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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Day 452 It's All In the Words

I've been sharing lots of time with parents and siblings lately which has been a cool point of self reflection.

Committing myself to writing as a point of self-perfection/self-correction has assisted and supported me in changing the dynamics of family relationships.

Sharing lots of time with parents and siblings is a therapeutic process.  No one has triggered me more to investigate my acceptances and allowances than my parents and siblings.  I am grateful for the support I have been privileged with.

What's interesting and cool is that by not taking any words personally, I have allowed and accepted myself to direct words as a point of assistance and support.

In the past, so much, I failed to effectively direct words as a point of practical assistance and support as a result of accepting and allowing myself to be conflicted within my relationship to words.  As a result of accepting and allowing a conflicted relationship with words, I had been quite abusive with my vocabulary as I interpreted words as an attack/defense and within this reciprocated from the perspective of an "I" for an "I" like "I" copying "I".  I didn't understand my participation's and even once I started to realize my self-righteous nature of an "I" for an "I", I still became triggered with points of reaction that required self-honest investigation to realize and enable the process of self-correction.

What is interesting and cool within this process, is that as I allowed myself to investigate the nature of my every reaction to words, I became able and capable of correcting myself in the moment as a point of like, allowing myself to stop and breathe, and then correct the situation by taking accountability for my words.  Taking accountability for words includes speaking words and not speaking words...and within this releasing the emotional and feeling attachment to words through and as the process of self-forgiveness.

I've been looking at the point of blame...and how I justified so much of my communication from the starting point of like the energy within accepted and allowed blame would fuel my spoken words as like seeing offensiveness everywhere and not considering myself to be one and equal as the greatest offender of words.

I've come to realize and understand how I had connected blame to self-righteousness and anger within myself in ways of polarized energetic friction that resulted in me becoming frustrated and agitated quite easily and severely as a result of my resistance to face myself within thoughts, words and deeds.

What's interesting to me now, is how trivial my past acceptances and allowances have like I see and realize and understand how the result of having an ineffective relationship with words has caused me tremendous strain and discomfort throughout the years.

I see and realize how I did my best to cope with my contaminated vocabulary...and how I did not understand the significance of my accepted and allowed relationship agreement with words.

I see and realize how I neglected and abused myself with words.

I see and realize how I turned words into weapons of mass destruction...and I realize and understand how I accepted and allowed myself to perpetuate war within myself as like an arguing for my own limitation and self-suppression.

I see and realize how my words terrorized me with the spectrum of energetic fears from the lowest lows of emotion to the highest highs of feelings....and how within this I was always the dictator, the man hiding behind the masks of character persona's I accepted and allowed myself to act out as a result of my relationship agreement contract with words.  What's interesting and crazy was that I did not realize and understand the extent to which words acted as the codes to my own imprisonment.

What's fascinating and ironic now, is how I am investigating words within law as jurisprudence which is the science and philosophy of law. And, also, I am aligning myself to provide educational software to people so that they can purify the law of their correcting the contaminated word relationship agreements...and also by preventing the formation of contaminated word relationship agreement contracts.

I learned and realized that "vocabulary" sounds like "vocation" and the only way to practically live an everyday "vacation" is to become a wordsmith, as one who is at home within themselves as the living relationship agreement with all words from the principle starting point of creation as Oneness and Equality, as what is best for all Life, as that which can stand the testaments of time eternally.

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