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Friday, 9 November 2012

Day 160 Greed Character Part 6

So today I was looking at the word "agreed" and how the word "greed" is within "agreed". And looking at the word "agreement" I see that agreement results from having 'agreed' on a point as like coming to an understanding as like seeing the whole picture as like there being no separation/dissonance as to have 'agreed' represents greed as a singularity as like sharing the like both being a part of the same singularity and therefore there is no "disagreement" because neither part is in division from the singularity as the starting like your life and my life is essentially our life like there is only 1 Life here...nobody has more than 1 life here...and therefore each being is a part and makes up this 1 whole life here.

So, Disagreement results from and as separation as like dissing the agreement of like individual separate like mine is separate from yours...and disregarding the whole picture as like the big picture as all Life here make up the totality of Life here as this one Lifetime.

Definition of greed: an intense/excessive desire to possess far more than what is needed.

Greed is like over consumption....and over consumption perpetuates over production as like an excess of work being done to maintain consumer demand for over consumption....and it's really quite ridiculous because it like everybody fearing not to have the best everybody disregards everybody else and focus's on personal greed as like not to consider a collective agreement that would benefit everyone as like the best case scenario...and so what happens is a worst case scenario as consequence of neglect and selfishness as greed as like not considering each being here.

Also, with regards to greed exisiting as over consumotion and bringing the starting point of consideration to within myself here as physicality and looking at greed as a derivative of fear...and seeing that an over production of fear as energy within the body is like stress/strain because it is too much as consequence of excess which is waste....which therfeore explains the situation of the earth and all inhabitants as like time existing here as like an excessive like consequence...compressed and accumulating consequence which is resulting in total destruction.

Pain for like a high at the expense/consequence of a low...being super wealthy at the expense consequence of others being super poor.

Having a look at our systematic creation here it is easy to see that we are acting out a design of consequence as greed as system shut down

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