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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Day 443 The Law is a Riddle

I just watched a cool discussion called, "The Law is a Riddle"

A fascinating point within the discussion was the connection between law, education and economy. Meaning, you cannot have good economic system without a good education system and good legal system....and a you cannot have good legal system without a good economic system and good education system....and you cannot have good education system without a good legal system and economic system.

Well, what the Fuck?

At the moment, we have a bad economic system, a bad legal system and a bad education system...

By understanding how bad the economic system, legal system and education system are, we give ourselves the opportunity to develop the best systems.

The economic system was designed to be complicated so that the majority of people don't question the system and take it for what it is because it seems to be too difficult to comprehend.

The same approach exists within the legal like to be regarded an expert in do extensive university studies...and even within doing become an expert in a particular area of law...meaning that even though you have done many, many years of are only an expert in law in one particular area....examples law versus environmental law...

This is pretty ridiculous, especially when you consider the law scenario...where nobody is actually a real expert in law...and I mean you have a society based on law and order and nobody really knows or understands the full extent of the law...I mean like what the fuck...this is a bad joke...

Public education system is also a bad joke...

Public education system reflects the fact that we have a bad legal system and a bad economic system.

Much work needs to be done...beginning with education...

Join Desteni and walk the systems into self-correction

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