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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Day 546 Drama as a Guilty Pleasure

I was looking at the point of "Drama" this evening. I was looking at the definition of the word "Drama". I just started playing with the word Drama as I write here...Draw ma,,,Dr. am a. a play out of events...shit happens unexpectedly...or what would appear unexpectedly...sequence of events...climatic and anti climatic...rising action and falling action...fictional tale...history and herstory.

I was looking as the point of Drama as a point of conflict.

I was also looking at Drama as a point of stimulation.

I was also looking at our shared reality as a seriously intense Drama.

I'm looking at the point of how I say Drama is a guilty pleasure. Why would this be the case? Well if we consider our reality as a seriously intense drama....and drama as a guilty can be deduced that our participation and acceptances and allowances here are perpetuated in this seriously intense Drama because we derive pleasure from abuse. This is obviously the point of a "guilty pleasure"

Why the fuck would I want to derive pleasure from abuse?

I was looking at the point of how the tv series and movies I often look to watch are drama' with lots of story line and character development. 

see how I have made drama a guilty pleasure.

I will be continuing to investigate Drama in blogs to come

Stay tuned

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