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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Day 489 Who am I ?

I found this writing in an old note book today, I'm quite certain these are some of Bernard's words that I copied down because I figured I would be helping myself in writing out these particular words. So, here I am writing them out again, and sharing them with You!

Who am I ?

Is the question that is programmed

Yet it is a step to let go of eventually

No one in dimensions has the answer

The answer do not exist

That would be separation

Process is a trap-to be seen and given up eventually

But not yet

To do this - All must do it - Or no one will

We will be in process till all have transcended and become self honest expressions of life - all is as it must be for all to walk
So - have your childhood again
In the Unified field You can change the past or the future will be the past again.

Now each must find Self Honesty
Self Honesty is about understanding Life
to stand as all Life
and understand that in practical application
to do what it takes in the face of all.

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