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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Day 229 The Ridiculousness of Professional Sports

Problem: Professional sports exist as big business entertainment with no real regard for human dignity and integrity.

If we look at the word "sport" and consider what synonyms exist for the word "sport" as a verb and a noun we will notice an interesting thing. Synonyms for the word "sport" as a noun include: fun, game, play, amusement. Synonyms for the word "sport" as a verb include: play and frolic. (source google definitions)

The point I am exposing about sports here is that the nature/spirit of Sport is physical self expression as to play and frolic about as like game playing amusement.

The Spirit and Nature of Sport is lost within our current capitalistic system at the professional level. It's a really bad joke as absurd ridiculousness.  Physical well being is tainted with abuse for moments of glory as like the mentality in professional sports is all about winning because 'money' is synonymous with 'winning'.

The ridiculousness is exstensive within professional sports at the moment. Professional sports are perpetuated by fanaticism.  Professional sports being perpetuated by fanaticism is no different than the ridiculousness of religion/spirituality.

Lets take a moment here and consider that our accepted and allowed almighty God of existence is MONEY. Meaning things happen because of GOD...the will of God....I mean...the will of MONEY.

Ok, so, MONEY moves people as like it's all God's will...and God is everything is determined according to the wrath of Money/God.

Professional Sports exist as Money Competitions. Professional Sports exist as God Competitions as like who is the biggest Ego of them who is the best/winner....notice the best/winner never remains the best/'s but a blip in time as the moment of glory....and the glory is glorified by all religious lunatics...I mean, fans...fanatics...people here in search and hope their preferred chosen one will be rise to the top as being like a temporary messiah in time as sharing the message and praise of adoration to all the giving thanks to all the fans as this would not be possible without the support of all the fans which it is important to note that fans are fanatics which is.....absurd ridiculousness.

Did you know that people are dieing every day of starvation because there losers? Really...because Life has been phrased as a Game...and if you're not a're a fucking loser...and Winner's of Sports win at the professional level by beating the shit out of the other team...and the win comes at the expense of the the messiahs cannot exist and be worshiped without all the worshippers/fanatics/ know those that are just genetically inferior to those of us who are genetically know kind of like slavery.

Did you know the #1 ranked professional golfer in the world, Rory Mcllroy just signed a 10 year endorsement contract with Nike for 200 Million Dollars in American Currency? You know Nike right? Nike is one of the kings of sweatshop labour....where genetic losers slave away for a couple dollars a day making Rory's clothes and other winner's clothes, like the people who aren't deemed total losers by God/Money but really worship Mesiah's like Rory.

Isn't it cool that we humans have collectively allowed ourselves to place different monetary values upon we say ok this guy Rory and this guy Tiger get to be big such big winners that their winning's is going to come at the expense of 20 million you know....20 million people can have a terribly shit experience here on earth so that Rory and Tiger can be regarded and worshipped as Golf Gods. Fucking cool Right? I know my fucking sarcasm is brutal.

The Facts that make up our Global Labour force are beyond brutal...and Professional Sports assist and support the perpetuation of serious fuckedness within our shared existence.

Solution: "Equal Money Capitalism" see link for more info

Equal Money Capitalism could also read as Equal God Capitalism as each being is valued as an equal and one god of existence as all life being regarded and dignified so that never again do we create a winning at the expense of losing per diem where starvation is justified as the will of God/Wrath of Money.

Reward: Planet Earth Becomes Planet Awesome as Awe-So-Me as awesomeness in all ways that are awesomeness as beings are most excellent to each other in all ways as All Life is regarded and dignified within the principle of equality and oneness.

Sports become available for everyone to play.

No more pressure to perform in sports. Losing a game doesn't mean not becoming a saviour.

Everyone is a Messiah.

Poverty will no longer exist.

Team Life Plays the Game of Life for the first time as the Game of Life that is BEST FOR ALL LIFE as ALL LIFE WIN as No LIFE is Disregarded snd therfore All Life is Utilised as Greatest All Life Participants here are Part of Team Life and the Greatest Potential of Team Life as All as One as Equal is like wow this is awe-so-me!