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Friday, 31 January 2014

Day 578 Journey out of the Illusion and into Life

Journey out of the illusion and into Life

Rap Flow Freestyle Harmony

It so funny how one point of misdirection can forever fuck with us as like by just missing that one thing…the course is totally a discourse…as like we were off the track and therefore become our own study as a self-investigation as we become the course of study into and as our self-discourse here as we see the mistake(s) we have made. And isn't it interesting that within every we mistake we see, realize and understand….an opportunity/answer/solutions presents itself…as what has always been here but was hidden from view…yet not really because the point was always in plain sight…though the mystery of grandeur as like the great conspiracy as to see why and how it is so…is like the ultimate distraction in the search to discover why we are so the way we are. Isn't it fascinating that when we are looking for something we are sure to uncover something in our search for something…Though what I've come to see and realize is that to have any expectation as what the discovery will be as like a great hypothesis as the primary suspect of distraction/illusion being created as the just guess/guest within and as our inherent need to serve our selves justice….but isn't it funny that it is within our hunches as our guesses/assumption/and perceptions and perspectives that we miss the big picture, the grand illusion because we've always been playing a smaller scale game within the box of the grand hypnosis and illusion that was make/made to believe as our self-fulfilling prophecy. Isn't it interesting that generally speaking we are as the human species, are not very specific as to our self-fulfilling prophecy and within this discord and great disregard for the marvel of ourselves here as the great creators. we are in fact disenfranchised within and as our personal business not realizing and understanding our universal and interpersonal business because were stuck in the context of the spell we created as our spelling it so as the law of our being in and as the impressions we formed since our very first contact here. The maze if you will as we participated in our first zing….a shock if you will as isn't Life shockingly amazing and profound….a trip if you will…as the will is certain in and as the tree of Life…as the growth being a point of self-determination in and as the self-responsibility in and as our duty to express our self unconditionally here as our best sharing/showing/performance…though what is keeping us within a limited frame of conditions…as like being unconditionally conditional….predictable if you will…as like the stock of our initial investments…in and as our commitment to the fear of loss we believe is the ultimate derivative stock that continuously and consecutively derives the most profit…as yes…the game is rigged and we are the magnificent magicians that have rigged the chess board…each player being a point and a specific role in the game we play together yet not sure what side of the board we are on…and who the real king of the game is…though it is all here and there is no greater or lesser player….but there is and always is as long as there is a conflict at play…and the game we tend to play is within conflict….what a strange thing…as we try to steal better and better…and the ultimate and grand better….stealing another’s winning to create a loss and grow a win constantly and consecutively this strange interplay…but why this funny and distorted balanced erosion as this sure continuous dissolvement….but hmm….really….the cycle…that cycles so….within the fabric of cycles and patterns…all within and as part of a grand pattern of interconnectedness…the independent, dependent and interdependent…together apart and reliant….where am I going…how do I get there…as the cross of here…as the road the journey begins and ends at the same place…into and out as the in and the outcome together…as like there’s no clear point when it’s all merged together as it’s all relative…yet definitely specific and exact…and immaculate perfection in the intricacy of the matrices of and as our mathematical certainty…yet we are the anomaly none the less…so what is certain is that we can never be certain…accept when and after we expose the fraudulent deception of the uncertainty predictability variable as the what the….question/answer/solution…specific….creation…momentary interplanetary here….how could we ever be anywhere else but here….but how we define here and how we see here is in the eye of the beholder…and isn't it interesting the words we use to describe and create because how we create is and as our individual favoured/flavoured self-expression as our personal dance and we make our dance interpersonal as we do it together…and all the while being independent in our moves yet dependent upon the synchronized harmony of the give and receive relationships…as the profound awesomeness is entirely within and as to our committed agreement to our self here…as each here…one and other… each one here all accounted in the counting the math that we move as One in the greatest dance of all time…as like the timeless time because time just becomes a system of how we move within our space…as like the nature and the flow of our song of progression and  the music continues…and it’s funny because it’s all ways our move,,,and to not consider the potential consequence of our move…within and as fearfully moving we created the paranoid box thinking mentality…that has us shuffle side stepping our turns as like yearning for more…yet faking it the whole way because the commitment of our every turn and move has lacked authenticity because there was always that shade of doubt within the question the answer and the solution as who am I and what am I to do here…hear….hearing….court hearing…the nature of law…as our grand master judgement…it is written so as we so it so…and we are the rulers of our here togetherness…whether I wrote it or you wrote…it…the I in the You…how do we do…because the You and I are forever bound….because the you is me and the me is you….so why do we need to refer to the I …if all is I…and yes…were are all realized as the all seeing eye…here as our mind…is the nature of our programming and the law into and the nature of the programming is extensive,., yet very meticulously specific in as being precisely what it is because of the sequence of events as the musical notes of intent that shaped and determined…predetermined the events of our history and future to unfold until we stopped the story…and started to take self-responsibility for our self-created moral allegory…which is our amazing disgrace as our fall from grace on the trip we call life…not realizing and understanding how we been constantly falling…as the fall of mankind…though the funny thing is that getting up is just a move away…and we have the will to move ourselves into and as the standing players on the chess board to determine the makeup of the game…and it’s not to say those who are standing cannot change the nature and the rules of the game….because to get up together as one…as individually standing all together here is the power of oneness and equality…as to have the ability and capability to direct the weather…as to weather the storm of consciousness in specific ways…as to direct the positions and plays that be, to be the best case for all life…as like moving out of the matrix illusion of choice…and into the rhythmic harmony dance of Life…here here…as our sound unbound here. Hear hear.

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