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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Day 560 How to Investigate!



If you look at the word investigate within the word you can see the expression of support in assisting you to understand how to Investigate.

Start by looking at all the ways in which you can see words within the word investigate. Investigate the sounding of the word Investigate.

What do you see within your investigation of the word investigate. Look at what You see. Examine what you see. Investigate what you see. How do you investigate what your investigating. Investigating an investigation?

In my next blog post I will continue within the sharing of the word discoveries within investigate and the insight and practical living support that can be garnered from realizing and understanding what is always here within and as the living word investigate.

When investigating it is important to not judge the investigation because this is compromising to the investigation. There is a tendency to define the investigation before the investigation has been totally examined. This type of behaviour is quite peculiar when you consider trying to summarize history without investigating all the events of history. Obviously there is going to be gaps and holes in the story.

So remember, when investigating, realize, it is all about the questions...because it is with our questions that we are able to take steps within the investigation as the communication that produces the solution and answers to the problem that originated within our question(s). Interesting how our ability to investigate effectively is hindered when you judge our potential questions before continuing our investigation in asking our questions without hesitation as the practical living means necessary to effectively and efficiently gather the evidence.

I implore  that you question the word 'Investigate' and see and realize what type of investment opportunity exists within and as our ability to Investigate.


If you investigate all things, Is it not obvious that You will Keep what is good and Discard the rest? Is this not how one check's their email?

Do You See and Realize How Our Reality Here is a Self-Reflection of and as Our Ability to Investigate?

To Be Continued

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