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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Day 446 Directing What's Here

Continuing from my previous post, "Day 445 Seeing What's Here"

For some context from the previous post:

"I saw and realised how I had forgotten about this space in the house as a result of having neglected going up those stairs in the back of the I had just avoided them..."

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for not realising and understanding how the tendency exists within my mind to deliberately avoid points of introspection and further like to just forgot about that which is relevant in giving me the whole picture sotry here as clarity to see what is here as the whole picture.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself for following my mind as like choosing to exist within alternate realities from what is here within and as a limited perception of what it really means to be here in the physical like, I realise and understand how my mind programming was designed in a particular way to keep me cycling within self imposed realms of limitation as like not ever getting the whole picture story within my mind.

When and as I see myself thinking I have the whole picture story based upon some information that comes up in my mind, I stop and breathe and I realise and understand the programmed nature of my mind as less than able to give me the whole picture story and that what comes up in my mind is just bits and fragments of the picture story here....and I realise and understand the point of being patient within myself in sorting out all dimensions of my mind as like I am in the process of taking a part and understanding a puzzle I put together which is like a metaphorical representation of my mind consciousness programming.

I realise and understand that a tendency exists within my mind to avoid further like my mind programming is set up as a form of  preoccupation entertainment/energy/focus that is like a form of self induced diversion from directing myself in every moment as what's best for Life.

I realise and understand the point of being patient within myself as I look at the points that come up within my mind without reacting and taking things personally so to like allowing myself to become submerged within feeling/emotions energies...and that by allowing myself the patience to practically examine what is going on in my mind...I am able to stand as the remedy here, providing and testing out solutions that are make sure I create the best solutions possible for  problems/conflicts that exist within that I am therefore in moment to moment management, as willing to face conflict and at the same time directing solutions/ that I am not waiting to bring about solutions to conflict...and in that way I become an active participant here who is interested in solutions that are best for I realise and understand the point of myself as the problem and solution.

to be continued

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