitome of "Self-Honesty" the very ability to COUNT...the Mathematics of Our Vocabulary...Our Words as How We Stand/Sit/Lie Within and Without - the Very Throughout Existence as Existence Itself Broadcasting Live Here Man.

Giving Credit:

Carlton Tedford - A Real Destonian OG - He May Say He Came a Little Bit Late to the Party...But Whatever...He's A Real Lyrical Dancer that Has Supported Me Greatly with His Blogging Dedication and Consistency to the 7 Year Journey to Life Process as the 'I am Living Words Here'.

The Timing is Epic.

We've Reached a ProFound Point of Structual Alignment - Sound Here -

Suggest Hit Pause for a Moment - Take a Stretch - Do some Capoetta - and Return Here to:

DAY 800, 'The Sanctification of Investigation' DAY 800, 'The Sanctification of Investigation'

I ForGive MySelf for Accepting and ALLowing MySelf to Not Realize Very Specifically What it in Matter of Fact Means for Me to Go Back to Basics in and as my Journey to Life Process Here Man.

I Real Eyes for Me it is to FINE TUNE the Living of My Words as the Structures and Foundations I have Created for MySelf Here - to ReInvestigate the Very Scripts I Crafted for MySelf as the very Golden Treasure of Word Regards to Care for the Whole World as One and Equal Here Man.

I Real Eyes to SEE the Work I've Put into My Flesh as the Living Words I Am.

I Real Eyes to SEE the PROOF of WORK as the I am the 7 Year Journey to Life Man.

I Real Eyese to SEE I am FLESHING OUT from Within as the Very Life Process Living, 'As Within and So Without'.

I Real Eyes to SEE How I Create from the FLESH as the LIVING WORDS I AM.

I am Here with Real Eyes to See Reality Here - Continuous Precocious Fleshing Out the Abundant Potential Here - So Much So Mining the Life Golden Nuggets as the 'Pure Gold Expression' of All Together Here Man - Oneness and Equality - The Epitome of Living Words.

I Realize the Pace of Play and Work - One and Equal, Always All Ways Together Here - Is the Grace As Breathing with Ease As the Easy Play to Make As the Best Response Ability In the Moment As the Very Game Time Decision to Stand Up and Make a Play Working Out of Regard for the Play In Working Ourselves Out Here - As Within and So Without.

I Real Eyes to See How My Playing Creation Here Stem and Branch Out from the Depth of My Core which is Rooted in My Heart as Where I am Planted Here Firm and Solid as Life Itself Birthed Here Man - The Living Words Made Manifest - The Epitome of What It Means to Self-Actualize as the very Self-Made Version of My Utmost Potential Here - The willingness to Do My Best 24/7 Always All Ways - The Commitment as the Very Living Understanding into Awareness as the Science and Philosophy of AweSoMe.

I Real Eyes to See the Extraordinary within and as the Infinite Moment Between Breaths Here - As Within and So Without as the HOLD is the BeHolder of Life Itself Here Man

I Realize the Process Playwright of Gestation as an Ongoing Fleshing Out So to Speak as the Very Process Play of the Integrity and Dignity within Sharing Our Best Support.

I Real Eyes to See the Role of Influence in Walking With and Supporting my Fellow Mates as a Team Player in the Group of worldclassplayers Here - I Real Eyes to See the Individual Expressions within and as the Group Dynamics Here - The Very ALONE and Together Here as ALL ONE MAN.

I Real Eyes to See and Explain the Various Veils of Separation - The FireWalls that Activate a Psychosis of Mind Consciousness Systems.  I Real Eyes to See How the Codification of Consciousness Works as the Imprinting of Fine Polarizations as the Self-Defeatist System Weakness and Vulnerability.

I Real Eyes to See How the Imprinting of Fine Polarization as the Self-Defeatist System Weakness and Vulnerability - Is Actually a Hidden in Plain Sight, Bitcoin Like Golden Nugget of Support - a Key to Substantial Investigations - Creating an Optimum Structure to Work With in Terms of Word and World Regards as the Very Harmonizing of Ourselves Here - Living Words.

The Funny and Fun Thing about 'Self-Defeat' is in and as the Process of STANDING SOLID AND FIRM ON OUR FEET.

OUR FEET is an Indicator and Cross Reference of Our WALK...Our Very Talk as the Living Words Here Man.  The 'Feat' in DeFeat is quite the Feat as it is a 'Feature Presentation' of Sorts as the Very Ways to Work the Sanctification of Investigation of the Get Down, Got Down, Digging DEEP All the Way to The Core of Myself Here.

See it's never so much about good or bad as this "versus" way of thinking where there's a sort of 'war' in the Versus - it's more of a Duet of Sorts as the 'Verses" Always All Ways be Complimentary Support Here as What is Always Best for Life.

There's Only Ever One Real Broadcast Here and it is the Heaven On Earth as Life Itself Here Man Always Always Broadcasting the Equal Money System as the Very Epitome of What it Means to Live Words Here as the Unification of Man - Oneness and Equality Styles.



There's a tendency at times to want to go overboard with explanations to sort of 'proove it' it's a compensation of 'over explanation' in playing into the rhetoric of 'justification'...the very, 'another minds justification theory..won't you join in and take the bait of the debate...the circle jerk...knee jerk reaction as the fight for a side at the table - not reallizing it's the Life Round Table Here as the Multi-Dimensional Beingness Here Man.

One and Equal is the Abundant Access to Our Best Playing Potential as we are All It - The Very "i" and "t" - Cross Your Eyese and Dot your Tees for it's Our Gift to SHARE the Process Playwright - the very Oneness and Equality to the Tag You're It #worldclassplayer

Monday, 17 April 2017

day 800 - Integrity of Sharing

See the full share here:

Note:  If You are Not in Fact familiar with Steemit, You should!  There's a lot of reasons why.  At the very can change your life for the better.

Day 799 - Desteni and Dignity

 See the whole story here:

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Day 798 - Steemit

Steemit, a new blogging, social networking platform that is connected to a crypto currency.  Get paid to play in sharing your best posts.  Fascinating structure with is still very early stages of development.  My best suggestion is check it out and start playing with it.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Day 797 - Work, Physical

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize nor really question or in any way investigate the nature and expression of "Work".

Do I like work, Yes.

Work has been a point of sloppiness within myself in so many ways because Discipline has been a point of weakness within myself in relation to living "Work, Physical".

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize this 'go with the flow automation of my mind' has not been supporting me to be physical and work here in ways that are great.  I realize i've been too flexible within my mind in the sense that Discipline has been lacking as my best discernment. 

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to resist the work required in exercising a plan effectively - where for example i make a plan the night before as a physical support in how i can best participate and support myself through my day....and then when the day is here, go into an experience of emotional discomfort and preoccupation that comes up in me where I am willing to give priority to this 'breaking news story' that has just aired inside myself as the networked consciousness channeling of myself as fear/energy.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize and understand how I polarized discipline within myself to be preferenced based according to my consciousness energy definition...where the mind is dictator in that the discipline...or lack there of real living Discipline is biased towards getting the positive energy high.   I realize this is a distraction, and for myself has been a preoccupation i did not fully understand.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize and understand how for the most part, I've feared myself here as Resistance.  Meaning, it's always been that part of me that i havent wanted to give credence to - 'the bad, the darker parts of self'.  I realize the experience of myself as Resistance has been mostly Inferiority, with little bits of superiority glossed on top from time to time to keep me fueled in and as mind automation - running, without regard for the implications, stress, strain, pressure, tension onto and into me as my physical body.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to Resist myself.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize and understand myself as 'Resistance'.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to suppress the best expression of Resistance within and as myself here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to Fight Resistance within and as a point of good versus bad.  I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to have limited my definition and understanding of the experience of Resistance inside my physical body.  I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to neglect reflection into and as my relationship with Resistance.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realizing and understand the harmony in body and mind with Resistance.  Where it's the point of force within and as our's a point of that of breath.  The resistance does not require to be intense pressure...however it can be.  I realize i created much intense pressure within my body as a result of not understanding the dynamics of myself within and as Resistance.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to mindfuck myself in relation to Resistance where I accept and allow myself to be Inferior to Resistance, while hiding in delusions of grandeur in my mind as the sort of distraction/preoccupation logic of making sense of non sense to superimpose excuses and justifications on to myself and others. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize and understand how ive fueled the dissonance resistance movement within myself.  I realize in attempting to understand and live my best potential - An important emphasis in accounting specifically for my daily living words - specifically the Regard within and as Word.  I realize my strategy of understanding and learning has been through the consequence of suppression.  I realize this is an inferior approach to Life. Less than.  I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to justify suppression of myself in thinking that i always need to challenge myself in decision making....meaning i must always choose that which is difficult.

 I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to justify suppression of myself in thinking that i always need to challenge myself in decision making....meaning i must always choose that which is difficult.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize nor understand the stress and strain i have built up within me about decision making...where i've created a relied upon dependency on getting whipped by myself into movement/action.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to negate the best expression of myself as Work, Physical.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not realize and understand how my best Play has suffered from inconsistency as a result of having constricting conditions on my ability to best manage and direct Work, Physical here.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to suppress the best of myself in daily living myself in my physical body, Working.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to not really understand nor realize the effort within and as myself as Work and Will.  I realize growth and maturity are the harvesting results of effectively cultivating the best expressions of resistance...meaning the words we give and gift to our selves as how we create solutions as our very own Instruction Manuals to share with others in how we moved,/breathed through a point of challenge and change

to be continued

Friday, 24 February 2017

Day 796 - Rigidity Nature and Flexibility

I noticed upon waking up this morning i was a bit stiff and rigid. I experienced a tightness and even a bit of a soreness and stiffness within the middle of the small of my lower back....and also a lot more intensively so in my thighs.  Yes, my recent physical activities play a role in my physical body self-reflection and investigations.

Ironically, i've noticed that my ability to move within physical activities is so much so rooted in the deep psychology of myself here.  Meaning, my words....the vocabulary i speak....and how I say what i say...and the outlook I hold as my insight about the particularities of the relationships within and as the activities i engage within.

What is also very fascinating, is the fact that, I have a whole history of physical impressions layered in me over time on a cellular level as my words imprinted in me since childhood...and in so many ways...what i am realizing and investigating....and working on, is Identifying and correcting my cognitive dissonances.  The Interesting thing i have realized is that my cognitive dissonances have manifested in me over time as my reactionary play outs in my movements throughout my days.  Meaning, where I would react in a way of Offense or Defense.  I noticed I created these offenses and defenses in my behavior conditioning as forms of protection as a result of not really understanding points of conflict/trauma early in my life.

Ive recently started playing with a structured process of Accountability in my, 'thoughts, words, and deeds.'  How this Playing works, is:

I wake up in the morning...for my new Today.

I look within my body to see what i am experiencing.

I challenge myself to be Specific with Identifying a Word to explain and summarize the experience of myself.

I go into the specifics of the experience within my how i am physically experiencing myself within particular parts of my body.

From here, I ask myself what word can I gift myself today as a complimentary support for my physical body investigations into the Initial Word I have given Focus to.

From Here, I see how this complimentary word/action exists within me as a physical body experience.  I play around for a moment and realizing myself within and as the physical movement of the particular word I have given focus to.

I am now set, in and as my structure for my daily living of word and world investigations. What happens from here, is so much so an adventure and undertaking of unpredictable explanations.  Meaning, 'it's like setting the table for a've prepared the lab for a scientific investigation and exploratory journey into yourself that you are going to walk/run in real time as Today.  To further clarify: as a result of giving attention to the first word I bring forth, (example: rigidity)...I get to know and understand myself within and as Rigidity throughout my day...I become aware of my acceptances and allowances as this point of Rigidity on a deep level. Memories come to the surface throughout the day as support in showcasing to me how I substantiated the specifics of my behavior patterns.

I find it supportive to play with both words and get to know myself and even fine tune my definitions as i go with the words I work with in and as my word/world play and participation's from day to day..