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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Day 234 Privacy and Access to Information

I just watched the documentary, "Stealing Africa"

Earlier today I was learning/studying about Privacy Protections and Access to Information.

In the documentary it was noted that transparency is key in stopping corruption.

In my studies I learned that transparency leads to good governance.

In my studies I was informed that Privacy and Access to Information are equally important BUT in Canada, where I live, there was a Supreme court ruling that declared Privacy legislation takes precedence over Access to Information.

This attitude suggests that it is more important to protect a few individual self interests within society than it is to support and facilitate what is best for society.

It's like saying, "it's more important to protect an individual's autonomy than it is to expose and individual's autonomy as greedy self righteousness." Which is to say, "greed is protected under privacy legislation because greed and corruption takes precedence over exposing who the most greedy and corrupt individuals"

What the fuck? !

At what point do the interests of the group justify the limitations of individual autonomy?

When Privacy legislation takes precedence over Access to Information legislation, it is impossible for transparency and good governance to exist....which exposes the juggernaut of the situation.

At the moment our legal system works congruently with the monetary system which is capitalism....which is based upon the starting point of individual self interest....more specifically the freedom and protection of individual self interest.

This mentality explains why there exists  extreme differences in quality of life of human's like according to our laws it's ok for some to have more than their fair share...and it's ok for many beings to have less than their fair share.

"History is our TIMELINE. If the TIMELINE is Not Reported EXACTLY How It Happened, We will NEVER LEARN from our Past.

In Equal Money Capitalism the legal system will work congruently with the monetary system...however the starting point will shift to Equality as the Law of Equality will take precedence of inequality always all ways as what is absolute best as ultimate supremacy.

It's interesting within creating a world which is best in all ways that we have much to work with here....because we just need to tweak points/systems into re-allignment from and as the starting point of our being here as the Law of Equality....and it's so simple because the Law of Equality is based upon common sense and all beings are bestowed with common sense.

So basically it's all in our the wording as our information here that we have created the situation we have here today...our laws, our words all the systems that exists are required to be re-alligned as equality and oneness as what is like always best.

Creation's Joureny to Life Blog, "Day 281 Property Worth Owning" gives perspecitve on the importance of purifying our vocabulary as the meaning and way forward in establishing excellence as our Living Words as our physical structural sound foundation that we built word by word as each word being the like a brick as physical structural sound.

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