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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 381 "If you have Nothing Nice to Say...than..."

Day 381 "If you have Nothing Nice to Say...than..."

"If You have Nothing Nice to Say, than You shouldn't Say Anything"

Within this above statement I am relating it to the point of alcohol and specifically looking at my interpretation of "Nice"

I see drinking alcohol as stupid...specifically with the intent of getting drunk...I have resisted telling people what I think about alcohol as a means of protecting and avoiding confrontation...and also within the thinking that it isn't nice to say things to people that may offend their character as like causing them to question their like exposing a point of weakness.

I see that often when I have exposed a point of weakness within another that they get very defensive...and I understand why as like I realise that exposing a point of weakness is a point of vulnerability where there is like nowhere to hide within the point that is being looked at...and it's the brutal truth so to speak...and therefore defense is justified as defence mechanism protection shield as like a way to support the maintenance of existing within and as such a character flaw. I know this because I have been an expert defense man as like able to manipulate and contort any situation as like a way of shielding myself from the brutal cold hard truth.

So, I realise and understand that from the perspective of ego as like being an ego, I didn't like being challenged...because there would be a point of friction/confrontation and I would be forced to see acceptance and like I am being faced in the moment with a point to look at and consider...and it's like I have nowhere to hide and the point is required to be accounted for head on so. to speak as like embracing the point within self honesty...or try to go into hiding as self dishonesty and humiliating myself within being stupid.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not liking the experience of being faced with my accepted and allowed stupidity as like self dishonesty that requires re-alignment as self correction as a means to purifying the law of my being here from and as the starting point of equality and oneness.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for compromising and sabotaging my relationships with all human beings from within and as the point of the nice guy construct as like resisting in many moments to speaking the brutal cold hard truth of the matter as like being blunt about point with no remorse or hard feelings as like having the courage and self honesty within myself to talk straight up so to speak as like speaking with the highest regard for Life as like willing to say whatever the truth may be as like having no fear of how another will handle the truth.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself ingraining the statement you can't handle the truth and within that sugar coating the truth to only look to speak truths that are seemingly judged within the polarity of nice as like a positive energetic charge.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not considering both the positive and the negative of any point as like realising both sides to the same like removing the slant of a jaded perspective by playing sides as like choosing to accept and allow opposition as like polarity friction and conflict within myself for not considering both sides within all points as like recognising and placing myself as the point of equality and oneness where I am able to stand within and as the whole point as like to realise the good and the bad and not get caught up in polarity wars as like possessed within the polarity energies of highs and lows as like the different energy frequencies of the positive and the negative.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding why people have sometimes been frustrated with me within going into a point of discussion where they say I'm like going in circle because I was saying this and then I was saying this as like agreeing with both points of view as like yes I see that side of the coin and Yes I also see the other side of the coin and not choosing to represent one side of the coin more than the other side of the coin...but like standing as the coin within and as a whole point...and within this enforcing mutual understanding as like a forced agreement in a way because I am showing you that I play with both hands whether or not you prefer the right or the left...and within this it's like I'm disengaging a point of conflict...but at the same time triggering a point of conflict that exists within an individual because it's like to agree with me you have to see the whole coin as like both sides...and within a being has to acknowledge that they didn't see the whole picture within a point...and so it's easy from an ego perspective to go into defense mechanisms as a means of ego self preservation to project frustration and irritation towards me as like just being total non sense as like the justified means to disregarding common sense.  The irony within this all is that point is always a self reflection and very revealing of the nature of one's acceptances and allowances and so all is revealed so to speak as like the sounds of what we say tell the tales our inner turmoil.

So really, to be really nice is to realise the awesomeness of the truth as like a real gift that enables self expansion as like a point of assistance and support and thus to always handle the truth with care by being blunt about the truth and not treating the truth like it is fragile by not realising and understand how fragile we have become as like being shattered by the truth as like humpty dumpty needing to get pieced back together when the veils of character flaws are revealed and the opportunities arrive to piece oneself back together as like new information as a character that is great without flaws...and within this...knowing that if a flaw is revealed within our character creation...that is cool as like a point of support is here being shared and an opportunity present for a present in becoming better/more great as a result of eating the humble pie...and realising that the humble pie is always bitter sweet because the truth isnt sugar coated...because if it is...than its something else trying to be the truth as like a poser mockery of true justice support as like just the ice is needed within the cold hard truth as like warming up the truth melts the solid substance of justice best served cold....because the more you heat up the truth as like making it hot to handle the more it evaporates and just kind of disappears as like no longer being clear to see as like crystal clear ice structures as like the water informed here to tell you it's cool if you just embrace the truth and handle it....because it actually is quite awesome to know and handle and utilise the truth with care as like knowledge and information that can be put into practical application as a means of self movement direction as like a self expression enhancer/enabler as like the holy shit of becoming becoming a care taker because of the fact that you gotta take care of yourself within handling the truth to be a care take and it's all in our reflection as like how we utilise our reflection here as like the fire and ice of life as sound water support.

to be continued

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