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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Day 561 'Investigate'

 So I started to look at the word plays that exist within the word 'investigate'. I didn't have any real expectations about how many words I would find. As I started to investigate the word investigate, I was surprised that I continuously was seeing more and more word plays. I've played with words before and and many times there has not been so many words continuously being visible to me. Somewhat ironic that there is so many words to investigate that exist within playing with the letter makeup of 'investigate'. This really does exemplify the point of doing a thorough investigation. I mean like it's an ongoing thing in a way that is continuously monitored/surveillanced until there is certainty on the point...and even then when everything is believed to be known about the's possible that new evidence can it was there the whole time...but it went undetected as it was not seen or realized...which poses the question, if we only know what we know...and we realize we only know what we know...what if we didn't know that we ever knew anything...and in a way if nobody knows anything than..well that's a serious like what the fuck situation...because 'know' is to realize and understand what it means to be a wonk...which is someone who is studious and hard working and takes an excessive interest in the minor details of political policy. What I am showing here is that to investigate a person is accumulating the knowledge that is here to know...and the knowledge is always's within the accumulation and how we can effectively put the accumulation of fact into application that are best for all Life. Like the fact of the matters here on planet earth for example reflect that there is a serious lack of wonk going on because each person here reflects the representation of our political process as how we have politicized our self suppression as all life here...due to our lack of investigation....which has resulted from our inability to really look and question what is existing here and ask questions within looking at what is here. It is really quite simple when you consider that all that is required for our world to be effectively ordered/organized in ways that are best for everyone here would be to actually look and see everything here...and make the best placement assessments as how we can best support everything here. This can obviously be done through asking lots of questions about things.

it's interesting how the little things make all the difference. Like for instance I re-read my previous blog post before writing this one...and I re-read the blog immediately after I had wrote out a whole bunch of word plays for the word 'investigate'. What I am illustrating here is that upon re-reading my previous blog, I made a few minor spelling and grammar adjustment and the way the blog reads is now opening up more dimensions to see. What's interesting about this is that the adjustments were relatively minor as there was a couple of word adjustments...and some punctuation changes. Though everything that is quite minor is really also quite major from the perspective of oneness and equality and the fact that each part is a contributing part to the whole...and within this, the understanding exists here that every role played here is one and equal in being a role played here.Polarity can be quite the mind fuck when trying to get to clarity on like deciphering sides...though it's kind of funny to look at deciphering sides...because if you rub away both sides...what are you left with?...Nothing...what's in the middle/inside of 2 sides...well when the sides are gone there is nothing left in the inside because the siding is gone and now all is in the like the inside and the outside become like the walls of division become removed and we are able to see and realize our own opposition...and when there is no more barriers/gates blocking out our opposition...all of a sudden there is no more polarity war of conflict friction as like all the rubbing has been rubbed like no more need to mental masturbate...

Investigate what is here and see clear.

Much to investigate here...

This blog on my process of the word "investigate continues"

I Implore You to Investigate!

Investigate…invest ate, gate, stage, tag, saint, stage, sin, given, gave, gives, invite, state, sign, gist, it, vine, vines, tin, ten, nest, neat, eat, eaten, eats, seven, testing, gain, vestige, ive, in, at, taste, gates, vest, I, naive, nave, save, saving, age, see, sea, seen, tit, tits, is, sing, vein, veins, seat, stat, get, gets, gin, invitee, teen, teens, ages, taint, taints, tan, sage, vane, vast, vie, ignite, ingest, gene, eave, eve, eves, titan, titans, tease, teasing, vegan, teat, neatest, vegans, seeing, 

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