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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Day 230 What Did I learn Today?

To Start, I listened to the Eqafe recording

Within this recording the point was mentioned about on a daily basis in writing, making a point of making it known what was learned today. This point resonated with me because often I make a mental note of ok, I learned this and just leave it at that...instead of sharing in writing the point I learned...also to leave a track record of my daily learnings.

What Did I Learn Today:

Emphasis strengthened on the point of not taking people's actions seriously as to get offeneded and go into a state of reaction as like taking people's reactions personally. Example, I was teaching many people how to ski today. Some of the people I was teaching how to ski were quite satisfied exploring the skills they had on the ski slopes and were not at all interested in learning new ski skills at the they needed to understand the skills they had a little more...or were more than content playing with what they got. Within teaching I want to progress the student as much as possible. I realised within this approach, that sometimes the student only wants to go so far with the progression at one time....and even though I would like to progress the student as far as possible....the progression cannot happen if the student isn't open to further progression.

Sometimes it's good to take a break and concentrate on something else. Example: Trying to cram so much knowledge within myself in working through university studies....after awhile I am not absorbing the info as quickly as initial rate of knowledge absorbtion and taking in the info becomes almost like a battle.....This is indication/indicator time of..,ok lets take a break and do something else so I can come back to studies later with fresh eyes. Lady I was teaching skiing who I shared thhis experience with, informed me how runners in training would go for 10  minutes and than walk for 1 minute and how even sometimes within races.....when a runner was quite fatigued and therfore stopped running and went into a walk for a few moments...was able to recooperate much quicker and return to a higher body performance than the individual who was fatigued and did'nt take a break but just tried to keep going. Emphasis of this learning here is that switching gears so to speak or shifting attention as a means of assistance and support is beneficial as like more can be accomplished within the same time frame by giving self opportunities to rest as like changing the pace of engagement/activity.

Blame is like a slippery slope as like a trick as like a fearful path to take as like being fear possessed and therfore trying to coverup self accepted and allowed inadequacy with deflection/projection away from self as like to shift attention aways from self as the root cause of consequence. Example, I hit the snooze on my alarm today and as consequence was a few minutes late getting to the ski my backchat I thought about blaming my girlfriend for the like telling my boss I was late because I had to pick my girlfriend up on the way to the hill. I realised the point of ridiculousness within this and faced the music so to speak as I walked through the consequence of hitting the snooze and being a few minutes late for my private ski lesson this morning.

Utilising the opportunity to talk as a means of opening up the point of sharing self expression is cool with and brings about unknown potential. Example: Riding up the ski lift with student: pushing the point of engagment through communication as like taking the time to get to know the individuals on a personal level as what they like to do when they are not skiing...their's school going....sharing jokes, silly sounds, sharing about me, asking questions, listening to their story.....emphasis here is an openess to giving and receiving as like giving like I like to receive. Communication is fun and cool. I am grateful for all the communication opportunities I have while working at the ski hill teaching children and adults how to ski.

Self support in communication as a point of self direction as assistance and I speak words of assistance and support as equality and oneness I assist and support myself and others as equal and one as you is me and me is you. Example, Family dinner conversations....moments and opportunites come about to share....sharing as assistance and support is only available when self is not possessed or consumed by reactions as taking shit personally as like reacting to people's reactions. LOTS of cool and fun opportunities within self expressive communication to play with what one says as living words when one give's one the gift of being present within not accepting and allowing judgement about the company one is in the presents of....and notice the presents as being  in the company of people's presents. And's all a mirrored self reflection here.

I like eating salad as a lunch...or even eating just some lettuce is cool support for my body. body doesn't require as much food as sometimes I think I need...start with less and go back for more after finishing food and having atleast one glass of water if not satidfied...however I found that taking smaller portions is something I am capable of doing....and allowing myself to savour my food a little like I don't have to eat my food as fast as I can out of fear that I will not be able to finish all the food I have taken if I don't eat super I only have so many minutes to get in the food before my body is like that's it.

Best not to criticize girlfriend, especially when she's about to give me a blow job.

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