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Friday, 25 January 2013

Day 235 What Did I Learn Today?

What did I learn Today?

I'm most productive with my day when I get myself up and moving when I wake up the first time...and therfore don't allow myself to postpone getting postponement in the morning leasd to postponement in the day as like consequential setbacks and delays due to initial decision of postponement of starting daily participations.

Sharing perspectives and considerations about what I am studying opnes up cool discussions that facilitate further learning and self expansion.

I enjoy taking the time to prepare quality meals for myself.

I learn lots by listening.

People who are depressed sleep lots.

Working to the best of our abilities/capabilities is definition of self fulfilment.

Being somewhere and wanting to be somewhere else is ridiculous self induced limitation.

Sex is great physical self support.

Sex is connected to money and having lots of sex eqauls having lots of money.

Tutoring and teaching is lucrative and very employable business.

Living here is breath by breath and seeing the future is preprogrammed.

Opportunities here with every breath as living opportunity with/in/as every breath.

My dog Daisy is awesome daily physical support. Dogs are smart cool beings.

Letting go of desired self interests opens up opportunities for self expansion.

Writing out points that I learned is cool practical self support.

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