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Monday, 20 January 2014

Day 568 Self-Corrective Investigation

When and as I see the shame that exists within me, I stop and breathe, I direct myself to correct the shameful behaviour as a method of prevention so that I do not accept and allow myself to fall back into a behaviour pattern of shameful acceptances and allowances. I realize and understand that as I effectively face the shame within a point, this seeing the shame is enough for me to want to make sure that I effectively change/correct the point so that I do not disregard what is best for all Life. I commit myself to utilizing the shame within a point to assist and support myself to effectively walk the self-correction/self-commitment.

When and as I see myself taking offense to what I see, I stop and breathe, I face the point within myself. I self-self-reflect. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for separating myself from the point I took offense towards. I realize and understand myself responsibility to investigate all dimensions of my physical being as what I have accepted and allowed. I commit myself to investigating all dimensions of my physicality here.

When and as I see myself harboring a point of blame within myself, I stop and breathe, I investigate the point of blame as the means necessary for self-reflection/self-introspection. I commit myself to let go of every point of blame that exists within myself. I commit myself to prevent a point of blame I see within myself from re-occurring. I commit myself to utilizing my understanding of the absurd ridiculousness of blame as a prevention method to insure that I do not indulge myself within and as point of blame. I commit myself to stop justifying and validating any and all blame.

When and as I see myself getting angry/irritated/frustrated with my acceptance and allowance, I stop and breathe, I realize the shame that exists here and how also this is connected to a point of blame. I see and realize how lame this behaviour is. I direct myself in the moment to walk the self-corrective process so that I immediately stop and prevent any future perpetuation of what is less than what is best for all Life. I commit myself to what is best for all Life.

When and as I see myself creating excuses and limitations upon my physical performance within particular tasks before I even get started within the tasks, I stop and breathe, I realize the absurd ridiculousness of creating a self-imposed wall of limitation for myself. I remove the mental barriers from my mind. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for creating mental barriers/wall of self-imposed limitation. I push myself to movebeyond the wall and dive into my potential that had been initially suppressed. I commit myself to going into and activating my potential. I commit myself to removing self-imposed mental barriers.

When and as I see myself trying to work something out, I stop and breathe, I look at where there is resistance within myself to the particular point, I face the resistance as the decision for the point to exist within resistance, I forgive the resistance, I change my relationship decision to the point in questioning. I make the commitment to work the point out. I realize and understand I am able and capable to work things out. I commit myself to utilizing all resources available to me in being effective and efficient in working things out. I commit myself to be self-responsible within using my resources here in creating solutions/working things out. I commit myself to working points out in ways that are in alignment as what is best for Life.

When and as I see myself placing feelings/emotions on a point as like looking and judging my particular feelings/emotions about the point as to whether or not I will participate, I stop and breathe, I investigate the nature of my relationship to the point in question. I look to see whether I am creating a distraction for myself as a positive energy feeling or if I am trying to avoid a point of self-support with negative energetic resistance towards participation within the particular point. Based upon the particular energetic nature of the relationship, I push through the resistance and actively participate within the point or stop participation within the point. I use the starting point principle of Equality and Oneness as what is best for all Life so that I am practically able to live prevention as the best cure and within this frame work insure that I care/assist/support Life.

I commit myself to the caring assistance and support that is best for all Life.

I commit myself to making decisions from the starting point of care/assistance/support as what is best for All Life.

I commit myself to stand within the decision of what is best for All Life Here.

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