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Saturday, 25 January 2014

572 Self-Interest Corrective Alignment

When and as I see myself resisting to question myself-interests, I stop and breathe, I question myself-interests, I realize the fact that there is insight to be garnered within questioning myself-interests here. I realize and understand why a hesitance as a form of resistance exists with specific regards to questioning myself-interests...because if I in fact question myself-interests here, I will in fact open up the opportunity for myself to see my conditioned programmed reality as how I have self-defined myself here. I realize and understand within daring to look at my acceptances and allowances here, the opportunity exists for me to take self-responsibility for my acceptances and allowances by removing all acceptances and allowances that are not totally awesome. I realize and understand my the pre-programmed nature of my mind/ego is to self-destruct my physicality...and therefore the point of revenge of the ego exists within my base programming as like a self-automated defense mechanisms to impulse/stimulate me within my mind to resist going there within my mind to actually see what it is I am perpetuating within myself that is totally and completely ridiculously absurd. I realize and understand how the nature of my mind consciousness system is to be motivated and moved by stimulation/fear/energy as like a particular buzz/shock/stress/strain induced upon my like a cracking the whip upon myself as like a mind/body master/slave relationship. I realize and understand my self-commitment in equalizing my mind/body relationship here. I realize and understand the absurd ridiculousness of existing within a master/slave relationship as the mind to the body. I commit myself to stopping the inequality within and as my mind/bodyrelationship here. I commit myself to asking myself the difficult questions that directly challenge my programmed conditioned nature. I commit myself to utilizing resistance as an indicator to see where I am required to investigate/explore more.

When and as I see myself trying to over simplify the intricate complexity of my mind, I stop and breathe, I face the intricate complexity of my mind by utilizing the process of simplicity by working/looking at one point at atime and within this accumulating the points as like doing the basic mathematical accounting in counting each point and seeing the various connections that are formed and related as a result of the plethora of acceptances and allowances within myself. I realize and understand the practicality in keeping things simplistic within working with information by having a basic structured approach/methodology as how to systematically walk/work through point one by one until I am done. I commit myself to a basic simplistic approach/methodology in walking/working through my mind of acceptances and allowances one by one until I am done. I commit myself to stop trying to over simplify things as like a point of trying to create a shortcut within and as the desire to avoid/fear doing the labor within totally understanding the intricate complexity of my mind. I commit myself to practical living basic simplicity within as myself expression here. I commit myself to simplicity in design. I commit myself to Life simplicity.

When and as I see myself desiring/seeking out stimulation/entertainment/distraction, I stop and breathe, I question why I am looking to be stimulated/entertained/distracted, I investigate the full extent of my question, I look to see what I am resisting, I face my accepted and allowed resistance, I make the decision to no longer accept and allow the point of resistance within myself, I realize and understand myself responsibility as self-directive decision maker here, I realize and understand the point of self-determination/self-will within and as the self-responsibility and self-accountability of practically living self-directive decision making here. I commit myself to the self-responsibility and self-accountability within and as the practical living self-directive decision making process here. I realize and understand my self-governance as the law/rules of my being here is stemmed and rooted in my effective efficiency and ability to practically live self-directive decisions. I commit myself to practically living self-directive decisions that are in alignment with and as the principle of equality and oneness as what is best for all Life here. I realize and understand that what is best for all Life here starts with what is best for myself here. I realize and understand my decision to align myself as what is best for all Life here. I commit myself to becoming what is best for all Life here. I commit myself to giving myself what I would like to receive. 

When and as I see myself fearing to let go of my impulsed desires, I stop and breathe, I realize and understand the principle of what is best for all Life takes precedent over my impulsed desires, I realize and understand I have made the decision to give myself the best Life support and assistance and that this is a labor intensive self-directive decision that requires relentless continuous constant and consistent participation as my self-disciplined routine of the simplicity of one breath at a time. I commit myself to stepping out of mind reliance mental reality and into practical living physical reality participation. I commit myself to establishing a practical living self-disciplined creative structural approach for the birthing process of myself here as Life.

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