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Friday, 18 October 2013

Day 483 Runner Runner

I just watched the movie Runner Runner which stars Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake. Without spoiling the plot, the movie is all about money, making money, the risks involved, the consequences of gambling. The movie begins with a point being made about how our total reality is built upon gambling. All money being made is a result of gambling/taking risk. Within the movie, the levels of risk escalate with the level of rewards for such risks. The point is brought up within the movie of being willing to do things that you don't particularly like or want to do...but are willing to do so with gratitude and an indebted servitude because of the desire for more money. The point is illustrated how a person must be leveraged in order to get them to agree to do something they don't want to do. The tactic for leveraging people within the movie was to find the weak/soft point within the individual's personality and or life and create a platform so that the soft/weak point can be exploited/manipulated which can then be leveraged as the necessary means to getting what you want. The emphasis was made that Everyone has a weak/soft point and that no one is immune from being exploited/manipulated and leveraged...and that greed and desire are the blinders that prevent one from being able to see the tactics of exploitation, manipulation, and leveraging.

Greed and desire causes the collapse of business relations. Illustrated in the movie is how both parties are eager to enter a business relationship where there is mutual benefit....then throughout time, there becomes more and more conflict within the business each party is greedy and wants a better deal....which in turn creates a loss of mutual benefit, because manipulation and exploitation enter the equation as the means to leveraging the relationship so that individual greedy desires can be fulfilled. What is not seen and realized is the long term consequences of such actions. This is ironic, because as a result of lack of foresight, both business parties, eventually suffer and are worse off than they ever would have been if they had agreed to honoring a relationship of mutual like, only making fair deals.

Everyone is like an individual business. Have a look at how the human body exists of many many individual relationships working together as a point of mutual benefit. The human body is made up of gazillions of parts/pieces. There is an interconnectedness involved, and the relationships exist from within the starting point of agreement as all being the beneficiaries of mutual benefit within the relationship agreement. All parts working together to create a healthy function body. I mean, what happens when all parts are not aligned within an effective relationship agreement...where a particular part has been compromised in its ability to contribute/function? Unfortunate consequence do to a physical structural misalignment.

Obviously, it is best to establish prevention methods to insure that unfortunate consequence do not happen to physical structural alignments.

So, I was saying everyone is like a business in fact do to the makeup of relationships and inter-dependency within and upon relationships. So, Life is like a business. All here is a part of the business, Life. Obviously, there needs to be prevention measures taken to insure the best quality of the Life Business Here. I mean for any individual Life business to be suffering an unfortunate consequence is not cool. Obviously it is best for all Individual Life Business's if a policy of prevention is implanted to insure the protection and highest quality standards of living for each individual Life Business.

Accepting anything less, is a gamble with unfortunate consequences that are guaranteed.

Join the Desteni I Process and start taking individual responsibility for Your Life Business as You are Your own business. It is only through realising and understanding your individual responsibilities that we can take on greater responsibilities.

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