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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Day 168 Greed Character Part 14

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding the greed dynamic of judgement as accepting and allowing judgement is to hold onto weight as like pressure/strain within the body as like not wanting to let go of self induced friction/strain as like creating a blockade within self from seeing the actuality of self because of holding onto accepted and allowed judgement which disorts vision as consequence of feeling/emotions being attached to judgement which act as weight as like a tie down as an experience within the body of self suppression as like it being difficult to carry self with ease as being light on the feet.

I forgive myself for not realising how I've been a greedy charcater by feeling justified within my judgements because of the feeling attached to my judgements and me believing so strongly within my judgements as to get possessed by self defined emotion/feeling as judgement.

I forgive myself for not realising and and understanding that untill I direct myself in releasing all judgement I'm suffering the consequences as like a heaviness within myself.

I realise letting go of all aspects of greed/self righteousness within myself releases me from energetic restraints as emotion and or feelings as pressure buildup within myself as consequence of not participating here as presents of breath.

I realise when I let go of judgement/greed life is but a breeze as like weightlessness as like nothing having access to everything as like everything being possible from nothing as like with breath to move from nothingness to everything as an agreed give and take relationship.

I realise equality and oneness stems from self directed participation as breath and that greed compromises an equal and one relationship as breath as like creating a heavineness within the body as consequence of refusing to let go of the wieght of judgement as self induced perception as polarity frictioned energies which create/cause strain on body.

I forgive myself for not realising and understanding the equality and oneness within defense and offense from the perspective that when I do not accept and allow greed within myself,,,conflcict cannot exist because there is no discrepancy within offense and defense and therefore communication stems from an equal and one starting point of paticipating here as Life as assistance and support free from the greedy self inflicting internal mental war of self righteous justified judgements of offense and defense as consequence of accepting and allowing discrepancies which perpetuates war/abuse as like trying to achieve stability through the starting point of  and as a greedy/self righteousness.

When and as I see myself accepting and allowing myself to form judgements and create beliefs within myself as consequence of holding onto judgement as feeling/emotion...I stop and I realise how greedy it is for me to hold onto energy withing myself as like a weight that is weigting on me as like strain and stress on my physical body as consequence of accepting and allowing greed and therfore fear of loss.

I commit myself to moment to moment particpation here as self awareness as the realisation I  particpate within breath and I get what I give and therfore I got it because I give it and so I always got it to give because I get it because I all ready got it as I've always been it.

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