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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Day 232 "To Start is a Good Start"

So I just read Gian's Journey to Life blog today and the title was, "To Start is a Good Start".  Here is the link:

Within Gian's blog he makes some great points about the simplicity of self movement as making things happening as like generating results, as like being effective with self movement by taking that first step without like the more first steps you can take is the more steps in the right direction you are taking.

Gian talks about some personal experience with regards to work, thinking about how he can make lots of money to support Desteni and the transitioning into and as a world that is best for all life here. I relate and identify with Gian's words as I have had the same thoughts. Gian also makes note how postponing immediate action when he has a task to do like for example cutting the lawn...leads to stress. I understand and agree with what he is saying many times I have pushed back immediate action on a point...only to get to the point later...and have created stress upon myself as consequence of facing a a deadline and having squandered many minutes earlier about thinking about the task at hand and similar disregarding the importance of immediate action.

An importan point to see with Gian's and my sharing here is the great value in not waiting to share a point that one has to share. For example...I read Gian's blog as I had a few free minutes in my day...I mean it wasnt planned to read Gian's blog per say...I went to the Destonians website and picked his blog from the top of the list as it had just been submitted and his title caught my attention.  What I'm getting at is that holding back thoughts and considerations is not real practical as assistance and support can come from sharing thoughts and considerations. I read Gian's blog and then received a text message about some extra part time work that was being offered to me. I wasnt sure if I was interested in the work...But I thought, "to start is a good start" and so I inquired about more info into the specific details of the work. I was then told to contact so and so...and I had a thought for a moment as like ah I can do this later....and then I remembered and said, "to start is a good start" and I thought about Gian's blog sharing and the point of trying things out by taking those first starting steps and if things don't work out, fine...then try something else, big deal. So I called the guy who I didn't know but was referred to from a friend and explained who I was and what  I knew about the part time job opportunity. I am now meeting with this dude tomorrow morning at office headquarter for a meet and greet and to get a feel for what the job entails within the immediate work environment.  The dude also told me this is part time now...but could lead to full time work later. I told the dude I have a contract commitment outwest starting towards the end of April....the dude seemed kind of impressed...and still wanted to meet and chat...and so I am going in to explore this money making opportunity.

"To Start is a Good Start" as like if there is a WILL there is a way as the will is the way as willing a way forward as to carve a path as to create an oppneing as to give self opportunities by making the most out of the moments here.

"To Start is a Good Start" is like working out as a means of physical support as like ok, doing push ups as a means of physical self suport and stability and strenght first you start with one...and then you build on that one...anddo another one...and you go from there, building off the initial starting the start is a step in the right direction....a start is a step in self direction as even if the start as the the step doesnt lead to further steps taken in that direction...that direction is now known as not the way as to remove the unknown variables by walking the steps forward one by way...and realising therfore when to take steps in other directions as means of firection self direction....and directing self direction as what is best for all life starts with a start as, "To Start is a Good Start."

I really like this saying, "To Start is a good Start." Simple and practicle self directions as like the recipe for self perfection. It's funny because within Gian's blog he acknowledges how he realised the missing ingredient within his process over the last 4 and a half years as being dedicated to creating a world that is best for all Life here.

'To start is to start' is definitely a key ingredient in walking process as what's best for all life here.

Thanks Gian, I agree, to start is a good start!

A link to the Destonians web page where I found Gian's blog and the place where many Destonian's share cool words of assistance and supoport is:

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  1. cool Mike, seems my blog was just in time lo, same working point, getting a job.