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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Day 327 Word News

Today I talked to My Boss about the Equal Money System and the point of blogging about the Equal Money System.
My Boss said to Me, “there’s got to be a re-distribution of wealth”

Today I talked to my friend/roommate/co-worker about Equal Money System, Desteni I Process, hydrogen Peroxide, Oxygen, Weather, energy, Movies, Electronic Cigarettes, Health Canada, FDA, Guatonoma Bay, Skiing, Snowboarding, Reflexology, Work, Doctors, Janitors, Value, Resources, India,  Science, responsibility, contentment, happiness, brainwashing, ideas, economics, cycles of time, aging, oxygen therapy,

I’m seeing Hear/Hear in writing how and who…I mean wow is me in and as words as one word encompasses so much…like these words I listed above are just some of the topics of discussion and to describe the specifics of each topic of discussion is words…as living words Here/Hear.

Words are alive…a Life…all I’ve.

My Big Realisation today is in how I communicate myself within and as words.  To communicate effectively requires patience. Patience to listen and to Hear. I noticed I am required to Listen to whoever is talking…this is Key. This includes, my mind talking…as like for example: A being is sharing words with me…communicating about a particular topic…and I have a reaction within myself…as like my mind just talks…seeming out of nowhere…as like a response/reaction to the words within the topic the being is communicating about. What I noticed within this…is that it is not really valid…to hold onto and give attention to the words that come up within me while another being is talking…or like to play out reaction as like enacting a train of thought and steering conversation based on my thinking/feeling….I mean it’s possible to go that route…but what I found is that doing so leads to friction as like exchanging energetic charges within communication as like the starting point of speech was based in and as a point of reaction…as like a feeling/emotion/thought….as like an urge/buzz…like a push or a pull to move as this push or pull.

I noticed discussion as an exchange of support  is much more available when the patience exists to listening and remaining still within oneself when a reaction surfaces in the mind as like to just not got there…but remaining focused on listening to the being communicate and realise that an opportunity exists to share words when the Being stops talking and looks to You/Me for feedback as words of assistance/support as like the nature of a “Giving as You Would Like to Receive”

When explanations are simple, understanding is simple. Life simplicity is cool. When Explanations are complex, understanding is complex. 

I tree planted today for the first time this year.

My shoulders are throbbing in pain…..the left one more than the right….connected into the shoulder blade…connected into my arm…it’s like real intense…it’s like my body is in the beginning stages of going through a metamorphosis.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for taking words for granted.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding the vastness of words as like all the dimensions of a word that shape physical reality.

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