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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Day 492 Walking through Resistance

I was out walking with Daisy the Dog this Evening and I noticed a peculiar thing. I was getting pissed off when ever she was resisting to go a particular way. Like for instance we had got quite far from home and we needed to get turned around and back towards the house, because I had other responsibilities to attend to, and a 4 hour outdoor explore was not in the cards for today. 

So, I asked myself, why the fuck am I getting bothered when Daisy pulls on the leash?

I was bothered because I was not liking to pull on the leash.

I was worried and concerned that she would not like me pulling on the leash.

It's interesting because I wasn't taking into consideration how she would deliberately yank herself on the leash, much harder the I would pull at her on the leash.

Daisy, showed me a cool point here this evening. How to be cool within and as self-direction. As like the point is the point that needs to be directed. There is nothing personal about the point. No need for emotions or feelings within directing a point.

So, I forgave myself for accepting and allowing myself for taking offense to directing a point of resistance.

After which I noticed I was no more consumed with bother in giving Daisy a gentle tug on the leash and saying to her, "come on Daise, were going this way, it's time to head back towards the house"

What's funny is that she responded and was happy to oblige me.

What's also funny is that she kept fucking with me when I was reacting to her being resistant to my self direction.

So it was reallly cool that she was testing, and checking my self-direction because the point came up where I needed to correct myself, where I allowed myself to take offense to resistance and be bothered by resistance.

Lol I realize and understand the absurd ridiculousness of allowing myself to be consumed with bother within and as the reaction to facing a moment of resistance.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realizing and understanding how allowing myself to be bothered in any moment of resistance is absurdly ridiculous, and is in fact a total dis-service to myself and allLife, as I realize and understand that I am ineffective in directing myself in and as a moment of reaction, that such reactions, are point of self-dishonesty, and are not suggested.

When and as I see myself facing a point of resistance, I stop and breathe, I see myself here in breath, I realize and understand how to direct the point within allowing myself to stop and breathe. I realize and understand that stopping to breathe is the first point of self direction. I realize and understand that as allow myself to stop and breathe, I am able to apply common sense in the moment as my practical living application of moment to moment management as the effective managing of my moments.

commit myself to self-direction.

I commit myself to applying common sense in the moment as my practical living application of moment to moment management.

I commit myself to effectively managing my moments.


  1. I need to write about this point too. My doggie is a very reticent terrier. Thanks, Mike!

  2. FYI, theseeker, I like your Blogs, Cool Sharing, Thank You