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Friday, 11 October 2013

Day 476 Consequence of Positive Energy

Check out the following recording which gives further perspective and insight into the consequences of positive energy.

So, I noticed the point the other day where self-righteousness is connected and correlated to positive energy experience.

I also noticed how I am blind and oblivious to having any physical awareness within my environment when possessed within and as an energetic state of self-righteousness/positive energy.

I was also looking at the point of how it's the generally accepted mentality in the world for people who have money, to brew up positive energetic experiences whenever possible. And how within this, drugs and alcohol are used to further induce this this positive energy and self-righteous experience.

I was looking further into this point and asking myself the question, "if everybody globally made a conscious effort to stop generating positive energetic experiences, would we in fact be able to deal with the extent of the negative energy existent here in this world and actually manifest constructive change that is best for all Life? Like, perhaps this is exactly what has to happen, for enough people to stop perpetuating the positive induced energy, which is really channeled through all the negative energy, as a point of secretion. I mean this is what has to happen.  Can this change happen without everyone's participation? Yes because stopping to engage the cycle of positive energy creation, is a self directed physical act that has a ripple effect that is beyond the limitation and influence of energy possession spell. And I see this as an individual process....where it starts with one individual....and then another, and another and so forth."

The way the process is set up to dissipate emotional and feeling energy is kind of cool actually, because process is individual from the certain perspective that each person is walking their own timeline of manifested consequences, process of self correction cannot be influenced or compromised by energetic possession, and therefore a return to physical equality and oneness is a certainty within making the self-commitment to birth oneself as life, as the moving beyond the mind consciousness programming of energetic acceptances and allowances as the spectrum of emotions and feelings as negative to positive energies.

I was also looking at the point of how focusing on the negative is more supportive than focusing on the positive, because the negative energetic experience is the source origin of our emotional instability.  The positive, I've come to see and realise is just the aftermath consequential outflow of years of self-dishonesty without really investigating the extent to which our mind consciousness systems operate like a rechargeable battery that is constantly feeding off the body, that brings about the demise of physicality and is the source course of perpetuated physical abuse...I mean it's rather simplistic when you consider the fact that we were born here within a program of automated self-destruction.

So, again, process of stopping self-automated abuse is cool, because it's a return to physicality, it's a point of declaration of Life awareness, as like hey, Yo, I'm here and I do not accept and allow abuse within myself, and I am stopping all abuse I see within myself, I committed to stopping all abuse within myself until I return to nothing, as like a returning into the encompassing the totality of ourself here as's like wow, when you consider the fact that within self-automation, were really not even here at all, it's like a total zombification.

I mean the process of stopping the self-automated zombification is a real living purpose, giving yourself a chance and opportunity to live for real, like real physical expression.

Can anyone say that they really know what real physical expression is, when a single reaction exists within yourself as a point of energy movement? Yes, a being who can notice a single reaction as a point of energetic movement within themselves has the opportunity to change from self-automated zombification as like a glorified energy a real live physical being,  The process I see is that we are birthing ourselves as life through and as the point of physical expression.  Every time we stop and we move out of an energetic reaction, we give ourselves the opportunity to become aware of ourselves here within and as physicality and we actually get to expand ourselves within physicality, until we get to the point where we are totally immersed within and as physicality. It's like a total transmutation process we are going through.

What's cool about this transmutation process is that we give ourselves access through and as the process of self-forgiveness. It's quite fascinating because only Life can give Life to Life...and self-forgiveness is within and as the starting point of Life as the self-realisation of Equality and Oneness.

So it's quite cool actually, because we either qualify ourselves here as Life within the living of self-honesty as working with what is here in the moment as what I like to call moment to moment management, and this entails operating from the starting point of common sense simplicity where we embrace ourselves from the starting point of all Life, and therefore within our decision making processes we make the best choices because we are considering everything within our decision making because we are moving into the embodiment of everything as our Life force essence here/physical awareness.

Obviously our Life force essence is an accumulation process as like we begin with an inkling of awareness and through self commitment and dedication to our self correction through the application of self-forgiveness, we in physical fact expand of self awareness, and therefore a momentum builds as what our capacity and potential is to impact others within the process of assistance and support, because we become our own living track record of what is practical assistance and support for physical expression/living here within and as the process of self-correction as the commitment to birthing Life from the physical.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding how much support I have been receiving from others within my environment.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding why I was so bothered by people using alcohol and drugs to fuel a positive energetic experience within themselves.  I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understand how unaware I was within my experiences of brewing up positive energetic experiences with drugs and alcohol.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding how caught and stuck within a self-righteous character personality I was within and as the play out of using drugs and drinking alcohol.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not releasing and understanding how even after I stopped consuming drugs and alcohol, how I still continued to charge up positive energetic experiences within myself that caused me to be oblivious to my surroundings, and within this suppressed my ability to have any awareness of what I was in fact doing.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for reacting to people that I hear talking about finding their life purpose and how they focus on their positive energy.  I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding myself within this point as how I had become a master at concocting particular energetic experiences within myself as like the ultimate con artist who could paint the picture in the way I wanted to see it....even if that's not what was in physical fact there to see.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding the extent of blame as a point of neglecting accountability for seeing for real.

When and as I see myself going into a point of positive energy within speaking or not speaking, as a point of a reaction charged within myself, I stop and breathe, I realise and understand the absurd ridiculousness of perpetuating positive energy.  I realise and understand the self righteous abuse perpetuating the existence of positive energy causes as unfortunate consequence.

I commit myself to stopping the perpetuation of positive energy.

I commit myself to educating and informing others on the absurd ridiculousness of positive energy as I realise and understand positive energy to be a point of psychological warfare that is perpetuating abuse in our shared reality.

I commit myself to sound physical self expression from moment to moment.

I commit myself to moment to moment management from the starting point principle of Equality and Oneness.

I realise and understand Equality and Oneness as the starting point of Creation.

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