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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 388 Beginning of Shared Living Word Agreement

Day 388 Beginning of Shared Living Word Agreement

Note: We started making a list of words as our agreement contract as like how we are to build our sharing of time together as I have come to realise and understand words to be the building blocks of physical creation. Here is the first seven words we made into our Agreement Contract.


1.       BRUTAL: Raw Truth…however the truth may be perceived…because it is important to express the truth to each other no matter what.

2.       HONEST: Speak your mind… No holding back.

3.       GREAT: Total Satisfaction

4.       PATIENCE: There is no Race.

5.       INITIMACY: In to me I see...I see you as I see me…all is a self-reflection…mirror mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all…LOL…Intimacy equals self-reflection.

6.       TOUCH: Physical expression of each other.

7.       BLUNT:  Bold in what you say as like straight-up Directness…To the Point….No bullshitting around getting to the point.

 Note: This is just the very beginning of our word sharing creation agreement....and we went back and forth with the introduction of words.  Also it's been some days now since the beginning words were planted within us and I can already see the growing support I've garnered from structuring living words within myself as a point of assistance and support as a framework giving hold to the positioning of ourselves together Here.

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