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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Day 385 Wishing the Day Away

Day 385 Wishing the Day Away


Making the work day seems like a hardship, battle, struggle, grind as like just hanging in there till it’s over and then being glad it’s over as like having said many times, “the end of the day is my favourite time of the day…because the work from the day is over”

I see myself as having less than a perfect relationship towards working through the day…as like I know I got work to do and I’m committed to doing my work…but it’s like a grind…like I’m just putting in time because I have to as like I’m holding myself back from giving myself ultimate satisfaction within every working moment.


I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for polarizing time throughout the day as like defining the end of the work day as my favourite time of the day…and within this I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having limited myself satisfaction and self-enjoyment within and as every physical breath participation here. I realise and understand the importance of not limiting significance and magnificence of every physical breath I have as like I see and realize and understand the absurd ridiculousness of polarizing my time within playing favourites as like my most preferred time of the day as like creating a spectrum of polarity energy within myself and toward the time throughout the day as like I see and realise that creating fluctuating values of like and dislike of time is a self-imposed way to limit self-satisfaction within receiving the present gift of the current moment here in which I participate.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for suppressing the point of playing with my work as like combining my work and play as like enabling tremendous satisfaction from moment to moment throughout the day

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for wishing the day away because I have work to do and just wanting the work to be over and done with and seeing the work as something that I would not really like to do…but would like the money for doing so just wanting it to be done and over with. I realise and understand that within participating here there is tremendous opportunity for self-expansion and self-discovery and not one single moment should  be disregarded here because I appreciate physicality and I am grateful for the opportunity and gift to be a physical being here.

When and as I see myself just wanting the day to be over and done with…I stop and breathe and within doing this I release any disease as like limitations as restraints put on the day through definitions/judgments/perception/feelings/emotions/thinking spiraling from a single thought because I realise and understand that each day is a new day full of new opportunities and potential as like each breath is a present and a gift that is the focal point in practical living in the moment as like a being who has tremendous satisfaction and self-fulfillment within participating within the moment as like I realise and understand that I determine and create the actions of my participation's from moment to moment….and I realise the fun within and as self-directive principle of what is best for Life is best for me because I am a part of Life that contribute to the whole of Life here and therefore it is my duty as self-responsibility to make the best use of my time/moments.


Awesome fun fulfillment and satisfaction as like a working player here and a playing worker here…as like enjoying the fruits labored self movement.

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