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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Day 531 Entertainment Distraction to Learning Engagement

Full distractions life review

I just listened to this cool interview about distractions. I suggest to check it out.

I've been questioning how I spend my time. I've been asking myself if I could better spend my time.

I've looked at the point of entertainment as a distraction. I see how my Life has been tailored in accordance with getting as much entertainment as possible. Like minimizing everything else to maximize entertainment.  I figured this is the this is what everyone wants to be doing, to have as much entertainment as possible.

I see how I have flipped flopped around within various forms of entertainment.

I see how this entertainment energy was ingrained within myself as a young age.

I've questioned the point of existing without any entertainment?

I've judged entertainment?

I see how I can change the relationship from entertainment to that of a learning engagement as a result of accepting and allowing myself to be self-intimate with self-introspection in analyzing/investigating my reactions within the entertainment.

I see how I have not always allowed myself to introspect my reactions within various forms of entertainment.

I see and realize how avoiding to introspect reactions is a total waste of a gift/opportunity to receive fantastic self-support which encourages and enables self-expansion.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for only sometimes investigation/introspecting my reactions within entertainment. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for limiting/suppressing my learning potential engagement by not making a concentrated effort to learn from every reaction I have. I realize and understand that there is so many little reactions that happen within me throughout a day. I realize and understand that by making note of a bunch of them on a daily basis, I would in fact be gifting myself an abundant amount of opportunity/fortune. I realize and understand that it is not difficult for me to find I realize and understand that reactions just kind of happen within my mind as a result of what I have previously accepted and allowed to exist within my mind.  I realize and understand it would be quite easy for me to make note of a list of reactions on a daily basis.  I see and realize how making a list of reactions on a daily basis would be of great support within and as the point of self-investigation....because each word/point of reaction represents a gift and a learning opportunity. I see and realize how there is so much opportunity for me to be learning throughout the day. I realize and understand that neglecting to investigate reactions is to neglect and suppress learning opportunities.

I'm looking at the point of my world expanding as a result of giving myself self-direction within enabling myself to be constantly actively engaged within physical entertainment in a way becomes irrelevant because there becomes only direct physical everything becomes a point of engagement...where I am able to actually give myself direction in moving myself to finish tasks/responsibilities that support myself expansion within and as learning.

I see how entertainment is a point of taking a break/time off from learning.

I see how I created this relationship towards learning versus entertainment when I was a young child...where I learned how to not learn and just react.  Learning is a point of focused concentration.....what is interesting about this though, that every reaction results from a point of focused you cannot react to a point if you are not aware of the within this I see and realize the point of self-responsibility within and as my focuses concentration....that I enable myself to direct my focused concentration to questioning and exploring the particular reactions that exist within myself.  I see that questions in a way are like reactions...and questions are what is key to learning.

So how did I learn to not fearing to ask questions....which is a point of resisting to take the steps necessary to understand and realize something.

So it's like we either learn from reactions/programming and see and realize how reactions/programming works...or we become blissfully ignorant/oblivious to how we are continuously programming and re-acting ourselves... and then believe Life to be this trip/experience that we don't understand but keeps us entertained/distracted from the actual truth of ourselves as the source of Life.

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