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Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Day 480 Exploiting and Manipulating the System

I've looked at law from the perspective of trying to figure out how I can exploit and manipulate the legal system. My justification has been that the legal system is totally fucked up, so if I can manipulate and exploit this totally fucked up legal system for my own personal benefit, I might as well do so.

I've come to realize a few things from having accepted and allowed such a starting point within myself:

1) I was disregarding my own inherent fuckedness within the legal system. I was not at all placing myself as one and equal with the legal system.  I was not seeing the legal system as myself and as a reflection of humanity as a whole.

2) I was placing myself as superior to the legal system, as like more clever, and therefor because of my superiority and cleverness, I deemed myself to be entitled to fucking with that which I deemed fucked because within my heir of self-righteous appointment, I'm looking to benefit and protect myself, as the expense of beating in this particular thinking was that I can beat the legal system of enslavement....note the punny pun here....."beating" the legal kicking the legal systems ass....making the legal system my bitch....I mean what makes me so entitled to be a nasty fucker....when it is in fact this nastiness that I do not like in the first place.

3) I was perpetuating the existence of myself within the veils of self-righteousness that were in fact blinding me from seeing the actual laws of my being.  What is ironic about this is that the legal system reflected pure abuse to me, yet I didn't see the enslavement existing within myself. I didn't dare to consider the extent of self-reflection/self-investigation required to see how lame I was being within and as like all sorts of degrees of for example....seeing corporations and money to blame, and international bankers, and government, and everyone else who knew or didn't know about the extensive fuckedness of the legal system.

4)  I didn't realize and understand myself as a tyrant.

5) I was looking to leverage the current system...I figured if I could understand the complicated intricacies of the legal system than I could profit from knowing how to exploit and manipulate the current systems for my individual monetary benefit...and that I could show others how I had been prosperous in exploiting and manipulating the current systems....and then I could talk about creating a new system that would be to everybody's benefit.

6) I didn't consider the consequences of deliberately exploiting and manipulating the current systems for believed individual prosperity and liberty in the terms of gaining a monetary strong like insuring a wealth of entitlement within a world of debt and lack of entitlement.

7) I figured I must be able to manipulate the wealth and resources of the world in such a way where I become the great emancipator.

8) I didn't consider myself ever as one and equal with those who hold the majority of the wealth and resources in this world....from the perspective of treating others how I would like to be treated...I was quite within my own self-righteousness....believing that my way is the only way...that there are those who must pay at the cost of my expenses....and therefore be controlled and regulated by the debt I inflicted upon them.

9) I didn't realize and understand the oppression existent within the dominant oppressor.

10) I didn't see myself as 'Agent Smith' continuing to evolve and upgrade within and as the systems of exploitation and abuse.  I only regarded myself as "Neo" fighting against the systems.

11) I remember the point in the 3rd matrix movie where Neo takes on all the systems and brings them into like the standing of the embodiment of the systems....and destroys them within himself in order to make possible the beginning of a new world order. (would be cool point to watch the matrix movies again...especially the third one from the perspective of seeing how Neo say himself as one and equal with agent smith, yet agent smith couldn't see and realize himself one and equal with Neo, and Neo was able to direct the conflict with great ease, while agent smith increasingly became more agitated and enraged with like the frustration and irritation of not knowing thy self as the mirrored reflection. Anyways, such cool movies that show the point of self-direction within self-honesty and self-trust....and the conflict of self-dishonesty)

to be continued with self-forgiveness and self-corrective statements


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