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Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day 220 Breathing Part 17 of 21 Science of Awesome

To explain the science of awesome is to say awe so me as self realisationf of connection as self realisation as the starting point of awesome.  The science of awesome encompasses everything  as like the perfect circle and all points are relative whether within the circle or around the circle as like being a part/point of the whole way round-as to get around is to be well rounded on the edges.

Here, I play with what I say in a way that is awesome as a flow that is me as like a word smith as creative expression in communicating the message of equality and oneness.

Science of Awesome is sound logical structured common sense as always physical.  What makes the science of awesome so easy to understand and to relate and incorporate as a part of everything because self is always the starting point of it and everyone knows atleast 1 thing that is awesome to them.  Within this most basic self reflection as like tag you are it because it's all a self reflection here- The science of awesome is simplistic in supporting the expansion of self realisation as connections as like understanding self in ways that were not previously like a coming into awareness...because the awareness comes from what wasnt known already.

What's cool about the science of awesome is that the priniciple starting point of self reflection is equality and oneness as responsibility in being IT as it being point of creation as awesome.  What's interesting, is that within examinations of brutal self honesty-one is always able to see any and all misalignments within awesome like false proclaimations of like acceptances and allowances which are not like sights that produce awe in reponse...But the awe is like awe no...that's some terrible brutal shit.

The science of Awful is an extension/progression from the foundational science teachings of Awesome. The science of Awful is basically being able to see the full extent of awe here always as like without a lense/filter, so as to see clear without distortion the whole picture as all connections...which is the equality and oneness of awesomene in all ways as the awful truth.

Therfore, the science of awful always exposes/reveals the truth.

What is interesting about this is that through facing/embracing the awesome awful within one self is the action required as enabling the key given to self as entrance into the kingdom of heaven.  This is the case because all is Forgiven in the kingdom of heaven and therfore the kingdome of heaven is a place of self perfection which is Awesome as the science of awesome is the awful truth of the kingdom of heaven.

What assisted and supported me in bringing forth this sharing of awesomeness here as laying out the introduction of, "The Science of Awesome" was teaching a brother from another mother how to enhance snowboarding abilities.  The dude I was assisting with snowboarding enhancement as like increasing the flow fluidity rhythym timing and coordination play style ridiing fun with the methodology of basic physics principles of applications of pressure in regulating/directing/becoming equal and one within starting point of creating linked turns as like developing maneuverability as like being here and removing self imposed limitations on being here as consequence of not understanding relationships that one is moving in and as responsibility for. The dude asked me how my book was coming along. The dude is familiar with my sharing and incorporating the science of awesome into all my teachings...and so as I assisted and supported my fellow brother from another mother, my fellow brother from another mother was asssiting and supporting me as living to give as giving to live as an equal and one giving and receiving as mutual recognition of the science of awesome.

I told Gordie that I would be writing about the science of awesome tonight and that his assistance and support would be acknowledged as so to be documented as a way for me to express gratitude and gratefullness for the words of support Gordie shared with me today that facilitiated me in self directing the sharing of the science of awesome as a means of practical self support.

The science of awesome is radical in the simplicity in comparison to typical traditional sciences which are indoctrinated within the general education system as part of the systematic brainwashing that occurs as consequence of the awful truth as what we have accepted and allowed throughout time.

Keep it simple stupid!

Believing things cannot be simple in nature is ridiculous.  The only reason why anyone can believe things to be complicated is because of not understanding and therfore complicating a series of simplicities.  Therfore the more series of simplicities that are accepted and allowed to be complicated through creating a resistance as a point of friction/conflict/reaction brings about unfortunate turns as mistakes as consequence of accepting and allowing one self to operate with poor form/technique/direction/clarity/ingenuity which is consequence of over thinking....which is like accepted and allowed witch craft as spells induced upon self as like self hypnosis's that generate/perpetuate/fuel a cast system of polarity frictioned proportions of vulgar abuse appearing under the guise of innocence and self entitlement....which is like a never ending list of reasonings as explanations and jsutifications because the logic is flawed in nature as like originating from a structural design flaw as a discrepancy from the starting point of equality and oneness as Life simplicity as many series of simplicities in agreement sharing the electricity here as our ears to be without fears because no one is talking privately between the ears where the conversation is hidden as like not to be said because the fruit is forbidden as like the golden rule-don't eat from the tree of knowledge or you'll end up conssuming yourself in polarity friction as consequence of disobeying the most basic simplistic instruction which was written as clear structual sound construction not open to interpreation because the point was stright forward as the origins of beginning are simple in nature because we originate from series of simplicities in nature as like simple cities working together as an agreement as a collective harness power/force/movement as an energy that can only be defined as equality and oneness which all Life is always a part of the whole way round....because we are always in turn..and therfore the importancein giving/taking the best turns as the basis of give as you like to receive...and therfore there is no need to believe as like to create a need as a reason to disobey the golden don't eat from the tree of knowledge.........

So, to clarify the above paragraph- Is to see the message explanation example,as, 'keep it simple stupid'....for if you don't...

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