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Saturday, 21 December 2013

Day 540 This is Why Christmas is Bullshit

I just watched the video, "This is Why Christmas is Bullshit"

A point within the video that sticks out that is totally fucked up is how congested everything gets. Like shopping malls, airports, and highways. Movement becomes seriously restricted because everyone is trying to do the same things at the same time. This mentality/behaviour is most unfortunate.

I was looking at the irony of how everyone perpetuates this "most wonderful time of the year" where movement is seriously restricted because everyone is trying to do the same thing at the same time which results in a less than desirable time for everyone.

I'm teaching skiing this winter at a ski resort and some people were telling me today how they don't even bother to come skiing from December 23rd to January 4th because the ski hills are a everybody is on holidays at the same time and the ski hills are just so over crowded that a person's movement/flow on the ski hill is restricted/hindered as well as the quality of the snow/terrain gets tracked out rather quickly. The ski hill becomes like a congested highway.

This point about the movement/travel/flow being restricted because everybody is trying to move at the same time has me looking at the general consensus with the way commerce works in our shared reality.  I see how holidays are in relationship to commerce...and I question whether or not there would be a better more consistent stable annual flow/movement/travel if there were no holidays/special times of the year.

I also reflect upon the nature of the typical work week of the Monday to Friday grind. Yesterday my roommate was asking me if I was going out last night, saying and reminding me that it is Friday know Friday night is one of the 2 main nights to celebrate during the 7 day week because you don't require to go to work the next day...assuming that you are one of the average people who work they typical Monday to Friday grind.  Also Friday night is a popular night to go out because so many other people are going out to get drunk and wasted because they too are looking to take the edge off all the stress of the restricted movement/strain of the Monday to Friday daily work week grind.

I know I hated going to school Monday to Friday. I know I was so happy when it was Friday...especially Friday afternoon.

Is there a better way?

Could things be better for everyone?

Will things have to get shittier for some in order for things to get better for the majority?

I've been paying attention to the weather...and the weather seems to be all out of it's not really snowing that much where snow is typically required to be...and it's snowing in places where snow is not typically required to be.

Our current weather patterns reflect the nature of the times within humanity. Chaotic, sporadic, consistently inconsistent, and totally bi-polar.

What's interesting is that there is like this bullshit hope within humanity that things will just work out for ourselves where we will be fortunate and prosper while everything goes to shit all around us. Whether it be to get the perfect weather while the weather is wreaking havoc elsewhere, just kind of hoping that nature works out in our favor while not ever really considering the extent of our own nature and how nature as we see nature is a reflection of our inherent nature and that nature is reflecting to humanity it's forces and how destructive our forces can be when our forces are not in and as a balanced alignment.

So: money, travel, nature, work, holidays........hmm...

Money determines the amount we are able to travel.
Money determines the nature of our travel.
Money is what we work for.
Money determines our holidays
Money determines our work.

I question the planning of holidays.

Personally I do not want to go somewhere to vacation on holidays when everyone else is also on vacation on holidays.  It is not practical for the majority of people to be on vacation/holidays at the same time. Or is it? It makes it easier for the super elite to vacation when the majority are not able to be on vacation...because the majority are on vacation all at the same time...and this makes less traffic for the minority for most of the days throughout the year because the majority is slaving away, saving their few extra dollars for a less than stellar congested holiday that is burdened with more stress and strain because the system is not designed to be stressed and strained...and stress and strain are forms of unnecessary abuse.

Stress and strain are unnecessary forms of abuse? Why then do we accept and allow ourselves to perpetuate a global matrix system of continued ever evolving stress and strain? Who is responsible for stopping and changing the global matrix system of continued ever evolving stress and strain but ourselves?

But what if we don't want to give up our Christmas? Like to spite what is best for all Life...because we have memories that we want to cling to and hold onto forever more...that consume us and delude us from even realizing and understanding how these few positive memories block out all the horrendous trauma that is happening all the time because so much negative can secrete the tiniest small little bit of ecstasy and well that lovey dovey feeling is like a gooey warmth that drives/funnels/perpetuates abuse/evil/inhumane acts/ as everyone desires the almighty gooey orgasm lovey dovey energy secretion.

To Be Continued, As I realize and understand I am required to take self-responsibility for this super elitist position I find myself sitting within.

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