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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Day 397 I am Magnificent

Day 397 I am Magnificent

Just listened to “I am Magnificent part 1…reptilian series205”. Someone gifted me the recording from Eqafe. I am grateful for the gifting.

Point of focus for me to take from the interview is learning from everyone/everything…like really push my interactions…like self reflection is everywhere…isolating oneself limits the ability for effective self reflection…as like it’s in the mirrors in seeing and interacting with others that we see the truth/nature of our acceptances and allowances. It can be easier to hide our truth/nature within and as the point of isolation…as like we can get caught within our own logical imagination as a form of self induced manipulation…as like righteously existing in separation of the point of equality and oneness as all here of the same image and likeness substance.

Always learning within the point of self reflection…the significance of learning something is that the totality of a point always within and without…as like it’s just a matter of here.

Realizing self righteousness as personality mindfuck.

Realizing the fun within learning from everyone

Realizing the dissatisfaction within resisting to learn

Realizing the point of support within human interaction as like mirrors sharing.

Realizing how I had gotten into a pattern and habit of isolating myself…like avoiding group discussions/interactions…accepted and allowed a preference for alone time/isolation…I Recall thinking and saying that favourite time to smoke weed was by myself…I got to a point where I was smoking all the time…within considering that if I could do whatever whenever…than I have accepted and allowed a preference to be alone…by myself.

Both is good…important not to create comparison competition polarity judgments between group interactions and private alone time. Both points equally important////equal importance is a cool expression and is the key within being able to learn from others///

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