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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Day 490 Mouse in the House

While I was laying in bed a mouse came quite close to me on the ground...I said something like, "oh Hi Mouse...and just kind of looked at the mouse for a moment...then the mouse scurried off somewhere...and a few minutes later the mouse was climbing up the curtain.  I was surprised to see him doing so...I call the mouse a him...but I think it might have been a girl...anyways...after looking at him there for a moment high up on the curtain, I start thinking I should catch him and take him outside, I hesitated about this for a moment as I thought about what would I use to grab him with...I thought about using my hat...and then I though about whether or not I really wanted the mouse in my hat....and by the time I went through these thought processes, the mouse was gone...and I looked to see where he was scurrying to...and he went under the bed or the couch....and so I was like "oh well" and I continued reading what I had been reading before I saw the mouse.  A moment later the mouse is on the ground in my line of sight, this time I am startled by the I had a big reaction of fear...and I was like what the fuck...why am I reacting like this....and I looked at what I had heard about mice....was that...they can bite...and they can carry the fear...I experienced...was fear of the mouse harming me...and I still thought this to be kind of ridiculous, because I am so much bigger than the mouse, and I don't think the mouse wants to be harmed, so I doubt the mouse is going to test his luck by trying to harm me.  So I then decide I should google the question, "what to with a mouse".

Upon googling the question I ended up reading a bunch of posts on a forum....where there was various suggestions.  Killing it, trapping it and releasing it outside, keeping it for a pet, giving it to someone who has a snake.

Daisy the dog came into my room and jumped up on the bed. I told her there had just been a mouse I had seen. I figured that daisy would have tried to get the mouse. I thought about how Daisy would try and get the mouse and maybe eat it.

Daisy fell asleep on the bed cuddled up to  my legs.

I heard a snapping noise.

I had forgot there was a mouse trap set up in the corner of my room which had been there since May or June when there was a problem with mice in the house. I wasn't living hear when the mouse trap was put there...but I just decided to leave it.

The mouse got rocked by the mouse trap....the trap snapped the mouse...but the mouse didn't stay in the was on the ground near the trap...barely moving....and I looked at it for few moments kind of defensively and surprised.  I figured I should end it's misery/suffering, and I was looking to grab something to smash the mouse...when it seemed to stop moving all together. I was pretty sure the mouse was dead.  I wasn't sure totally if it was dead but it wasn't moving. and it's black eyes were still. I scooped the mouse up in this paper box and was looking at it some more to see if I could detect that it was was motionless.  I was prepared to make sure it was dead....because I be so close to dead....and not be dead would totally suck...and I wouldn't want that for anyone.

This mouse experience I had today has brought  questions to my consideration:

What is the best mouse etiquette?

How can a mouse be best regarded?

How would the lives of mice be different in a system where all Life is regarded equally?

How can humans effectively care for all animals, plants, insects effectively?

What are the best ways to care for all animals, plants, insects, effectively?

Must all humans care for all humans before animals, plants, and insects can be cared for effectively and regarded as equals?

Must all humans care for all humans and animals before plants can be considered?

Is there a hierarchy of care?

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