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Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Day 469 Director and Conductor of the Symphony

I've come to see and realise that each being is the director and conductor of the symphony.  What I mean is that every physical being is sound expression. Each of us is the director of the movement of our sound.  I mean, sure we can allow our movements to be influenced as a result/consequence of our acceptances and allowances...which is like an accepted and allowed resistance within ourselves....which in turn, makes our ability to move and express ourselves limited.  I've been working on releasing the accepted and allowed programmed conditioning that has existed within me as emotion and feeling reactions. It's really quite ridiculous when you investigate/question your every emotion/feeling reaction.  It's fascinating to see how we have been conditioned instruments so to speak.  Like our how to speak, is so conditioned...I mean the language we learned is part of the programming...and there can be influential reactions within language that trigger reactions within ourselves.  What's interesting is that everything is learned. What's interesting about everything being learned is that, I for one, in many incidences, didn't really think about what I was learning. I mean I was learning before I was thinking, now that I think about

The point I'd like to share here is that our ability to really play is dependent upon our ability to use resistance as a life road the point of realising that resistance exists as a form of reaction so to speak, as an emotion/feeling/thought.

What I am saying is that, to enable ourselves the ability and opportunity to have free range within our self expression, is dependent upon our ability to face our accepted and allowed programming restraints/conditions that have been installed within on us throughout the years beginning at birth....and have been re-enforced throughout time without our really understanding what the fuck is going on.

I mean, if you have a look, in most instances you have a reaction, it's like an automatic response...that automatic response is the result of particular programmed conditioned acceptances and allowances as a reflection of and as self-defined judgement. Individualized as each persons programming is based on how we have related and reacted to stimuli/others within out environment.

Like if you consider the point that everyone is the director and the conductor of sound/energy and we are always emitting/admitting our expression as our acceptances and allowances, and we are out of tune...I mean we aren't tune within and as a harmonious union of what is pure awesome, than our sound is less than, as like a fraction of our actual potential, which is in fact a reflection of conflicted friction within like the mathematical division of a loss taking place.

So, imagine, everyone is a musical instrument broadcasting/playing/expressing sound all the a constant resonance is taking place...and all the time....the resonance frequency is out of there's always some sort of distortion....I mean that's like a constant storm always brewing and getting worse....and we just keep perpetuating it....not realising and understanding that it is in fact the way we are accepting and allowing ourselves to exist that is creating a situation that just keeps getting worse.

I mean, if you have a's like a generally slow destruction....with humans....well arguably faster and faster if you examine human behaviour throughout is clear that we are getting faster and faster at consuming ourselves/the planet.

You would think based upon our natural learning like ability to learn with an effortless ease...that we would just keep getting better and better.....not worse and to speak....I mean, look at most people when they's because the body has failed....really old people look like zombies kind's like the skin is barely fastened on the body....I mean, so many old people in old age homes....where there totally fucked up...waiting to die so many various ailments...existing within a limited ability that has generally become more and more limited throughout time....I mean that's fucking brutal...

Could this brutality be because it's been collectively self-induced?

Meaning everyone is spewing garbage at one another?

Like our tuning has always been way off?

I mean, that we humans as a species of Life never got the message loud in clear in and as our sound expression?

So, our existence here in time has been our compression of our sounds becoming more and more our we have conned ourselves throughout time to believe anything but the truth of ourselves/reality?  Even going so far as to dismiss and diss as like to vomit with grotesque and dismissive language onto anyone who standsup amongst the disaster here, and is like hey, there's a problem here....kind of like Dorothy in the wizard of oz....trying to inform others of the message....take warning....precaution...we have a serious storm a brewing that isn't getting any better....onto we weather the perfect like recognizing/realising/understanding the consequences of our actions/reactions/acceptances and allowances....and take accountability as our self-responsibility in being the weatherman here as the determining factor of the nature of we in fact are the things here...and when we do the accounting and count everything...1+1+1+1.....until we have added all the 1's together...forming a total of everyone/ all of existence the puzzle/equation/words/sounds/puzzle pieces of ourselves the Mr Humpty Dumpty's who had a great fall from the brick wall of common sense understanding, forgetting and contaminating the basic elementary principles of a solid foundation of oneness and equality together forming the perfect sound formation as that which is always best and most triumphantly excellent because what is totally bodacious for You is totally bodacious for me as the enforcement practical living of the best insurance policy of giving what we like to receive. The epitome of the win/win equation/situation/experience/Life

OK, so my point of my sharing here today is to look at Ourselves here today within and as the words "director of the symphony"

Symphony=an elaborate musical composition for full orchestra, typically in four movements, at least one of which is traditionally in sonata form.

Sonata form=A form of a movement consisting of three sections, the exposition, the development, and recapitulation, often followed by a coda.

Exposition=A setting forth of meaning and intent. A statement or rhetorical discourse intended to give information about or an explanation of difficult material. An act or example of exposing.

Development=A significant event, occurrence or change.

Recapitulation=An act or instance of summarizing the main points of something. The repetition of an evolutionary or other process during development or growth.

Coda=The concluding passage of a piece of movement, typically an addition to the basic structure

Director=One that supervises, controls, or manages.

Conductors=Are made of materials that electricity can flow through easily. These materials are made up of atoms whose electrons can move away freely.

Note and Pro Tip: Self-Forgiveness is the point of structured creativity that enables self-direction and conduction of the symphony of harmonious balance in epic proportions. The giving You are are in assistance and support for.

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