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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Day 536 Private Property and Licenses-The King of the Castle

Many times I've had selfish greedy thoughts about wanting to be in control of resources so that I can be the one who collects the profit at the expense of others having to pay me because I am the owner of property. Like for instance...I've always been really annoyed with the concept of why the fuck it's accepted and allowed. How about I be declared the royal ruler of earth and everyone pays me because I am the owner of everything....or almost everything...and how about I stand in the position as the ruling authority to say how things should be so that I can have the perfect life where all my desires are satisfied...basically what I'm saying is that if someone should get a free ride and not have to work and do slave labor....why should I?

I see and realize how my particular thinking doesn't really solve the fuckedness of the situations that exist within the;s more like me being spiteful and jealous of other spiteful people who happen to be standing in higher/greater positions of spitefulness and greed...and are benefiting from the power position at the expense of others suffering.

I realize it is fucked to just want myself to not be fucked and allow others to exist within a fucked up situation....and I realize and understand it's extremely fucked up to only regard myself and not consider everything else.

I realize and understand the absurd ridiculousness of close mindedness as the delusion of self interest and grandeur while not regarding the consequences of such close minded focused projections and desires.

I was thinking recently...why don't I create the need for more licensing requirements to do things...where I create the business where people are required to come to me and take a whatever course to become certified to do whatever and get a whatever it is specific license. Like I mean the whole licensing thing is getting ridiculous...and I know it;s all about money...and my thinking is how I can profit and make easy money so I can have an easy life....but what about the consequences...the spitefulness within creating and perpetuating bullshit so that I can have an easy time and privileges I had thought...what if you needed a license to grow vegetables..and so everyone who grew vegetables had to pay me a licensing fee....or what about if you want to throw a ball around in public....what about a licensing fee to be able to throw a ball around....or what about a licensing fee to speak in public....or what about a license to take public transit in addition to paying a fee to take the bus or any other method of public what about requiring a license to be able to be a passenger in a a method of terrorism you are pre-screened and therefore because you bought your license you don't have to go through all that bullshit airport security because you got your license you can just swipe your card....or what about just make people have a license to travel in addition to airport security....basically what I'm getting at is that due to the inherent fuckedness of how our money system functions in the world...increasingly there is more and more bullshit created through law and legislation that perpetuates and exacerbates the inherent fuckedness of our world/ that new generations can be insured to grow up within an ever evolving levels of fuckedness...because people are needing to survive within this inherent fuckedness and the nature of the game we have created is to spit on each other in hopes that by spitting on someone else we wont get spit on and that we will be able to prosper from having created and accepted and allowed disregard for our fellow beings here.

I don't think these thoughts I've had are cool at all....there all quite nasty really...reflecting the inherent nastiness of  myself within and as a reflection of humanity.

Human civilization is quite a nasty thing.

The truth is, as long as we have a money system that does not regard and value Life with the utmost importance as the highest value....we are existing within a money system that is less than great that devalues Life.

What;s interesting when you ask yourself, what is Life? What qualifies as Life? Who and What is Life? You see and realize that all actual substance is Life. This self-introspection requires one to dare to be self-honest in investigating how we have disregarded the quality of our substance here...and have compromised and disregarded our substance because that is what we were born to do...substance abusers produced by substance abusers...I mean look how substance abuse is a real problem...the fact that we don't even generally typically  regard ourselves as substance abusers if we are not doing copious amounts of illicit drugs is absurd. Because have a look; our body, our earth is our substance here...and have a look at what is being accepted and allowed to happen to our body, our earth. Abuse. Unprecedented levels of abuse. For what? For Why? Because we don't even know why....because we justify why as our just if our fictional justice system because our relationship with words is of questionable structural integrity...because resistance is futile...because were so narrow minded within our self-interested pursuits and desires to be happy within the most extreme dire straits....that the coping defense and protection mechanisms of our minds/ego programming is constantly evolving and upgrading in complexity and cleverness cunning ways to out wit and outsmart ourselves as to trick ourselves into not realizing and understand how fucked we are...that hey might as well just get fucked up and believe it to be a good time fucking up our body our earth because of peer because it;s popular to be fucked up...and fuck why not right? like, fuck it. right?...we only live once so might as well say fuck it right? it;s all about the here after anyways the fuck and what the fuck kind of here after is there going to be for anyone who diminishes their substance body of can anyone claim to be at peace in the hereafter when they contributed to the fuckedness that exists to this very day....would there not exist a here after until what is here has been established and accounted for as like the very very very basic mathematics of 1+1=2?

So the links posted below are few links I looked at prior to writing this blog...the first one economists Journey to Life How will companies be Nationalized is a cool read within and as a solution to implement and foster practical living change within and as the proposed Living Income Guaranteed.

If You are not familiar with Living Income Guaranteed, Google it.

The Next couple of links here are examples reflecting upon my thoughts and desire for profit off of resources at the expense of others...looking at the company Nestle specifically and how the company supports the privatization of water and thinks that water being an inalienable human right is extreme and irrational and that... well... because, water is import/vital component of Life substance/subsistence that it should be bought and sold like most other components of Life at the expense of much suffering and abuse


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