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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Day 566 Anyone Here?

I've been looking at the point of self-investigation of self-interest. And the question comes up, "what is Self?" It's interesting to question "Self" because within doing so, We see what is reflected/revealed here as our Character/Persona/Identity/Being. I've also looked at the point of self-interest from the perspective of Self separate from everything else here and self-interest being the interest of an individual being here without any particular regard for the other individual being's here. It's interesting to see such a shameful acceptance and allowance. A question that comes up within myself is,"Shouldn't self-interest be the same interest as the collective interest...Like, myself interest is what is best for all Life here because I am in this one Life here? How is it that there can be a difference of opinions within self-interest? I mean really were all in this Life together and Lifesustainability is and as a result of Life dependency, interdependency, and independence. Like, One cannot exist without the other One.

What's interesting to see here is that Self is in fact Life. Within looking at this point the question comes up, What is Life Interest...or more specifically what is the best interests of all Life here?

Obviously Life sustainability is the best interest. Life assistance and support.

So if you dare to regard yourself as Life there is a point of self-responsibility and self accountability, which can also be articulated as Life-responsibility and Life-accountability.

Obviously there is much work to be done within our own personal life in equalizing our-self...our-life here...because really we've been conditioned to exist as less than Life here. Because if you look at the nature of what is collectively accepted and allowed within our shared Life/reality here, there is in fact no regard/value for Life here.

Obviously this is a massive problem for Life here.

I implore You to Life-Investigate Your Life Here and see that it is each individuals Life-responsibility to facilitate solutions as assistance and support that is best for Life Here.

What is the point of being here if you do not regard and value all Life here equally?

If you are stuck within the point of self-interest where you disregard all Life in favor of the pursuit of your preferred means and methods of stimulation, Your part of the problem that requires Self-Correction.

If You are serious about taking individual responsibility and accountability for All Life Here, I implore You to investigate the Desteni I Process.

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