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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Day 352 Ground Hog Day

Day 352 Ground Hog Day

I just watched the movie Ground Hog Day…and within the movie the main character keeps repeating ground hog day…and within this he goes through many different experiences of emotions and feelings…to eventually getting to a point where he lives the day to the fullest…as like he moves beyond his egocentric nature of emotional wallowing and thirsting for feelings/experiences of self-indulgence desires…and within this becomes the epitome of a great guy…as like a being who cares about himself and others as himself.
Within watching this movie, the point is highlighted of always giving/doing my best within all that I participate…as like no holding back…really giving as I would like to receive.

Also, the point about not cycling within memories of the past as like carrying burdens from previous days into the new day because when tomorrow gets here it’s today…and in a way it’s always today here and the point remains the same as equality and oneness as like what is best for is best for all…like the point of realising/knowing who I am within everything that I do…as like commitment to operating as the best…as like a commitment to utilizing my full potential here…as like seeing the full potential of everything…as like being a young child in a way…as like a point of innocence and sincerity.

Also, the point came up within me about how money has influenced my day as like being more happy when I make more money/and less happy when I make less money…as like a constant comparison against myself within past memories/days.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to carry the past around with me in energetically charged memories as positive or negative energies.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding how my present days have been influenced and compromised by my past days as consequence of allowing myself to indulge within reactions as like being triggered by points/memories that were created in previous days…and giving attention to the memory reactions in present days as like being possessed within points of feelings/emotions as like consuming myself within though/backchat about particular points that have already happened.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding how ridiculous it is to ignore the present of today within focusing on the past as like wallowing within emotions about past happenings…and like creating new feelings about past happenings as like a way to entertain myself within my mind as like watching a broadcast as like a running commentary within myself that is based on the data mining of my previous impressions that I have made as like how I stored and valued/defined energetic charges upon memories…as like how I accepted and allowed myself to imprint information within myself as like how I codified my mind consciousness system.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for neglecting the diligence required in living self-forgiveness as the necessary tool to release myself from slavery so to speak…as like my own imprisonment…as like how I codified myself within my own enslavement based on all the memory impressions that exist within me as feelings/emotions…as I realise and understand how the  process works of releasing energetic charges within myself as I create energetic charges within myself…as like it’s an on-going process because there’s so many memories existent within myself…and therefore it is to utilize all moments of reactions as liker recognizing the trigger points…as like what caused the outflow of reaction within myself…and I utilize the trigger point by going into self-forgiveness on this point…and specifically do a mind construct on the point as has been explained to me within SRA 2….structural resonance alignment training…as I've come to realise the extensiveness of one thought…one reaction…one trigger…as like being a network of points within the point.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding how I can be utilising my every day practical living as like being a detective in bringing forth solutions as like self correcting points that come up within myself by identifying all points that trigger myself within a day…as like I realise that by looking at the trigger points that come up within myself I can see the self-corrections…as like within looking at a point...I am easily able to see the absurd ridiculousness of my reactions as like emotions/feelings.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for having resisted having fun consistently daily being a detective on the case of who and how I am as like enjoyment of the process of self-perfection…as like really knowing myself in all ways.

When and as I see myself wallowing within emotion, I stop and breathe…I check myself before I wreck myself as like I realise the absurd ridiculousness of wallowing within emotions.

When and as I see myself charging myself up with positive feeling as like thinking about desires…I stop and breathe and realise that I am here and that I do not require to charge myself up with feelings…as that is like charging interest against myself as like a form of debt I am in service to…as I realise and understand how emotions and feelings work as like being full circle as like an up and down balance as like I understand and realise how the positive feelings are created from the negative emotions…and I realise and understand myself responsibility in stopping as like saying “till here no further do I accept and allow myself to desire to feel a positive high…as I realise the desire for the high comes from wanting to get off the low…within this I ground myself here as me here walking process as commitment to becoming/understanding myself as Life in all ways as like unifying within and as the starting point of creating as Equality and Oneness.

I commit myself to the unification of Equality and Oneness as my image and likeness in every Here moment as who and how and why I am.

I commit myself to the unification of man as Equality and Oneness as like understanding Here

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